Fighting My Orc

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What Happened?

I watched Ashley's truck disappear before turning towards the familiar house. Even now, it still looked the same, my hurt and anger couldn't change that.

It takes all of my bundled up nerves to finally open the door to the house. When Osiris isn't standing in the foyer my heart picks up it's pace. I begin to walk slowly around the house trying to find him, only to promptly realize the house is empty.

"Seriously?" I mutter quietly to myself. I find myself waiting in the foyer to confront him, "the least he could do is show up."

An hour passes and I rub my eyes. I could probably sit down and wait for him, and when I hear the door open I can jump up. My body agrees readily as my aching feet are relieved of duty.

Another fifteen minutes goes by and I can tell my eyes are blinking too heavily. At some point I close them altogether and fall asleep.

The loud slam of a door hitting the wall, jolts me awake. I place a hand over my heart, but I quickly stand when I realize Osiris and his family are standing in the doorway.

There are mumbles from his family but I don't listen. I'm too busy watching Osiris walk up to me with his hands outstretched.

My tiredness catches up to me, and I become a psycho that woke up too early from a nap. My fist is landing square in his face before I can think, "What the fuck Osiris! Where have you been?" I start to slam my closed fist against his chest to create space between us, "I saw you with that woman! Fuck you!"

Odera pushes me away from Osiris and blocks my view of him, "Olivia! Where have you been? We've been searching for you all say. It's nearly midnight and we haven't been able to find you nor have you answered any calls or texts."

I'm breathing heavily, "I went back to the human sector with Ashley after I saw him," I reach around her to point a finger at Osiris, "coddling with some woman in the fighting hall."

Odera turns around to Osiris, "Is that true?"

"No!" Osiris tries to step closer to me again but Odera continues to put herself between us.

When Osiris gives her a look that could kill, Hunter comes into view and pushes him back, "Let's just give her a minute to explain then-"

I interject him, "There is nothing to explain! I know what I saw."

Osiris finally pushes past his sibling and grabs my arms. Effectively stopping me from punching him again. "Olivia. I know what you are talking about and it is not what you think. Alva is a healer."

"I don't see your mother sitting on your lap like that when she heals you," I continue to glare at him.

Gena comes up beside Osiris and smacks him on the back of the head. I would've laughed had I not been so angry. Osiris looks affronted until his mother starts to explain for him, "I am not a born healer like Alva. I practice healing gel that needs to be placed on the skin. Alva has to... touch, to heal someone."

I scoff, "Why does no other sector know about these 'gifts' orcs have? The promises, the healing, what next?"

Alaric steps up besides his wife, "Because orcs do not need humans exposing us for everything they 'like' or 'need' when humans usually just view us as warriors."

"Oh," I look at Osiris's father in shock. I have never really spoken to him besides the occasional 'Who's winning' in the ring? I wouldn't have guessed it was because Alaric didn't want me knowing about his species.

Alaric places a hand on my shoulder, "I like you Olivia. I think you are good for my son."

I sniffle and nod my head. Keeping my eyes on the ground.

Gena hugs me before ushering everyone out of the house. When the door closes Osiris closes the gap between us and crushes me with a hug.

"I'm sorry for punching you."

Osiris shakes his head and laughs, "I deserved it." He sighs, "Olivia I know you are still upset about last night. I shouldn't have walked away and I shouldn't have blocked your mom's number. "

I nod, "I get it now. I powered my phone off when I was with Ashley and now I'm afraid to turn in back on," I lean my head on his chest, "I don't want to know how mad she is."

Osiris soothes his hand down my back before picking up my braid, "Why don't we take a shower and forget about your crazy mom?"

A laugh pops out of my mouth before I can stop myself, "Fine," I sigh and start to take out my frizzy braid, "but only if you braid my hair afterwards."

Osiris just picks me up and throws me over his shoulder, "Whatever you say my little warrior."

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