Fighting My Orc

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All the Fights

Osiris wastes no time hauling Jackson into the fighting ring. The announcer quickly stands to attention and takes in the scene.

The fight starts quickly. I chew on my nails anxiously as I watch the fight from the entrance hall. Osiris hits fast, and it’s easy to spot that Jackson is missing every opening.

But a flash of silver causes the entire orc audience to gasp. In one quick move Jackson unsheathes a blade and swipes at Osiris.

Blood is spilled from the cut on his abdomen. It knocks Osiris back and another well-placed jab has the blade embedded in Osiris’s stomach.

“No!” My voice tore from my throat. My legs carried me to Jackson and pushed me off the sandy ground. Straight onto his unprotected back. I cling to him with more force than I’ve ever used in the ring.

The blade follows Jackson’s movements and despite my best efforts to avoid it, Jackson slashes my forearm.

The pain is quick to spread, and I tuck my arm squarely to my side. Using my legs to trap his arms. The blade falls but I continue to strangle Jackson’s body from behind.

Osiris notices my struggle and takes Jackson’s feet from under him with a merciless kick to his ankles. As Jackson falls to the ground, Osiris pins his upper body so I can finally unwrap myself from his back.

We continue to pin Jackson down until he stops squirming. At that point the announcer grabs the blade from the floor and declares Jackson dishonorable. Unable to participate in any orc activities from this point onward.

Two male orcs haul Jackson away, leaving Osiris and I panting in the middle of the ring. The announcer cheers the crowd on, “What a start to the challenges!” He turns to look at me while I hold onto Osiris desperately for comfort, “Our human fighter returns strong!”

He nods for us to leave the ring while the crowd is admiring my human status once again. Osiris walks steadily out of the ring until we reach the entrance hall. Hunter takes one of his arms before he collapses.

He quickly mumbles to Odera, “Go get mom.”

She runs away quickly as Osiris pants and slowly walks back towards the Jeep. His family meets us there.

Gena pulls a bag off of her shoulder, “I made these for Cassandra’s fight,” She takes a look at Osiris’s wound, “This should work.”

She slathers a paste onto the cut and he sighs in relief. He then grasps my arm and pulls it in front of his body. Quietly signaling to my cut forearm. She puts some paste onto mine and I immediately grimace, “Is this the paste that gets ripped off?”

Gena nods with a chuckle, “Stop your belly aching. I brought the cooling gel too.”

I stifle my giggle, “Thanks Momma Gena.”

Osiris laughs and then winces, leaning against me for support. I have to push against him to actually hold him up and the rest of his family laughs. After a few minutes, Osiris is well enough to walk confidently back to the fighting arena.

A few orcs pat him on the shoulder or arm, and to my surprise, I receive gestures of praise as well.

The paste is semi-dry when Cassandra’s fight comes and goes. The amount of cheers she received were just not enough. My throat is sore after screaming her name so loud.

Osiris clings an arm around my side during the entire fight. Nodding his appraisal for his young sister. But since his injuries still needed to be healed, his family sent us off when the fighting was over.

Osiris got us to his house and we found ourselves in the kitchen. Osiris’s hands are in fists after given a moment to think, “I should declare a rematch. Show that no good son of a-”

“Osiris,” my voice comes out harshly, “He was no match for you, everyone could see that! Even him, why do you think he pulled the knife.”

“I should’ve fought harder.”

I roll my eyes and stand, “Is that so, you big warrior? Fine,” I push his shoulders so he’s forced to face me, “Fight me. I’ll show you what Jackson couldn’t. ”

Osiris stands tall, “Little warrior,” he sighs and grasps my fisted hands, pulling me closer until I’m completely trapped against him with his arms wrapped around me, “I’m not mad at you. Nor do I want to fight you.”

A big breath escapes me, “I still could’ve taken you in a fight.”

Osiris laughs before wincing again, separating our bodies so his wound could breath.

He tips my chin so my gaze drifts towards his, “Trust me Little Warrior when I say... I could take you down with one arm tied behind my back and a stab wound.”

I scowl when he laughs. Taking the chance to lightly punch his shoulder, “Prove it you big-”

His face veers straight into mine, “you sure you want that Little Warrior?”

I gulp, not expecting his close proximity. He continues speaking while my throat dries up, “There’s a few ways I think I could prove my skill to you,” his eyes drift over my body. From the swell of my breasts to my exposed stomach and thighs.

In turn I smash my lips onto his. Feeling the sides of my mouth hit his large tusks. Which I bring my hand up to grip onto gently.

Osiris groans at the contact, placing his calloused palm on the small of my back. He pushes us together until nothing separates our bodies. My stomach touches the rough paste that protects his wound, but for once he doesn’t wince.

Instead, he grips my hair and brings my face closer to his so he can place sharp nips against my lips and throat. In turn, I place soft kisses on his cheeks and forehead.
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