Fighting My Orc

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Osiris glances behind me and I can only guess that Tracy is making some face behind my back.

He walks up to me and flips a piece of hair behind my ear, “You should have been paying attention, my little fighter.”

With a smirk I drop my bag, “I think I’ll manage. How’s the nose?”

He laughs and grabs my hand. Leading us to the front of the room his voice booms to the class, “I will be going over grappling techniques in the case you are knocked down and need to get back up quickly.”

He turns back to me and smirks. Making my stomach clench as we begin fighting. As always Osiris comes at me fast and I’m sweating at the amount of effort it takes to keep up with him. But after he pins me he has us walk through the steps again.

Osiris repositions my arms or legs each time I misstep and the class follows with their own partners. Each little squeeze or touch of my arm left me blushing and I’m pretty sure the entire class noticed.

Our instructor, Jackson, breaks up the fighting pairs forty minutes before the class ends. Osiris and I share a smile as I retreat to the back of the class where my bag and water bottle are waiting for me.

Osiris faces the front of the class but gives his attention to Jackson who is beside him, “For the last thirty minutes we will be putting what we learned to the test. You will each practice fighting techniques with either myself or Osiris. Shadow box until you are called up.”

Jackson hands a list of names on a paper to Osiris. He scans the names before frowning, he looks to me and shakes his head.

I frown in response. That means I won’t be practicing with him again but I will be practicing with Jackson.

I’m called up last and class is almost over. Osiris has his last partner as well, and he winks at me from across the room as we both focus on our opponent. After fighting with Osiris, I come at Jackson with more speed and focus. It knocks him back a couple of times. In turn he picks up speed and I take a few hits myself.

I catch an opening and take a hit that sends him to his back, before he can recover I pin him. I grin at my success and start to get off of him.

I turn my head to Osiris and find him nod towards me. But before I can fully stand, Jackson’s hand lands at my collarbone and he flips us. Causing my back to slam onto the ground.

Jackson skims his hand over my jaw, mirroring the skim Osiris had given me earlier. “Never look away from your opponent,” his comment earns a huff, and I turn my face away from his hand.

I push his shoulder with my free hand, “Get off me.”

Before he can move Osiris picks him up by the back of his shirt. He strides forward until he can pin Jackson against the wall, “That was dishonorable. She had clearly pinned you and was moving to stand.”

Jackson glares at Osiris, “You are new here Osiris. We wait for a count of five until we move away from our opponents. If she wasn’t distracted, she would’ve realized her mistake.”

Osiris steps away from Jackson and turns towards me, “Are you okay?”

I flick a glance towards Jackson, still standing against the wall, and frown. We barely enacted the five second rule. With a jerky nod towards Osiris, I finally move my gaze from Jackson.

Osiris wraps an arm around my waist and keeps me by his side as I gather my bag and we leave the class. His knuckles are still wrapped to protect the skin and I could feel the harsh fabric against the exposed skin of my waist.

I run my fingers through my hair before growling in frustration. “Shit. I broke the skin on my knuckles.” Osiris and I glare at my injured hand.

Osiris stops me in front of his jeep and grabs my hips. My breath catches as he raises me upwards until I’m seated firmly on the hood of the truck.


He shushes me with a stern look before unwrapping my knuckles at a slow pace. When the gently scraped skin is revealed, Osiris peels back his lips to reveal more of his fang like teeth. The sun casts a flow on his teeth and two large tusks protruding from his bottom lip.

He grabs a rag and pours the remaining contents of my water bottle onto it. He presses firmly onto the wound and I suppress a hiss.

He pulls the rag away and his hand moves to my thigh. Squeezing gently.

"I'm sorry." His gaze is still on my hand.

"You did nothing wrong Osiris," a big breath leaves me as I finally calm down, "I technically was distracted by my boyfriend."

Osiris's eyes flash up to meet mine and I give him a daring smirk. His brow crinkles and he shakes his head.

"If I'm your... boyfriend... I should probably teach you combat with a real man then, shouldn't I?" He looks to me with a daring smirk of his own.

My brow crinkles in question as Osiris grabs my hips and pulls me closer to him before setting me on the ground. "Want to go train with some of my warriors?"

I laugh and nod my head excitedly. Even though I could feel my muscles aching from my previous class; I wouldn't pass up the chance to see Osiris in action.

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