Fighting My Orc

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Complete the Mating Bond

I wake up in Osiris's arms. It's 4:49 AM on his clock, so the real time must be around 5:02 AM. He still hasn't figured out that I've changed his alarm clock for a later time.

As I'm smiling to myself Osiris grumbles as he wakes up, "Why are you smiling?"

He looks over his shoulder toward his clock and wiggles his toes. Instead of calling me out for changing the time, he actually turns off his alarm.

I place my hand over my heart and gasp, "Who are you and what have you done to Osiris?"

He chuckles and grabs my thighs, moving me over his body until I am straddling him. His warm hand trails up to my braid and he brings it over my shoulder, "You are so beautiful."

I blush and lean down, placing three kisses on his face. Osiris keeps me close and moves into a sitting position so we can both look at each other.

"I've been wanting to tell you something," he begins to blush a pale blue color by his cheeks, "about mating."

I hum in approval, "What's that?"

"There is one more thing we must do to make it complete. Kind of like signing a marriage certificate in the human sector."

With a look of skepticism I twist the ends of my hair, "Why do I feel like it's not going to be like signing a marriage certificate."

We both laugh lightly and Osiris playfully nips my collarbone, "It is not like a certificate. It's much more... intimate."

I give him a bored look and roll my hips gently above his erection. I'm pretty sure every orc in the sector knows we have mated. But Osiris is persistent, "We must share blood."

"Uh," I lean back from him and he used both of his palms against my back to bring me closer, "Why?"

"The last thing, and I mean the very last thing, that orcs keep private to the other sectors is about our mating bonds. In order to be connected both physically and mentally to our mates we must share blood."

I shrug, "Okay. Like blood brothers."

Osiris cringes, "Kind of, most orcs share blood by taking turns biting one another. But since you have weak teeth-"

I glare, "I don't have weak teeth I could bite into you right now."

"Go for it." He gives me a serious look and holds out his forearm, "This area is the easiest to pierce."

I put both of my hands on his arms and slowly raise it to my lips, "You're not joking right?" At the shake of his head I frown and lower his arm from my face, "Will it taste bad?"

"Stop stalling," I can tell that he is about to laugh so I quickly bite onto his skin with all of the jaw strength I could muster. In my complete embarrassment I could not break the skin. There was only a few teeth marks to show for my efforts.

I drop his arm and sit back on his thighs, "I can't."

Osiris pats my butt, "There are a couple of options. We can complete the ritual by cutting our skin and mixing the blood my touch," he squeezes my ass when I roll my eyes, "or... you can get your teeth sharpened to points."

My eyes widen, "Like, all of them?"

Osiris nods and shows off his fanged teeth, which are a signature orc look, "Mom sharpened all of our teeth when we were babies. And as our tusks grew she continued to sharpen them to a point."

I laugh, "That's why she was so mad that day you used your tusks to tear my towel into a shirt."

Osiris laughs and lowers his head, "Yep," he raises his head to look me in the eyes, "Do you want to complete the mating bond?"

I grab onto his tusks, "Hell yeah, and I want pointy teeth to show for it."

Osiris grabs me and holds me close against his chest. Taking a moment to breath in my scent.

He then uses my phone to call his mom since he always seems to lose his cellphone somewhere in the house. I can practically hear his mom singing through the receiver when Osiris tells her the news.

I look to Osiris with wide eyes when he motions for me to dress quickly and get to the car. He hangs up the phone by the time he is meeting me in the Jeep, "We have to hurry to their house before they try to come here."


He looks to me with a wince, "Your teeth sharpening will take nearly all day for mom to complete."

I frown, "Then I want to be at home."

Osiris shakes his head and reverses the Jeep before I can argue more, "Trust me. You are going to want to be distracted by my family."

I grip onto his hand, suddenly nervous, "Is it going to hurt?"

Osiris places a kiss on the back of my hand, "Only for the first few minutes when mom puts the healing gel on your teeth."

First few minutes my ass. After Momma Gena had set everything up she waisted no time in smearing my teeth and gums with cold gel. I had to squeeze my eyes closed to prevent tears from escaping.

The pain in my gums is unbearable for nearly an hour after she starts shaving my teeth into points. Even distractions from Osiris, Odera, and Cassandra couldn't help.

By the time lunch rolled around my stomach was growling every few minutes. Hunter walked in with a slice of pizza and is kicked out immediately. I can hear him being scorned from my position on the couch and it almost helps me ignore the pain in my stomach and teeth.

"I'm sorry Olivia," Momma Gena keeps working away on my teeth, "You won't be able to eat until tonight at the latest."

I nod my head and ignore the smell of pizza that wafted in the room even after Hunter had disappeared.

Osiris walks in and out of the house after a few more hours. I focus on his voice changing volume as he talks with his family. My heart stills for a moment before kicking into overdrive.

Gena hears the change and pats my arm, "I'm almost done Olivia. Stay strong."

But my heart keeps pounding. What will my mom think? Would she ever look at me again after this? I will do anything to stay with Osiris, and sharpening my teeth is one of those things. But I can't ignore the fact that I still want to be apart of my mom's family.

Maybe she would come around after I became pregnant and bore her a grandchild. I let out a breath at the thought. Who could hate a baby?

Osiris sits by the couch I am lying on and takes my hand noticing my heart beat is still slightly fast, "We almost done mom?"

She smacks our connected hands, "She is almost done."

I fight to remain still as a laugh bubbles up my throat. With my mouth open and my tongue bone dry it's not hard to remain quiet.

She uses a towel to swipe away the cooling gel and gently closes my jaw for me, "Perfect bite."

She leans back in the chair she has been sitting in all day and pats my back when I sit up, "Thank you Momma Gena."

Smiling, she rolls her eyes at her nickname. I open and close my mouth a few times before rubbing my face. Alaric comes into the room to admire my new look, giving me a wink and a nod of praise.

I lean into Osiris and give him a pouty face, "What's for dinner?"

"We got a surprise for you," he helps me up from the couch and practically carries my numb body into the kitchen where a big box of Fae's Fancy Feast is waiting for us.

I jump in excitement and wait for my portion to come to me, knowing this will be a delicious meal after not eating all day.

Author's Note: I felt like this chapter was slightly boring so I will be updating today and then again on Friday! :)

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