Fighting My Orc

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Baby Belly and Friends

"Are you sure you will be okay in the Human sector?" Osiris twists my braid around his hand as he worries.

"Yes, and I still need to call Ashley," I search the room for my phone, my increasingly growing baby bump getting in the way of my reaching abilities.

"Maybe they will say no."

"Hey!" Osiris puts his hands up in the air with a shy grin. He is too nervous for such a ferocious warrior.

I find my phone hidden under a pile of blankets and dial Ashley's number. Osiris moves closer to me even though he could probably hear us from the other side of the room with his orc hearing.

"Hello?" Ashley's groggy voice picks up on the other end.

"I'm calling you for good news this time..."

"Ah! Olivia! It's been over two months. Where have you been?"

I suppress a giggle at her sudden alertness, "Hiding out with my baby."

"Ew. Don't call an orc a baby I'm sure Osiris wouldn't-"

"That flew right over your head Ashley." I break out into a fit of laughter and Osiris joins me.

"What are you talking a-" a gasp can be heard on the other line, "Wait, really! I'm so happy for you guys!" She gushes over the phone before demanding that we meet with Tracy at the café.

Osiris scowls at the phone in my hand when I finally hang up. I press a kiss onto his cheek and it relaxes his shoulders.

When Osiris drops me off at the café, he stays in his Jeep and plays games on my phone since he left his at home. He made a promise to me that he would keep me within eyesight while I meet with my friends, and now he can't break that promise. He's so overprotective.

I hear Ashley's exclamation before I see her. As she walks toward me, I notice that Tracy is gapping like a fish and stuck in her spot.

Ashley pokes my belly to check that it's real. I pat the bump for a moment before walking up to the still-stunned Tracy with a smile.

She has tears in her eyes and I embrace her tightly, forcing myself to not get emotional. "Olivia... your teeth?"

"It's an orc-mating thing."

She fans herself, "I need details."

I've never been more nervous to describe my sex-life than inside a packed café with two squealing women. When I finally change the topic and talk about the falling out with my mom. Tracy begins to look nervous.

With a big chug of water she swipes the sweat off her forehead, "Tracy? Are you okay?"

She takes a deep breath and for a moment doesn't say anything. By the pitying look on Ashley's face I can tell she already knows something.

Tracy swirls the ice in her drink, "Well... I wanted to tell you something, but now I feel like you won't like it."

I laugh, "Just tell me!"

"I've started dating a Fae guy."

"Oh," she didn't want to tell me because the Fae helping my mother kidnap me, "Tracy... that's awesome!"

She looks at me with surprise and relief. I rub my hands together, "To repeat you from earlier, 'Tell me everything.'"

I've never Tracy, the woman who can make anyone blush, turn as red as a tomato, "We, ugh... met through that Magic Match website. And ugh... we went to town on the first night... if you know what I mean."

I place a hand on my chest and Ashley continues for her, "That's not even the best part! They're twins."

"No!" I look to Tracy with wide eyes and lower my voice, "you did... that... with both of them."

Tracy nods and covers her face with her hands, "And I'm still seeing both of them."

My mouth couldn't seem to close itself. I thought begin mated to an orc was unique. I can't even imagine Fae brothers, Fae twin brothers.

After laughing and talking with Ashley and Tracy for so long, I didn't even notice Osiris walk into the café until he placed a hand no my back.

"Ready to go? We have an appointment in thirty minutes."

I place a hand on my bump before standing and announcing to the girls, "We're finding out the sex of the baby today."

Tracy and Ashley immediately stand up, "We'll go with you. Then we can plan a baby shower for you."

I place a hand on Osiris's chest, "Osiris doesn't want to wait any-"

"No," Ashley stands in front of Osiris with her hands clasped together, "Please let us announce the sex at a baby shower! It will only take like... three days to plan. And Olivia would have so much fun."

I give her an exasperated look, she really just pulled the 'your mate would love it' card to Osiris.

"Okay, but only three days." Osiris begins walking back to the Jeep and I stand with the two women in shock. The mate-card worked.

It was a short drive to the doctor's office with Ashley's car trailing behind us. Tracy was out of the car and at the receptionist desk faster than Osiris to declare our arrangement. After a short wait in the main room, we were all ushered into a small doctor's room for the ultrasound.

The doctor decided to step out of the room with Ashley and Tracy to tell them the sex after the ultrasound. Osiris holds my hand firmly and stares at the picture that the doctor printed for us.

We both jolt when excited screaming can be heard from the other side of the door. Osiris looks at the picture more intently, "I don't think I can wait another three days."

I trail my hand over the side of his face, he turns his head and gently bites the tips of my fingers, "You'll survive my big warrior."

When the doctor comes back into the room she shakes her head, "Your friends have left to set up the baby shower," she helps me stand up, "They are nice girls."

I agree with my doctor and leave the office with Osiris.

He asked for another copy of the photos so he can hold onto them. I smile at the pictures, soon, we will be able to hold our baby for

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