Fighting My Orc

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Baby At Last

I can see myself standing in front of the gender reveal balloons. Osiris is beside me, looking anxious as always when it comes to our baby.

Ashley and Tracy begin to count down, but when they hit 'One!' by water breaks. Osiris begins congratulating me on our baby boy-
"Olivia! Wake up!"
Osiris is hovering over our bed. He has one hand placed on my massive belly that has grown considerably over the past few months. His other hand begins to push my shoulders upwards.
While I rub my eyes, Osiris begins to lift me off the bed, "Osiris? It's the middle of the night. I need to sleep..." with a yawn I try to convince him, "It's for our baby."
Osiris places a kiss on my forehead, "Your water broke Olivia. Our baby boy wants out."
My eyes widen as I realize the wet feeling between my legs was not from my dream.
Osiris chuckles deeply and grabs my phone from the night stand, ordering me to call his mom while we drive to the doctor's office.
His mom began screaming on the other end of the phone, and shortly after, the sound of a truck engine starting could be heard from the other line.
I'm in the middle of giggle at the sound when a wave of pain rolls over me, "Ah. Osiris," I grip his hand that's not on the steering wheel, "I'm not feeling too good."
"We are almost there," to make his point Osiris begins to speed through the deserted streets.
Osiris's family arrives shortly after our Jeep has stopped. We enter the clinic in huddle, taking the staff by surprise.
After I scream out in pain, Dr. Hinley helps brings me into a private room. Momma Gena is already tearing up as she fumbles through her bag to grab some sort of healing gel.
It makes me laugh, and Osiris grabs my hand in confusion, "Are you okay Olivia?"
I nod and continue to giggle, "Momma Gena looks a little panicked."
When all eyes turn to her she huffs, "This is my first grandchild, I get to be emotional."
Osiris tries to hide his smile as another wave of pain shoots through me. He places a hand on my belly and our baby squirms, which then makes me wince in pain. Osiris's mom smacks his hand off my belly.
"Olivia." Dr. Hindley grabs all our attention, "It's time to push."
I squeeze Osiris's hand and try to keep my breathing steady. I can faintly feel Osiris place a kiss on the back of my hand, but the sound of a high pitched cry breaks everyone's focus.
Osiris squeezes my hand for a moment before letting go. I close my eyes as the pain subsides and try to reach out to him again. Instead of Osiris's hand, our squirming little baby is placed on my chest.
I open my eyes and look at our baby. Straight black hair is already on the top of his head, and his skin the lightest shade of green.
Protruding form his mouth are two tiny tusks, that barely poke out of his mouth. Other than those large bones, the rest of his mouth is gummy.
He closes his eyes and coos, which makes the tears suddenly flow down my face. Osiris picks our baby back up and helps me wipe my face with a soft rag.
When I've calmed down, I find Momma Gena is holding our boy and tapping his little tusks, "I was curious if he would have tusks, being half-human."
Osiris watches intently as our baby is passed between family members. When our baby gets fussy he dutifully brings him back to me.
Dr. Hindley checks his vitals quickly before speaking, "He is perfectly healthy. Have you both decided on a name?"
I give Osiris a smile as he announces the name, "Ovinian."
Hunter starts laughing hysterically, "Another 'O' name?"
There were so many smacks on the back of his head, I lost count. At the sound of our voices Ovinian starts to coo, which makes everyone smile.
Osiris's family gives us some privacy with the doctor when Ovinian begins to mouth my breasts through my shirt. Osiris stares at us both, smiling wide.
When our baby is asleep, Osiris takes him off my chest, "Get some rest Olivia. I will watch over both of you."
I didn't need much convincing after that. Falling into a deep sleep with my mate and baby at my side.

Osiris and I are awoken by the sound of Ovinian sneaking around the house.
He just turned five, and Hunter decided to get his nephew the largest cake that has ever existed. Now, he won't stop getting out of bed to eat a few bites.
"It's your turn," Osiris pats my side while he mumbles into the bed sheets.
"I think it's the orc side of him that is causing all this trouble," I grumble as I slide out of our warm bed for the fourth time.
"I think it's the feisty human side," I lean over and quietly smack the back of his head. Which makes Osiris laugh into his pillow.
I sneak through the house, and find Ovinian practically inside the fridge, "Ovinian." At my stern voice he startles.
He quickly closes the fridge door, but the frosting stains on his cheeks and shirt are evidence enough.
"Momma," he quickly runs over and jumps into my arms. Trying to play the innocent card.
I walk to the fridge and pull out the cake that is half destroyed, "Ovinian, you'll make yourself sick eating all this cake."
"Dadda said if I was quiet you wouldn't wake up," Ovinian rats out his dad without hesitation.
A few moments later, Osiris comes stumbling into the kitchen, half-asleep, "I did not tell him to do that."
Ovinian giggles, and I continue to give Osiris the stink eye. Osiris sighs and picks up Ovinian, "Let's get you back to bed my young warrior," Osiris leans closer to whisper in our boy's ear, "Before you get me in more trouble with Momma."
Ovinian nods and lets his dad carry him back to his bedroom. I grin as I reposition the cake in the fridge and slide back into our bed.
Osiris tucks our little boy into his bed before returning to our room. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me into his chest, "Ovinian wanted to say 'sorry' but I told him you weren't actually mad."
I laugh and tuck my face into my mate's neck, "I could never be mad at Ovinian."
After I've spoken I can hear Ovinian's little feet padding through the halls. I sigh and sit up in bed, and nearly shout when the outline of Ovinian is standing right beside our bed.
I lift Ovinian onto our bed, "Yeah Ovi."
I close my eyes and tuck him closer to my chest. Osiris drapes an arm around both of us.
Ovinian grabs my braid, "Are you mad at me Momma?"
I yawn, "No Ovi, go to sleep," I kiss his forehead lean close to his ear, "We can have some more in the morning before Dadda wakes up."
Ovinian giggles and snuggles closer to my chest. When he is snoring slightly, Osiris nips the back of my ear, "I heard that."
I laugh quietly and fall asleep, sandwiched between my mate and our child.

The End.
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