The Time Cranium

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Action / Mystery
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1. The Mysterious Time Storm

A worker a vaccinologist and also a software developer with his technicians sat down on April 25 1930s they planned to create an app to reduce unemployment rate in the Holo- table at an auditorium a South America country called Khartoum. At the end of the meeting all things were sorted out the was terms signed between the people of Khartoum and the software developers including the government.

The following week negotiations and development started on the forthcoming app within two consecutive weeks the app was created

For the app to be launched many government appointees and a Colonel on duty for a rallies point at Turkish travelled for the same app Seth Papkins the vaccinologist also the main software developer invested on the app the developers creates in app purchase on the app before I can't be used the Colonel from Turkish highly subscribed to the app through the auction for the app he was the highest bidder he took the app away from Khartoum to turkey.

The people of Khartoum demonstrated for the app cause they was terms signed it's there time to reduce unemployment rate in the country but Seth and the developers sold the app to a Turkish Colonel

For demonstration two and half month the government of Khartoum pass bill for the developers to faced court trials their verdict was each and every should pay a sum of $25m and (jailed not less than 12years). Last Horizon lab will be closed. They made their promise and did not obeyed.

On 1st May, 1930 Seth Papkins was freed from any charges and court warrant but horizon lab was under government pending, his roommate told him to be a hacker but he insisted he was not having anything left.

The Colonel that bought the Operad app distributed the app through the whole turkey people bought and gain money from it others hacked and gain money
all they thought was money making app but it was different...

When developing the app in horizon lab :IT interconnection room _vault 45.
A developer on the navigation pane working and switching all synched data's he left the process for the changing room the data's mixed up and a strands animate typewriting its own data's when he came back he just pressed the enter key and the data's started to analyze. Without spying it once again.

A defaults time looping change the developed data's to a time sourcing data's.

All youth's in turkey depended on the app without working hard to earn a living. The Colonel for to worked hard at the rallies point dragging half of his armed forces into the Operad app all he cares was about money to working hard . thus making a rebels at their based anarchy point secretly camped majority of blacks into slavery.

Khartoum was filled atrocities the unemployment rate increased ten basic percent each day.

A night in groove street where many crips at the streets and sparkling lights local reporters and IT technophile trail behind investigations to searched for a purpose for selling the Operad App to the Turkish armies

1931 one year past Seth was capable of looking after his family members and others when he joined international science organization bringing something into existence. The tenets government in Khartoum supported the organization for it to reduce unemployment rate. 250,000 youth and was admit to worked in (IS) experiment was tooking places the government invested a huge money into the organization but not came out of it.

Once many people worked in the company only in one way was going on the military in Khartoum under the government rule once again send pending approval for the company.
The government in Khartoum was rowdy and rambunctious to every organization formed in Khartoum when ever a new organization is formed it seem they was leaving in twilight world.

Seth and his major impact on the people united to demonstrate a hardcore on the government the military and the cops struggled with them some was injured, some was killed, and even some was jailed. Thus, making a civil war and stereotyping then it changed to genocides and homicides.

Houston a closest worker of Seth and his soulmate Gerrie confronted Seth for under the conspiracy of the fall down of the organization when they brought back the issue of the Operad App Seth was arrested and sent to 'Wreckin youth jail 1922. He spent many years at the jail he was bullied and was called racist and even was beaten up by the one's calling themselves archaic's but Seth got a feedback against tenets government of Khartoum a series of video was revealed and many were fired for corruption rate Seth was once again released from jail but Seth and family was haunted Seth bid farewell to his family by sending them away to Canada. leaving himself alone he was playing hide and seek with the hitman the government hired to kill him.

Seeking through the anarchies Seth was freed from any attacks upon him, On Monday when the rain was patting Seth saw the ratings of the thunder and the lighting raising he was alone walking in the rain but not knowing what to do the more he walked the higher the thunder increased. He decided to hooked off from the rain by took his heels then when he started to ran he sudden encountered a Storm called The mysterious time Storm he felt into deep coma it took him away from 1930s to presences of Khartoum.

he woke up in a strange lounge he couldn't understood. What happened.
He saw a man solving a maths in strange laboratory room he asked where he was but the man do not replied him he was raged to take action he tried to punch a huge metallic cylinder but the small amount of fist he upswings smash the walled metallic cylinder then the man told him he is in a new world and he encountered a mysterious time Storm searching for the right hero in all the centuries and founds him as the right time hero to complete a task to stop a time demon.

So he woke up with bizzare abilities the telepathy, telekinesis, and time traveling but is time for techniques and FAQ to become a time hero of all time (THAT).
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