Fighting My Orc

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Waiting for Osiris

"Here they come Olivia," Davon, the bartender, gives me a wink.

He's wiping down the countertops when the wolf-shifters come in. I try to take a discreet look to my left, but a woman is already staring at me.

She walks up to me calmly before taking a seat, "What brings you here?"

"Waiting for my mate," she nods at my response and I can see her eyes flicker over to the bite mark on my shoulder.

Another Shifter comes up behind me and leans close to my ear, "You don't smell like our pack. I suggest you leave this sector now."

I turn around on my barstool and find a hulk of a man standing there. He smirks down at me and I swipe the sweat off my forehead before responding, "I'm not part of a pack. I'm just waiting for my mate."

"Wait in the human sector you little-"

I wasn't about to let him finish that sentence. He's cut off by my knee hitting his groin and my fist catching his throat. He holds himself up just barely by gripping the edge of the table.

When he looks back up to me I bare my teeth and try to swing again. The Shifter woman besides us grabs my arm, "Don't waste your time. He's an asshole."

The man glares at her before walking away. I turn around to sit on my stool again. The Shifter woman chuckles, "Where did you learn to fight like that?"

I shrug, not trusting these Shifters, "I take lessons."

"Interesting. Never seen a human fight like that though," when I don't respond she holds out her hand, "I'm Jaycee."

Jaycee smiles and I can see the sharp points of her canines, "Olivia."

I clasp my hand with hers. She take another sip of her beer and smiles, "You're that human that battles orcs."

I look to her questioningly, "What makes you say that?"

She gives me a smirk, "Your teeth."

I open my mouth in a silent 'o' and quickly take another sip of my lemonade. We sit in silence until she slides her chair closer to mine, "Congratulations by the way," she looks at my belly pointedly, "on the baby."

My drink catches in my throat and I cough awkwardly, "I'm not- In the ring when I threw up... it was a false alarm."

She laughs and pats my arm, "You may want to take another pregnancy test Olivia."

I look down at my particularly flat stomach, "But the doctor said..."

"You're newly mated. You can't tell me you haven't been having outrageous sex every day," she laughs and takes another sip of her beer, "Besides, we can all smell your hormones. You are one pregnant lady."

I open and close my mouth a few times before smooshing my hand over my mouth. Fighting the urge to cry but not being very successful.

Jaycee looks to me in shock, "Do you not want-"

"Of course I do! I just didn't know, and neither does Osiris," I place my head in my hands and can feel her hand rub gently against my back.

"Where's your mate?"

I manage to respond through tears, "He's driving up. I'm not supposed to be here."

Jaycee nods, "Which Orc sector took in a human?"

"Um. We live Southwest of here," I think for a moment, "It's the Orc sector that borders Humans and Faes."

She looks annoyed, "I want nothing to do with the Fae. They are tricksters at heart."

I nod my head, "The Fae Prince is the one that separated me from my mate. Brought me here because my parents asked him to."

Jaycee shakes her head, "Trust me. The Fae don't just do something for free."

"I doubt my parents would've spent that much money to get their disgraceful daughter up North," I swirl the ice cubes in my drink.

Jaycee nudges my shoulders with hers, "You'd be surprised at how manipulative people can be when it comes to family image."

I sigh, "I just don't see what's so bad about being mated to an orc. I love him."

Jaycee shrugs, "Then that's all you need."

I smile at her. The door to the bar slams open suddenly. Osiris marches through with his family flanked at his side. "Osiris-"

His eyes connect with mine, "Olivia."

The tears start up again, even when Osiris picks me up and takes me outside of the bar. I'm placed in the backseat of Odera's familiar van and my mate slides in beside me. He pushes his forehead to mine and my head feels foggy, Olivia what's wrong?

I shake my head and wrap my arms around his neck, "Nothing. I'm so happy right now."

Osiris takes a deep breath and I can hear it get caught in his throat, "You're..."

I nod, "Yes."

He gathers me up in his arms and presses me close into his chest. He puts his hand between us and rubs my belly. I place a kiss on his tusks and he meets me in the middle to kiss my lips.

The other doors open to Odera's van and his entire family piles into the van. Gena is the first to gasp and congratulate us on the baby. Her face turns pale with excitement and Osiris's dad has to remind her to breath.

Everyone is so excited about the news and I tuck myself further into Osiris's arms. When I look out the window, I notice the familiar streets that I passed to get to the Shifter sector.

I sit up in my seat, "Osiris. We are going the wrong way."

"We aren't."

I look around to his family and notice five angry orcs jumping to get out of the van.

Osiris rubs my arm gently, "We have to make sure this won't happen again."

"You can't fight my parents!" I push myself away from Osiris but he gathers me back in his arms just as fast.

"We aren't going to fight them."

Hunter cracks his knuckles from the seats behind us, "Just scare them."

I gasp and Osiris hits Hunter on the side of the head. I continue to shake my head as the van gets closer to my parents house.

"Olivia," Osiris takes my hands in his, "Your parents are working with the Fae. One wrong deal and I'll never get you back."

He nudges his forehead with mine, and my stomach feels heavy before my parent's house even comes into view.

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