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The Inner Teachings

For six weeks between the time I heard from the Air Force and my flight down to Officer Training School I steeped myself in the “inner” teachings. I learned that gold was a special gift to mankind that was a physical manifestation of his love--which is why it grows in veins in mountains on the earth.

We had yet to discover the tons of gold that are to be found in the earth, but I was assured that part of the reason for the purchase of the ranch in Montana was for the tons of gold to be discovered in the mountains there that Lord Maetryia had revealed to Holy Mother.

I learned that John F. Kennedy was re-embodied as the daughter of Holy Mother. You see, Holy Mother had the ability to look at a person and discern their former lifetimes. She had told the Director or the Teaching Center in Philadelphia that he was Thomas Jefferson embodied and he was thrilled about it.

One of the big pushes on for the Church Glorious and Victorious at the time was the Middle East. We had learned from the beginning that every church on the face of the earth--excellent for our own, of course--was infiltrated by “fallen ones.”

These fallen ones were either incarnates and demons posing as human beings, actual fallen angels who had bred with the daughters of men ages ago and now were intermingled with our genes, or just bad eggs, people with evil souls. But not to worry. There were also a few “souls of light” out there “holding the balance.”

This teaching had more than a little relevance to the Middle East because it seems the Arabs and the Jews had more than the usual share of fallen ones who had re-embodied in that area and want to cause a global war.

They hope to do this so that the highest fallen ones, who lived off man’s light, a light that was contained in our blood. They sought to bring about war in the area so they could swoon down and live of that blood. Sort of cosmic vampires.

As to why the Jews and Arabs had more than their share of fallen ones than Manhattan in New York or Dallas, it was never fully explained. Like most of the teachings you just believed it. And if you couldn’t believe it. You were to put on the shelf of your mind and one day it would all become crystal clear to you.

This teaching about “fallen ones” and saved ones is critical to understanding the Church Glorious and Victorious I could learn. It seems that the infestation of the fallen ones with the Lightbearers in the major religions of the world is the central cause of all our current problems. For example, the Catholic Church--which Holy Mother in all her dictations loved to use as the prime example of what was wrong--consisted of a central body of ruling fallen ones who led the Lightbearers astray in every way.

I learned that there was ones way back who completely rewrote the original Bible in order to maintain their supremacy by being able to quote biblical passages they wrote into the bible to justify their exalted position among the many.

They even went so far as to say that one entire book of the bible-- Enoch--had been expurgated because it contained the teachings about the fallen ones being the Lucifarian angles who came down and intermarried with the daughters of men. This Book of Enoch supposedly also contained the doctrine of reincarnation.

This was a point that Holy Mother returned to time and again in her trances. Her former husband in a former lifetime was the Third century Archbishop of Alexandria, Oregin. He pushed the Book of Enoch real hard in his lifetime and as a consequence was declared anathema by a synod of bishops in Rome at the time.

By using circuitous logic, Holy Mother announced to us that who else by the fallen ones themselves would want the story of Enoch suppressed over all these centuries.

Ergo, the bishops and popes of that time-- and to the present day--were fallen ones who purposefully and successfully pulled off the biggest conspiracy mankind has ever known. We were all to be angered by the gall of these fallen ones who so brazenly stole from us our true history.

We weren’t to be too worried though because the ascended masters were now here acting through Holy Mother and working to expose the lies that had been penetrated about them over the centuries. If there were people I was to be cautious about because of their obvious disregard for the truth, according to the teachings, it was the Jews and Catholics already mentioned plus one more--fundamentalists. Fundamentalists were even worse than the Catholics and Jews. Why?

Well, quite simply, the Church Glorious and Victorious is composed primarily of former Jews and Catholics, (although as my own mother never tired of reminding, me “Brian there’s no such thing as a former Catholic. That’s like saying “I’m a former black. Once you’re Catholic you were baptized and confirmed into the faith and that’s what you are for the rest of your life. There are no former Jews either.”

I’ll grant you there are fallen Catholics those who have strayed from the true faith-- but there’s no such thing as a former Catholic who for one reason of another are disillusioned with their faith and fall into the snares of the Church Glorious and Victorious.

Not fundamentalists.

There are no fundamentalists in the Church Glorious and Victorious as far as I know. Apparently, they’re so aware of Biblical scriptures that they’re not snared away from their bibles, and especially not into a church whose main body of teaching about 90% of their teaching is nowhere to be found in the Bible.

Many a time I was informed by the Church Glorious and Victorious communicants adents and other higher ups that the fundamentalists....were a waste of time, intellectual miscreants who buried themselves in a First Century text and refused to see the changes that had arrived since then.

They posited that trying to teach a fundamentalist the truth about Jesus Christ lost years in the mystery schools in the Himalayas and in Egypt was like trying to teach the masses the truth about how the Bible was purposefully rewritten over the years : impossible.

The clincher is that these fundamentalists know in there heart of hearts in their three fold flames the real truth because that is where the truth about their former lifetimes is written.

However, because they had muddled their minds and souls not to mention discoloring their auras and limiting their tubes of light with so much bible study they were not open to the truth as spoken on high from the glorious masters to Holy Mother. Ergo, they were happy fools.

No, the searching Catholic and Jew was the far more gullible recruit and that is what the church is made up of mostly.

Still, Lou couldn’t resist taking on the stray fundamentalist who came into his health food store.

In his words “Most of these clowns can quote you two scriptures—The one about God so loving the world that he sent His only begotten Son to suffer and die for our sins and the one about it being necessary to be born again to get into heaven.

Beyond that most of them just don’t know scripture. I used to be intimidated by their “knowledge” of scripture before I came into the teachings but not anymore.

When they start to quote scripture to prove their point I just quote scripture back to prove the teachings of the glorious masters.

I mean, as you guys know, karma is only found about everywhere in the Bible if you know how to find it. When Paul said, “What a man sews so shall he reap” it is the clearest statement of karma you can make without calling it that really.

And when they get worked up about praying to their mighty “I AM” presence and they seem to get bent out of shape about that one saying that it reminds them of blasphemy and calling our- selves rather than Jesus God I just remind them that Jesus said “Greater works than these will you do in my name.” just before he ascended u’ to join the other ascended masters. But you have to be patient with fundamentalists. I mean most of them haven’t even heard of meditating so you can’t expect them to grasp karma and reincarnation on the first try either.”

As far as I know Lou didn’t swing one fundamentalist over to his position. He was also a vegetarian and used to lose when he tried to convince them that they should not eat meat as was ordered by the eastern adents as well.

He said the fundamentalists would quote somewhere in the bible where it said that most men worried more over what went into their mouths rather than what came out and that that was one of the main sources of contemporary problems. And quite likely if you stop by Lou’s health food store these debates are still raging.

He told me when I last saw him that he was going to keep decreeing for the enlightenment of these fundamentalists but that based on his experiences with them he wasn’t sure how many of them the ascended masters really wanted in their service on earth or in their octaves up there.

I attended all the services and lectures the teaching center in Philadelphia offered the month and a half before I went into the Air Force in hopes of storing up enough “light” that I could ward off the darkness that was sure to pervade there as it was sure to pervade anywhere that was not in the Church Glorious and Victorious according to the teachings.

My mother consoled herself with the thought that I would soon be in the service and the rigors of military life were sure to free me of the bondage of these fanatics. Little did she know that at Officer Training School one of the first things I did was finagle a position as chapel representative for the squadron. Why? To get my own room to able to continue to decree.

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