Fighting My Orc

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I shouldn’t have come to class today.

The amount of times I made awkward eye contact with Jackson is noteworthy. It’s like the prick is staring at me.

This resulted in my face down during boxing and practicing my techniques with awful physique. Osiris would be shaking his head with that trademark smirk if he could see my form.

I smile towards the ground. Osiris invited me to Cassandra’s first fighting match at the ring. She’s been preparing for nearly three years-

“I hope that smile is for me,” Jackson steps up besides me, “but your form is off.”
I snap my head upwards to he doesn’t try to touch me.

He doesn’t seem to notice my glare or intensified movements, “Ready for that party tonight?”

“I have plans. Sorry.” It’s not like I even agreed to going.

His face turns an ugly red and he storms off. If only I could leave class early, but Osiris wouldn’t be here yet. And I am not about to risk being alone with Jackson.

Time crept by but I packed up and was the first out the door and down the street.

Osiris stood to attention by his Jeep when he saw me. I must look really agitated.

But my arm twists behind me suddenly and I’m forced to turn around. Facing none other than Jackson.

“Come on Olivia. You don’t want to go with that thing.”

“Yes, I do. Now let me go,” I turn my arm and stand tall in front of him, “I know you’re my trainer but I will teach you a thing or two if you step out of line.”

His face is next to mine before I can blink. With one hand firmly behind my head the other grasps at my waist, he kisses me. A wet, sloppy, downright cold kiss.

My knee connects with his groin before he can try anything else. I angrily step back and wipe my mouth.

Another few steps and I land right in the center of Osiris’s chest. His arms wrap around me and his steel like muscles make me notice that my body is shaking.

I wish I could say I’m shaking from anger. To feel stronger than I already do. But even with Jackson crouching on the pavement, I feel scared.

Osiris turns us around and helps me walk to the Jeep. He opens the passenger side and lifts me inside to my seat.

The door closes and I let out breath. Regaining my breathes by inhaling raggedly. I cover my mouth as Osiris walks around to the driver’s side. I can vaguely hear Jackson yelling to Osiris but I can’t make it out.

We are driving away by the time my breathing is back under control. Osiris clenches the steering wheel with enough force to turn his knuckles white.

I reach my hand out slowly and touch his arm. When I remove my hand his muscles flex. I hold my palm out to him and a small smile lifts his cheek when he finally gives me his hand.

I hold onto it tightly. Using both of my hands to trace the callouses on his palm.

He pulls up to an unfamiliar house in the time it took me to trace all the different scars on his one hand.

“Who’s house is this?” Worry tinged my voice.

Osiris leaned over the console to press his forehead to mine, “Hunter’s. I needed to get backup.”

“Wait,” he’s out of the car before I can finish.

He walks straight into Hunter’s house and I can hear him vaguely yelling. By the time he’s returning he has two angry orcs behind him.

Odera and Hunter get in the back seats of Jeep and lean towards the front, “Let’s find this fucker.”

“Wait what? What’s going on Osiris?”

Osiris just shakes his head and pulls out of the driveway. Odera puts a hand on my shoulder, “He is defending you for what that human did,” she bares her fangs in disgust, “we are backup.”

“Seriously,” I place a hand on Osiris’s forearm, “Osiris you can’t fight him!”

He takes his eyes off the road, “You don’t think I can take him.” Behind the question is note of insecurity.

I scoff, “Of course you can take him. I just don’t want you to get in trouble in the human sector.”

Hunter laughs, “Who says we’re going to fight him in the human sector?”

My eyes widen. But with Osiris’s speed he was already pulling into the human sector by the gym. He looks to me, “Do you know where he could be Olivia?”

There’s a second where I glance to Odera and Hunter. There is only anger in their eyes which builds my own fury, “He’s down the block at a party.”

The Jeep is moving steadily before I finish speaking. When they finally see the party house, Osiris hops out of the Jeep with Hunter and Odera.

It must’ve taken five minutes before Osiris exits the house with Jackson thrown over his shoulder. A crowd forms outside but Osiris doesn’t stop. Instead he throws Jackson on the ground and let’s Hunter and Odera grab his arms. They haul him into the back seats of the Jeep.

The five of us drive to the orc sector. Jackson is yelling and kicking the entire trip. Forcing the rest of us to keep quiet; besides the odd laugh from Hunter in the back seat, concealing his mirth about Jackson’s fighting attempts.

When we get to the fighting ring a gasp leaves my mouth, “Cassandra’s fight! Did we miss it!”

Odera shakes her head, “That group won’t be fighting for another hour. This stuff comes first in our sector.”

I look to Osiris, “What stuff?”

Osiris gives me a wide grin, “Challenges to give back honor.”


Odera nods, “He is fighting for you. To show respect for you,” she knocks Jackson’s head like you would a door, “something this fool doesn’t have the ability to win.”

Hunter snarls, “Kissing a future mate. Disgusting.”

Osiris nods and white knuckles the steering wheel. Meanwhile, I am trying to hide my blush at being called his ‘future mate.’

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