Fighting My Orc

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Osiris had been holding back before. The only reason I knew this is because he paired me with his newest warrior, Sid. And the brute just wouldn’t slow down.

Every couple of minutes Sid would rush me and throw me to the ground. The more he did it, the more tired I became. After the seventh time of getting my entire body slammed onto the ground, I decided to take a break.
I stretch my shoulders as I retreat to the tree line. After sitting, my attention drifted to Sid as he began to fight with a new opponent. His technique changed completely and he no longer body slammed anyone to the ground. In fact, he was taking a much slower pace than before.
My face began to burn and I clenched my fists. Realizing that he had purposefully knocked me down instead of practicing actual techniques.
I began to glance at all of the different partners and noticed that Osiris was grappling another warrior on the ground.
With his focus on his opponent, he probably wouldn’t notice if I walked my sore ass home.
With that clarity, I stood up on shaky legs.
It took me about fifteen minutes to finally get back to the main roads that I recognized. When I found the streets that I recognized, it became clear this would be a long walk.
I picked up my pace and passed a few different orcs on my way back to the human sector. Surprisingly, they each gave me a smile or curt nod after recognizing me from the fight. But it didn’t feel real anymore. Knowing that Osiris could’ve hurled me to the ground after one second in the ring.
My face burned hot again. I felt weak after training so hard. But it was difficult to compete with a species made of complete muscle. Even their teeth and tusks that protruded from their mouth were weapons during combat.
With my thoughts down in the gutter, my feet carried me all the way home by sunset. I took a shower and began to make myself dinner when someone began pounding on my door.
“For fuck’s sack,” even though I was startled I kept my voice low. I creep close to the door and checked the camera. Finding Osiris on the other side slamming his fist against the door.
I swing the door open in confusion and narrowly miss a knock to my forehead. “Osiris. What are you doing here so late?”
He looks affronted, “You disappeared from the training session. Sid didn’t even know you had left.”
I cross my arms, “Of course he didn’t. Sid was too busy throwing me to the ground.”
Osiris shakes his head, “He wouldn’t-”
I laugh bitterly. Turning around and lifting up my sweater. Showing to Osiris what I had discovered in the bathroom. Perhaps he had been too far away in the training field to hear Sid and I practice.
But he could clearly see the bruises littering the tops of my shoulder blades, and followed consistently down to my tailbone. Even to show Osiris it hurt beyond reason to bend over.
I covered my back again and turned around, “I get it. I’ll never be as strong as you.”
Osiris grips my arms with his eyes wide, “I wasn’t trying to prove that you weren’t strong. I just thought you would like a change of pace with technique. Trust me.” I look into his eyes, “I did not know this would...”
I had stopped listening. He said the two words that became the reason for my fighting habits. Trust me. Trust me. Trust me.
My breaths became shallow and I promptly shoved Osiris away from me and out the front door. Closing and locking it behind me.
Tears began pouring down my face as I fisted my hair. The memories of my mom telling me to trust her before she went away for months on end. Osiris telling me to trust him brings up the same pain. I haven’t seen my parents in months and no matter what I will always want to see them.
I turned on the television and laid on the couch without finishing my dinner. My eyes were trained to the television, but my thoughts were somewhere much darker.
I fell asleep with the television on. Waking up sometime later to the same loud knock of Osiris.
I felt gross and my face was probably puffy. But after checking the camera I opened the door to Osiris, who held a very displeased Sid, by his shirt collar.
He lets go of Sid and gave him a pointed look so he’d start talking, “Sorry I threw you to the ground today,” he grumbled like a child.
Before Osiris could object to his shit apology, I thanked Sid and closed my door. Walking back slowly to the couch.
I heard the door reopen and close as Osiris took advantage of the unlocked door. “I’m sorry Olivia.”
He looks confused at my lack of response. But I sit back down on the couch, “Can you lock the door on the way out?”
Osiris doesn’t say anything. Instead he walks off further into my house and starts banging around in the kitchen.
I groan and get up. Finding him resuming my dinner plans and making two sandwiches. When he’s finished, he places both plates on the island table. Leading me to a chair before pointing to the food, “I know you only ate that granola bar for lunch.”
I shrug, taking a small bite of the sandwich, “With all the training I usually skip lunch.”
“That’s not healthy,” Osiris looks to me before cracking a smile, “You’ll never grow big and strong if you don’t eat enough.”
He flexes his muscles and despite my sour mood I giggle softly. With a shake of my head I continue eating my dinner. After I’m finished I look to Osiris who is already staring at me, “Better?”
I nod and pat my stomach, “Better.”
My eyes are still sore from crying and I begin to rub them. Osiris looks around before cleaning the plates in the sink.
When he turns back around he laughs at my sunken form. My head is on the table and my arms are folded around me.
Osiris shakes my upper arms gently, “Come on. I’ll lock the door when I leave but you should get in bed.”
Osiris stays in the kitchen as I disappear to my bedroom. And a few minutes later I can hear the front door close firmly.
Despite the aching muscles of my back, the thought of Osiris caused a smile to creep onto my face.
I wasn’t supposed to feel this way about him.
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