Fighting My Orc

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Northern Sector

I'm awoken sometime during the night in a room that has white walls and small hints of color. Muffled voices pass through the closed door and force me to shuffle closer in order to make out the sounds.

"Did you see her teeth Harold? Her teeth! She has gone too far in this outburst-"

I place my hand over my mouth and shuffle away from the door. I step back too far and run into the bed post. The resounding thunk causes the voices to stop.

The bedroom door is opened and the light flicked on, revealing my mother's silhouette in the doorway. She crosses her arms and looks down at me as I sit on the bed, "Mom. Where are we?"

With a tsk she answers, "You are now home in the Northern sector. We had to pull a lot of strings to get you here and now you are not-"

"Stop mom." I glare at her and stand to my full height, "I am twenty-one years old you cannot order me around any longer!"

"There is no need to shout Olivia," she walks out of the room and continues talking, forcing me to follow her out, "You will be staying here. We will fix your teeth and your hair, and there is no Northern orc sector so you will not be tempted to destroy your future again."

I find the front door and begin walking towards it. When my hand lands on the knob, my mother starts talking again, "You walk out that door and you'll never hear another word from me."

I pause. My hand rests on the knob and I turn around to face her. I notice my father standing silently behind her, offering no support or thoughts. Meanwhile, my mother stands with a smug frown on her face, "I haven't heard a word from you in years... not really," I turn back to the door, "I can't do this anymore. I'm sorry."

With the door firmly closed behind me I take one step away from the house and gasp. Rows and rows of Human houses are positioned down the street. I need to get the hell out of the Human sector and try to find someone in another sector.

The only thing I remember about the north is the large number of Shifters that live in these sectors. There's also the Fae, but there is no way in hell I am venturing into Fae sectors when the Prince of one just kidnapped me.

In my frustration I begin to jog down the street, needing to get away from this sector and the memory of my parents. I'm busy thinking about Osiris when I remember we are mentally mated.

Osiris. Osiris. Osiris.

I chant continuously in my head as I jog straight out of the Human sector. When I don't hear anything back I give up and work on navigating my way to the Shifter sector.

The first place I find is a shifter bar and I run straight inside. The bartender is old and has shaggy hair that sways as he looks me up and down, "This is a Shifter bar missy."

"I know. But I'm trying to get back to my mate in the Orc sector and I really need to use your phone." I give the old man a pleading smile and he rolls his eyes.

"If it weren't for those teeth I wouldn't have believed a word you just said," the bartender gives me a once over before moving to the side and pointing at a landline phone.

I dash over and dial Osiris' number. No answer. I dial again and again to no avail.

The bartender finally puts his hand over mine when I try to call for the fifth time, "You said you two are mated?"

I nod. "We finished the mating bond today."

The bartender points to a seat on the other side of the table and I go to it, "I take it by the bite on your shoulder you bonded physically and mentally."

At my nod he continues, "Close your eyes and picture speaking to your mate. Try to send a message to him directly through your mind."

I sit patiently for a few minutes before slamming my fist on the table, "It's not working."

"Definitely an Orc's mate," the bartender snidely remarks before ordering, "Try again."

I picture Osiris and smile. Knowing he is probably worried out of his mind. When I test out his name through our connection my mind fogs over and I hear his voice, Olivia! Where are you?

The fog in my mind disappears and I try to think about him again, I'm in the northern Shifter sector. My parents put the Fae Prince up to this.

I wait anxiously for his response and breathe out a sigh when he answers back, We are driving there now. Stay put.

I almost start crying at his voice, I miss you.

Don't strain yourself with the mental connection. I will be with you soon.

I nod to myself and reopen my eyes to see the bartender smiling, "It worked?"

"Yeah," I nod my head and look around the empty bar, "How late are you guys open?"

The bartender shakes his head, "All day and all night missy. In fact, the wolf shifters should be arriving soon after their run."

My mouth drops open in shock, "They won't be... you know... wolves when they come in... right?"

The bartender laughs and points to a wooden sign behind him as he reads, "Human forms only. It used to say two-legged forms only but the bear shifters took it a little too far."

"Oh," at my bewildered face the bartender laughs. He has a warm laugh that causes me to join in.

"Don't worry missy they are well behaved. Most of 'em have mates already."

I nod and order a lemonade. Hopefully no one will notice me.

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