Fighting My Orc

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Finding Osiris

Since I didn’t exactly know where Osiris’s house was, I had started by pulling my car up to random orcs and asking if they knew him.

It must’ve been my unlucky day, because after explaining to five different orcs why I was dressed weird and searching for an orc, I finally found someone that knew Osiris.

I had to drive back the way I came, to the first part of the orc sector. The orc houses all looked different since they were hand built. I just needed to find the house with the green roof.

I waited a solid five minutes in my car to make sure the coast was clear before getting out. And then knocked on Osiris’s door continuously until he opened it.

I breathed a sigh of relief at his familiar face before his brother, Hunter, came up beside him.
He barely even glanced at me before laughing, “Oh- Odera! Look at what-” his laughs became whistle-like and he couldn’t speak. But Osiris’s family got the hint and all came to the door.
If I hadn’t already been blushing they would’ve seen me change color from head to toe. But once Osiris’s mother saw my ‘clothes’ she immediately smacked Osiris with her open palm.
“Mom!” Osiris rubs his head, “What was that for?”
“I’m no fool. You are going to hurt your tusks one day,” she crosses her arms and grumbles, “tearing fabric like I didn’t spent whole days sharpening your tusks as a child.”
Hunter and Odera lead me inside to their version of a living room as the boy’s mother continues lecturing. Osiris flanks my other side when he gets away from his mom and leans close to my ear, “Remember when I said you sounded like my mother,” he pauses, “that’s why.”
We giggle quietly as Odera and Hunter turn me around. Odera leans her head around my shoulders, “This will only take a second to get off.”
“Seriousl-” I would have finished the word if my back hadn’t suddenly exploded with pain. Hunter and Odera walked around my frozen body with the sheet now ripped off of my back. They’re are smiling until my shock wears off and I am swiping under my eyes to conceal my tears.
Osiris looks shocked and nervous so he takes a glance from over my shoulder, only to gasp. He pulls my chest closer to his so he can view my back from above.

His fingers tentatively skim my sore back and elicit a sharp inhale. I can feel Osiris tense at the sound of my pain. He quickly turns to his brother, “Go get Mom. She might know how to fix this.”
My pain is finally becoming more manageable and I could finally stop rubbing my dripping eyes and nose. But my new shock is coming from my ear placed directly over Osiris’s chest and the quick pulse that can be heard underneath.
I’m definitely not an orc doctor, but Osiris’s heart is beating insanely fast. Hopefully he isn’t sick, or worse, uncomfortable with holding me so close.
His mom comes in seconds later and I can hear a resulting smack on Hunter’s head. Hunter scoffs and moves out of the way for his mom to take a look at my back.
She coos when she sees the damage, “I have something for this Olivia. It’s uncomfortable, but easy to take off.”
“Anything to ease the pain please,” my voice sounds exhausted and she gently pats my shoulder before walking off.
Osiris shifts us to the couch; he lets me lay down on my stomach with my head resting on his lap. A big yawn leaves my mouth as I am reduced to laying on my stomach again.
When his mom returns, she knees on the ground before smearing my back with a new gel. This time hisses and moans leave my mouth at the sheer icy feeling that this gel causes.
Osiris runs his fingers through my hair until his mom is finished. By the time she is, gooseflesh is raised on every part of my skin not covered by my shirt-towel.
I tuck my arms closer to Osiris and close my eyes tightly. Now, I could focus on keeping in my warmth.
His family leaves shortly after their mom finishes cleaning up the kitchen. I remember to shout ‘thank you’ to all of them from my position on the couch and I can hear the resulting laughs from the doorway.
I’m glad they were able to help but a nagging feeling keeps it’s hold on my thoughts. I turn my head so I can partially see Osiris, “I didn’t ruin a family get-together, did I?”
Osiris looks confused before he shakes his head, “Not at all. They were just helping me plan out extensions to this house,” he chokes on his words suddenly, “but- they were- ugh just about to leave anyways.”
I nod at his explanation and close my eyes, shivering slightly. Even my legs and feet feel cold but I can’t spot a single blanket in Osiris’s house.
After a few moments of me shivering Osiris grabs my upper arms, “Here. Sit up and I can keep you warm.”
I do as he says and he is careful to not touch my back. Before I can fully sit anywhere, he takes the backs of my thighs and positions me straight on his lap.
I tuck my face into his warm neck so he can’t see me blush. Even though I’ve dated plenty, I’ve never been in a position of straddling a man’s lap. Let alone, straddling a man’s lap with the single goal of staying warm.
It takes me a moment to relax into Osiris, but I tuck my feet under his thighs and my arms between our chests. My head stays right on his shoulder where I can just barely press my freezing nose into Osiris’s neck.
My eyes close, “Tell me about your house extensions Osiris.”
Osiris clears his throat before talking. He explains in both architectural and realistic manners.

But the more he explains the new area, I can feel his muscles relax under my body. He even places his arms securely under my bottom so I don’t shift in his lap.

Listening to his voice allows me to keep my eyes closed. And somewhere between him explaining his lack of color ideas and where the bathroom should go, I fell asleep.

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