Fighting My Orc

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“Olivia,” Jackson calls to me as I’m about to leave class, “you did good today.”

“Thank you,” I look at the clock on the wall, I really need to go.

Jackson crosses his arms and his muscles flex, “I just wanted to apologize for earlier this week. I’m sorry for embarrassing you in front of our guest.”

I have to stop myself from scoffing, “It’s fine. I have to-”

“That’s good. Would you like to come to a party with me this weekend?”

“I’ve got plans, sorry,” and you’re pissing me off today. But I held my tongue.

“It’s not with that orc is it?”

“So what if it is?”

Jackson takes a step closer and bends down to my eye level, “I just want you to be careful. Those orcs are,” he scoffs, “downright killers.”

“They fight wars for us, they’re not mindless murderers.”

“That’s not the point Olivia. You shouldn’t be with something so dangerous,” he places a hand on my shoulder, “I want to make sure you’re safe.”

“Okay,” I step back, “I really need to go now.”

“So I’ll see you next Saturday after class?”

“Ugh-” I don’t even try to respond as I hightailed out of the room.

God. Jackson has never been that incredibly pushy.

I turn the corner of the street and find Osiris’s classic jeep waiting for me, just like it has for the past week. He’s leaning on the side and looks up when he hears me walking up.

“How was your training?” He takes my bag and puts it in back.

“Kind of boring. I had to keep pretending to watch the orc fights to keep myself entertained.”

Osiris laughs and drives us into the orc sector, “Everyone keeps asking when the feisty human fighter will be back in the ring.”

I fake punch the air in front of me, “Right now. Bring it on orcs!”

Osiris shakes his head and pulls up to his mom and dad’s house.

We walk through the house until we find the family in the kitchen. Osiris’s mom pulls out a chair for me and I give a curt nod to Osiris’s dad as I sit down. Osiris sits on my other side dutifully.

“Any more injuries?”

“Not yet Momma Gena,” I giggle when she gives me the stink eye.

Cassandra dared me to start calling her mom by ‘Momma Gena.’ Little did she know I would actually do it. I damn near got a smack on my bottom for doing it, but no one could resist laughing at my audacity.

Now I’m pretty sure Gena only asks me questions when I visit so she gets to watch all her kids smile when I call her by that nickname.

Another knock on the door interrupts everyone and Hunter races to the door with Osiris. I look to Odera and Cassandra from across the table, “What’s here?”

Cassandra wiggles in her seat excitedly, “You’ll see!”

Soon enough, Hunter comes back to the kitchen table with a large box labeled Fae’s Fancy Feast.

My eyes widen, “Oh! The fae food is awesome! Thank you guys for inviting me over,” I give Osiris a hug from my seat.

Osiris’s dad opens the box before hastily taking one of the square treats. While they look small, they are incredibly filling. And they really do taste like the sweetest of sweets.

Moments later, Cassandra looks up to me, “Olivia?”


“Have you ever been to the Fae sector?” She asks with her head turned to the table.

I nod my head with a big grin, “Yes! It’s an awesome sector. A bunch of lights and free gifts at every turn.”

Osiris’s family turns their full attention to me and I continue to explain my favorite parts of the Fae sector.

Halfway through explaining, Cassandra’s lip begins to wobble. I pause mid sentence and look to her. It’s only then that I notice the gloomy continuances on everyone’s face.

My mouth gapes open, “I’m sorry.”

Gena rests her hand on my arm, “You didn’t do anything wrong Olivia. Cassandra has been wanted to travel the sectors recently... and well-”

She turns to Alaric, her husband, and he quickly explains, “They don’t approve of our ways.”

“Oh,” sounds like the Fae’s are similar to Jackson in that manner. I clear my throat, “Well... who cares,” all eyes are on me, “it’s not like we will start a war just by walking around.”

I stand from my seat, “Now I feel like taking a visit to the Fae sector. Who’s with me?”

Osiris stands by my side and Hunter jumps up in excitement. Their parents look apprehensive but they stand up nonetheless.

Cassandra wipes tears from under her eyes. Her wobbly lips replaced with large teeth gleaming with joy.

We took Hunter and Odeda’s brand-new van and I pointed out directions to the outside part of the sector.

“The Fae don’t like vehicles so we’ll have to walk from here.”

Osiris grabs my hand the second I step away from the van, giving me a gentle squeeze. I lead the way with Osiris by my side and begin my tour of the Fae shops.

There’s a few side glances along the way, but Cassandra is quick to ignore the stares and enter a pastry shop. A young Fae couple run the shop and welcome us with open arms. While they gave us free samples, Alaric bought plenty items for their kindness.

Some of the shops were apprehensive or thought they were in trouble. But by the end of each visit the shop owners were very pleased.

The family’s tension eased considerably after the first street. So we began to walk around and visit shops until sunset. Where I lead them to the center of the sector.

“Come on Osiris! Run run run,” I held his hand and raced with him to the top of the sector hill. Where other visitors had already gathered.

His family is quick to follow us and look at me with questioning gazes. I giggle and stare at the sky, “Just... wait a moment...”

We all stared at the sky until Odera let out a gasp. We turned in her direction and found the sky beginning to light up. The Fae work diligently to shower the sky with floating lights in their sector.

Osiris wraps his arms around my shoulders and presses my back into his chest. We rock gently as the sky changes color.

He leans down, his tusk rubbing my cheek, “Thank you.”
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