Fighting My Orc

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Mentally Mated

I pat my stomach when Osiris and I are finally back home, "I've never been this full before."
Osiris comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my torso, "I'm sure I could fill you up more."
He pushes his erection close to me and makes me turn around so I can feel him through our clothing. I look up to him and snap my teeth, "Osiris."
He can hear the frustration in my voice and slowly brings his hands up to remove my top. When he can see all of my bare skin he begins his slow exploration of my skin with his teeth. Nipping at my breasts and raising goosebumps on my skin.
I pull him up so I can give him a kiss. But before he can pull away I suck on his bottom lip and give him a punishing bite for teasing me.
He picks me up and removes my clothes as he carries me to our bedroom. I'm on the bed in two seconds with his cock pushing close to my entrance. He leans over my body and playfully nips against my neck and jaw, "Where should I bite?"
I place my finger on my lips in fake pondering, "My ass."
He flips me over and holds my ass, "Hmm. I don't think so."
With his cock moving towards my entrance from behind, he lifts me up so my back is pressed at his chest. He holds my breasts his hands and pushes his length in completely.
I lean my head to the side and moan. Osiris kisses his way from my throat to the end of my shoulder. Giving me a gentle kiss before slowly biting down on the skin, "This is perfect."
He bites down completely on my shoulder and I hold back a groan. Without hesitation he begins moving his hips wildly and makes me moan in pleasure. He releases his teeth and kisses away the little blood marks left behind.
I pant and move my arm around his head to grip onto his hair. He turns me around before I can cum and earns a displeased whine from me. With a grin he reenters my depths and I take the chance to kiss his shoulder. Knowing that if I marked him here, everyone would be able to see that he is mine.
I look up to him and he gives me a kiss before picking me up from my bottom. This allows me to reach his shoulder and clamp down on his skin with my teeth. The taste of blood is disgusting and I force myself to lick up the spots of blood and swallow. When I look up at Osiris, he laughs at my disgruntled face.
I gasp when I can sense his happiness. I start to laugh when the emotion suddenly changes to one of lust. I look back up to him and kiss both tusks before landing a kiss on his lips. His hips start bucking against me and I can feel myself fall apart in his arms. He comes soon after and lays me on the bed before lying beside me.
He pulls my hair out of its braid and re-does it while I laugh on his chest. A sense of pride fills me and I realize it's not my emotion but his.
I sit up and straddle him, "I can feel your emotions."
"And I can feel your confusion," he laughs and pulls me down beside him before turning the lights off. "It's the first part of being mated mentally. Once we fight in the ring tomorrow we will be able to send little messages to each other through our mental link."
I sit up again and pretend that I can see him even in the dark, "Osiris! Why didn't you tell me we would have to fight tomorrow in the ring?"
He grabs me again and tucks me into his side, "I forgot to tell you," he sighs and rubs his tusks against my cheek, "It's hard to remember that you didn't grow up knowing all of these things."
"Oh," I pull his hair out of his braid and start to re-do it like he did for me. I can feel his confusion through our mental connection. So I answer him, "You braided my hair, so I'm going to braid your hair."
He pulls me closer and I can feel his surprise and joy. It makes me smile. Maybe I could adapt to not knowing everything about the orc culture. One step at a time. With Osiris by my side.
Osiris gives my body a squeeze while I finish up his braid, "I love you Olivia."
"As I love you Osiris," I give him a kiss on the lips before playfully biting his bottom lip.
He laughs and bites my bottom lip in response, "Naughty."
Lust fills us both and I can tell it's going to be a long night of fun.
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