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She's been kidnapped. She's been raped. She's been beaten. She's been through too much. With Matt, Chris and Dylan, she'll literally ride across the country to find the person who caused her all this pain. Forget about her friends back in Chicago, she needed to handle her business. All that - the planning, the hard work - runs down the drain when Alijah finds someone she trusted, someone she trusted with her life, betrayed her. Not only that, the pain she left 6 years ago, comes running back. Alijah has been through a lot. What's one more challenge, right?

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I RAISED MY gun to the young lady’s head without question. She knew I wasn’t going to shoot her – I’ve lived with her for the past 6 years. Chris stared back at me, looking scared and confused. I looked up. Dylan and Matt were standing around me holding their guns to prisoners. And around all of us – the key to finding Eli. Chris shifted, her expression changing from fear to pure hate.

I turned on my heels and fired at a guard not far from me. The men around us were in shock and I took that opportunity. I threw a spare gun at Chris and she quickly untied herself. Everyone around us jumped into action. I killed all of them in a flash. Their leader – Ace – turned to me, confused, scared, and angry.

Matt stood next to me. “We have to move. I’m pretty sure the others heard us,”

“Take Chris and Dylan. I’ll finish off here,” I said, looking over at him.

“As you wish,” He sighed.

He quickly led the others out of the building. I looked towards the guy in front of me. I forced him to the ground.

“Where is Elijah Amoro?” I demanded.

He stiffened. “You are the woman he speaks of,”

I took the safety off of the gun and pressed the muzzle to his head. “Where is Elijah Amoro?”

“I don’t know!”

“You better give me something,” I sneered. “Anything,”

“H-he said he was going to see his nephew!” The man shouted. “Something with an E,”

The only person I could think of was Ezrah. His brown doe eyes filled my vision. With me being 26 he should be 16 or 17 now. I looked towards the guy in front of me.

“Did he say where the nephew was?”

“No,” The guy gulped. “Only that he was tying up loose ends,”

I backed up. “Thank you,”

Before he could blink, I forced the magazine down on his head. He fell to the ground, unconscious. I turned to see the others handcuffed and unconscious too. I pulled out my phone and dialed 9-1-1.

“9-1-1, what’s your emergency?”

“Traiga HazMat y varias ambulancias. 1871 North Brook Drive.”

“Ma’am, can you speak English? Can you tell me the issue, ma’am?”

“Traiga HazMat y varias ambulancias. 1871 North Brook Drive.”

I hung up a second later. I untied my bandana from my face and dropped it on the guy's face. I heard sirens moments later. I wiped my gun clean of prints before laying it next to the body. I heard someone knock on the door and moved to climb out the window.

I pulled my hoodie over my head as I watched multiple HazMat employees walk through the door. I met an officer’s eyes. He made a move to walk to me and I simply walked away. I heard his footsteps behind me and started running. He yelled something along the lines of ‘stop, police’ before running after me. I ran into the busy streets of Brooklyn, blending into the crowd.

I pushed open the front door with a sigh. Matt was sitting on the floor in front of the T.V while Dylan and Chris were going through some files. They turned to me when I shut the door. Our security door slid open, revealing all our weapons. I hung my gun on my hook before sliding the door closed. Matt was waiting patiently behind me while the others were practically turning red.

“What’s wrong with you guys?” I asked nonchalantly, moving to the kitchen.

I ignored their concerned looks and grabbed a water bottle. I didn’t want to talk to them right now – too much was on my mind. I glided past them heading downstairs. I pushed open a door revealing my punching bag, and 85” T.V. I closed the door. I immediately grabbed my Bluetooth headphone before playing my music. I sat the water bottle down and started punching the bag.

It’s been 6 years.

6 years since I left Chicago. Since I left Amber and Kelly. Hailey and Blake. Since Oscar died. We’re now in New York but that’s irrelevant since we’re going to be moving soon. Wherever Elijah goes, we go.

Wait, allow me to explain.

After boarding the plane mom set up for us, I immediately got to work. I had some contacts track down Elijah – anything, a phone number, an LKA. Literally, anything anybody told me about him got me closer to finding justice. Matt turned into my number one righthand man, proving his loyalty to me many times. Chris and Dylan usually follow after Matt – I don’t know why, Dylan should be my sidekick, honestly.

We jumped from Chicago to the Florida Keys, to Miami, to Chad, to Trinidad and Tobago, to Kansas, and here in New York. We’ve been everywhere and seen way too much. Mom changed my name to Hunter Austin. And Cassidy Jenkins, Trinity Tiller, Maren James. And plenty more.

While we’re here, traveling the world, my old friends are still searching for me. By now, Amber knows I’m alive. Janice must’ve told her because I got a text one day saying, your alive – we’re still looking for you. And every day since, I’ve received multiple photos, emails, and addresses from Amber. I was tempted to run back to her – to fall into her arms but the weight of Oscar’s death and Elijah’s betrayal boarded down on my shoulders. I had to get rid of it.

So, now that Elijah knows – knew – that I’m here – or about to figure it out – I need to find Ezrah, and fast. Because he’s going to kill him. I already know – knew – it.

My computer pinged with a message and I had to stop. I grabbed my water bottle and took a sip. I grabbed my tablet and pressed the blinking icon. Taylor’s picture filled my T.V screen and I offered a small smile.

“What do you have, Taylor?” I asked.

Raihna. Ezrah is in Detroit, Michigan. He’s been underground for a while but has recently come up.” Taylor’s Russian accent called through the speaker.

“Do you know who’s he looking for?”

“Ele está procurando por você, pequeno guerreiro,” Taylor said, sympathetically. “I’d advise you to move on him now. Elijah acertou em cheio nele,”

“Voi discuta cu Matt. Dacă se rostogolește, atunci ne vom mișca.” I said before hanging up.

I fell back on my bed with a sigh. I desperately wanted to pick up my phone and call Amber. She’d tell what to do – how to go on. But I knew I couldn’t. I could put her in danger. Sure, she can take care of herself and her family but still. I won’t risk it.

I sat up in a hurry. Taylor was right – we needed to be on the move quickly. I stood up and walked towards my door. I threw it open. Matt sat up from the floor, alarmed. I gestured for him to follow me and walked up the stairs. Chris was snuggled against Dylan sitting on the couch. I grabbed their tablet, easily hacking into my own and displaying the information on the T.V.

This was the start of it – by becoming even more demanding than it was before, I was able to survive what happened in the end.

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