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International House Imbroglio

There were several lectures held at the International House on Penn’s campus at the time. One that is particularly vivid to me concerned the teachings on the human aura. This must be a hot topic at present because it drew more people than any other topic. It was also the most discordant presentation I attended.

Each presentation was a study in military-like preciseness organization and efficiency and Madison Avenue dazzle. Two hours before the presentation a horde from the teaching center would arrive and completely rearrange the room. Chairs would be lined up in such a way that all attention would be focused on the front.

The front would contain a large video screen which would present--guess who’?--in a starring role from which the Church Glorious and Victorious would narrate the proceedings.

Toward the back were the tables with books tapes and posters were arranged in such a way that you had to see them on the way in and the way out. The Philadelphia Convention Center could not have staged a comparable production. In the weeks immediately after each presentation church members would plaster poles in and around Philadelphia with posters heralding the upcoming event.

College campuses were a particularly choice spot for recruiting as that is where many recruits are to be found. When teenagers are away from home for the first time, under-pressure, and in need of companionship and a sense of belonging to the Church Glorious and Victorious can make far more sense than it would otherwise.

The Church Glorious and Victorious knows this and that is the reason college campuses are-prime recruiting spots. Moreover, colleges tend to be less discerning of who they allow to influence their students. Take a close look at any cult like Church Glorious and Victorious and you will find that the majority of their old members came into it in college: find the majority of their new members are arriving from the same place.

An additional way of drumming up potential recruits for the Church Glorious and Victorious a radio station in Philadelphia where the teachings of the glorious masters as revealed to Holy Mother are broadcast to the potential recruits each week.

Besides offering to send a “free” copy of their magazine to you wants you to have a free copy of this exciting new magazine to help you under- stand more fully the teachings of the glorious masters. Just write to Box X--they never give the address.

It is always ‘Box X’” at the end one of the members of the teaching center would come on at the end of the program and plug any upcoming lectures. The actual ’presentation itself runs like clockwork. It began with the narrator in a soft non-threatening voice announcing that everyone is we welcome and staff members are available in the rear to answer any questions you may have.

Kindly hold questions to the end of the presentation. The first part of the presentation is high tech dazzle stuff--color slides scientifically proven” and “factual” information that demonstrates the verity of whatever they are unloading that night.

For example the night of the human aura it was a new scientific technique called “Kirlian” photography that could actually photography what the masters have told us for ages that a force field an aura surrounds our bodies that is not visible to the naked eye.

However, it is there influencing us and influencing others every minute of our lives for good or bad--although Church Glorious and Victorious does not used terms like “good” or “bad” or “evil” because they have too many associations for most people. T

They’ve developed their own language to explain these things like “disqualified energy” and “positive energy.” Anyway after a few Kirlian photography slides showing the “arc of love” between two lovers fingers or that the life force of L-Shield continues to surround a leaf even in the -art that has been torn off we soon get around to the teachings on the aura.

From there it’s only a hop, skip, and a jump away to old Holy Mother who appears on the screen in dazzling Technicolor to explain to us about our auras. Image flickers on image at a rate that the conscious mind could never absorb but that the subconscious mind certainly registers.

And sound is ever present in the background or on the tape to help us more easily assimilate what is being presented visually.

Finally the narrator appears and the decrees begin. “Please do not to feel shy about doing them in front of strangers that all they serve to do is to clean up those muddled auras and make the′11 into nice and lean new auras that the masters would approve of. You see the masters once had muddied up old auras like ours but they got theirs into shape decreeing, too. They just want to save us lifetimes of searching so their hanging out in cave above the earth dispensing these teaching to us.

This ~articular presentation was the first time that I had not sat with members of Church Glorious and Victorious. To my left was a slightly rotund guy with a beard. He felt funny decreeing to judge by the look on his face as he said them and I felt funny saying them next to him for some reason. He was after all an outsider and stranger to the teachings at that point and therefore sus1ect. But he said them well enough.

This presentation was wild. Various non-church members about the room had extremely angry reactions to what they’d just seen. From their statements the consensus was that they felt as though they’d been betrayed that they came to hear a lecture on a scientific advance regarding the human aura and instead were treated to a harangue from some religious nuts.

At the time I thought these people ungrateful nincompoops who were walking away from the wisdom of the ages. In retrospect, I understand their anger.

One woman stormed out of the room. One poor soul, one of those lonely academic types who inhabit most campuses with the social skills of an insect (and insects are sent to us by the demons to annoy us and make us lose our cool according to the teachings. He stood up and announced that he was lonely and suicidal and that is why he came and no one seemed to care.

A guy who must have been a physics professor to judge by the depth of his knowledge of Kirlean photography and other recent scientific advances took them on intellectually and scientifically. The Church Glorious and Victorious members were way out of their league and ignored him.

A group of punk rockers said that they came to learn how to glow like the lady they say on the poster. They also said the presentation was “Basically a bummer rummer slummer drummer. I mean you are even stranger than we three and that not easy to do.”

The whole room disintegrated into shouting matches between various clumps of Church Glorious and Victorious members and outsiders--assorted collections of pissed off intellectuals and scientists, lonely academics and punk rockers--even a man who claimed that, “Well ... 1 don’t want to shock you all, but we all know that I am the wisest man in here because, you see, I am Jesus Christ Himself and this Holy Mother is an savior of the world: U

The lonely academic kept threatening to kill himself if on one would love him! “Is that too much to ask God? That’s all I ask him day and hg night... That someone loves me!” and the new savior of the room threatened to turn Holy Mother into a slug.

“Go ahead!”

“If you really want to see my power, turn on that screen again! No you won’t, of course not because you know whose image would be up there now! It would be mine exposing this fake and dangerous “Holy Mother!”

The Church Glorious and Victorious narrator grabbed the microphone and shouted over the din. “Look. We offer you the teachings free. All we want is for you to gain your ascension into higher octaves. This is the fastest way to get to heaven believe me I’ve tried the n all.

I was raised Catholic (another one?) and thought that was the one true faith until the masters revealed through Holy Mother how that church is a conspiracy of fallen ones.

From the back the lonely guy screamed ‴Hill Holy Mother love me if I join your group? All I want is to have girlfriend. Is that too much? You girls are so pretty? Do you think I could have a girlfriend in your group if I join?”

The punkers began to chime in with some new tune or other, something about salvation every worker and take such good care of me.

Then they sang, “But oh how they work for me. But oh how they work me and pay me no mmoooooney mnmooooooneeeyyy mmmoooooooeeeyyyy!!!”

The unrecognized savior screamed out “Be gone Satan! You do not know in whose name you speak: By the power of Christ I command that you come out of these people! By the power of Jesus I demand that you set people free of your sinful bondage of pride and lust!” the Church Glorious and Victorious narrator’s eyes filled with tears.

Her entire presentation had disintegrated into a shouting match.

Even though all about the room the Church Glorious and Victorious loyal were diligently working to recruit the apostate fallen ones and confident in the teaching that they were either fallen ones or a lower evolution if they would not accept the teachings--she knew she had not touched the heart of any new recruits--the imaginary objective of the outreach .program.

She began to cry into the mike

“You can take the masters teachings or reject them, but they will always be there for the enlightened to gain knowledge and their ascension. I will continue to decree for the higher evolutions throughout the world that the masters seek to reach and trust in their work at inner levels to contact all the higher evolutions on this planet who have yet to hear of us. I’m through. May the masters be with you and guide you in your ways.”

To show you how far gone I was at that point and also because I hate to see a woman attacked even if she is totally wrong, I went up to her after the presentation and assured her that she did an excellent job of presenting the teachings that these people were obviously just lover evolutions who would have to live many more evolutions as the teachings said before they would be worthy of the maximum knowledge of the masters.

While I was up in the front saying that to her the guy who had been embarrassed to decree at first was there telling the woman to take heart that God would help her only she would ask him with a smile and in a warm hearted way. He was slightly rotund and still looked a bit uncomfortable.

I decided to feel him out. “So what do you think of the teachings?”

“They’re interesting. How did you become involved with them at first?”

“Well I used to be like most of these people here: lost and not aware that I was lost. Before the teachings I was stumbling in the dark, searching for spiritual fulfillment and not finding it. I went through my share of women and knew that it was not to be found there.

And it certainly was not to be found in the cult of pleasure as we call it. You see people are threatened by the teachings. But there people who are into the cults of pleasure--such as sex drugs alcohol or food.”

I looked at his ample waste line for effect. The masters always gave you the knowledge you needed to contact the higher evolutions.

“Then I found the teachings and truly life has been blissed out since.”

“Were you spiritual before?”

“Yes. I was raised Catholics and you know how Catholics can be. It was all empty ritual. The priest dictated from on high and the parishioners followed d like lemmings. There was no room for individual thought and creativity. They had their little hierarchy from Rome down to the lowest levels in the parishes and you were supposed to learn to keep straight, adhere to the sacraments, and you’d get into heaven.”

“Since I’ve found the teachings I’ve found out where the Pope is getting his directives from, and it isn’t God, I can tell you that right now. I’ve tried to tell my Mom, but she won’t listen. She’s a Catholic who went to public school and you know how they can be. Worse than the converts they’re so strong in the faith.

My father went to ten years of parochial school and he’s practically a pagan and here my mother goes to real WASPY public school her entire life and she turns out to be a “good” Catholic, whatever that is.

One time when I tried to get her off my back about being in the teachings she said, “I’m not running a popularity contest being your mother. My on1y job is to make sure all eight of my children get into heaven that f s all. That’s my career plan and the only one I ever wanted. Half the women who work today do it out of necessity and the other half because they need the money.

I’d like to know where these cardboard career women are, you see them on TV, because most women only work because they have to. But I’m digressing from the teachings.”

“When you said glorious do you mean the Holy Mother they kept mentioning in the lecture?”

“NO! I meant my maternal mother. Holy Mother is a saint and a prophet and I can’t think of too many good words to describe her. She’s what convinced me that the teachings we’re real and. not just something way out. For example you probably think that what you heard tonight was way out don’t you?”

“Umm, let’s just say a little different than what one hears every day,”

“Don’t let that stop you from learning more, especially about mother. When I first saw her on the screen, it was like seeing a vision. She was celestial. She was angelic. She was so ... so ... powerful, and all because the ascended masters are using her to establish their kingdom on earth.

“You see, when your raised Catholic like I was they try to convince you that you only really know true joy when you die and go to heaven. That’s wrong. You can know true joy on this earth every day and become as enlightened and knowledgeable as an adept just ask the masters and they’ll grant it.”

“Is that how you became involved in this?”

“No, mainly it was mother. I was running around going from woman to woman like the media tries to convince you to if you’re going to be happy and I wasn’t happy at all. I had been loyal to my girlfriend for three years and when she went with a banking house in New York and we never got married I was so hurt I went on a bender.”

“I broke a few hearts along the way no doubt but I didn’t care at the time. I was mad at all women for what she’d done to me. It to be unbelievable but it was even better than that. At the retreat we just had in Montana she passed an emerald as big as a fist across my forehead.

She waited until I looked into her eyes before she did it. When I looked into her eyes I knew that the teachings were real and she really was the prophet of the masters. She’s unreal. What do you do for a living by the way?”

“I’ work in West Philadelphia.”

“Doing what?”

“I’m a student. I do some volunteer work too.”

“What are you studying?”

“I’m a seminarian.”

“As in a Catholic seminarian studying to be a priest?”

“Not priest. I’ll be a brother and then a missionary if I make it through. But my final vows are five years away and I have a lot to complete before then.”

“Hey .. uh ... I hope you weren’t too offended by what I said about Catholics. I want to 12 years of parochial school myself. Catholics are good people. My family’s Catholic ... I ... uh ...

“I was flabbergasted and embarrassed. Even in my heaviest involvement in the teachings I was still capable of recognizing when I had gone overboard. I said a decree to the masters for greater discernment in the future.

“It’s fine. Thank you for sharing that with me.

The name’s Joey Ambrosio.” He held out his hand.

“Brian Clancy.”

His handshake was firm and strong, unlike the priest’s hands that were so delicate and frail that I’d shaken before. Then I walk into this presentation where this woman tells me that I’m not happy with that existence because I ought to become what I seek.

“ my best moments s I can be like a saint. So I figure I can attract a saint to me if only I purify myself. And here I found the teachings do exactly that for you--no wanton sex no drugs no alcohol, no disoriented living..-- only the pure joy of serving the masters on earth.”

“I still had doubts though like you probably do about whether this was the right thing as it seemed pretty wacko at times and some of it seemed just plain wrong.”

“That was before I met mother herself. Everyone told me to expect known as a child. Perhaps my mother was right. Perhaps the church had become more down to earth in the time I’d been away from it.

I quickly comforted myself with the knowledge that would to me at moments like this when I was off guard and doubting the veracity of the teachings that I’d been selected out of the many to carry the teachings into the world. Maybe John was right. He’d been pressing me lately to go to Higher Consciousness University out in California for more intensive training in the teachings.

“God bless you.” is all he said and he turned and walked away. God bless you. The three words my mother ended every letter to me with for years. “God Bless You!” Then, I found it a trite simplistic phrase that kept these lower evolutions from learning the truth about their evolutions on this planet and losing their op-opportunity to gain their ascension in this lifestream.”

I walked over to the bookstand. A guy who had just arrived from California was there. They were continuously arriving from California and it seemed as if there were no communicants from Philadelphia at the Philadelphia Teaching Center. For some reason, that strange fact did not bother me at the time.

“John tells me that you’re going in the Air Force Brian.”

“Yeah. Shouldn’t be long now.”

“Just think of the opportunity you’ll have to do the masters work in the military. Why the military is just filled with fallen ones—alcoholics, drug abusers, sex fiends. Maybe you can clean it up so the Masters work can be done there.”

“Well I don’t think anyone single handedly can clean up the military. They’re a pretty big organization.”

“Yeah but I checked with California before I came here and the only other person we have in the teachings is a young marine. He had a terrible time decreeing in boot camp. He had to go off by himself there. He got away with it because they thought he was not doing the Masters work they’re that dark.”

“I’m concerned about that too. How I’m going to decree while I’m in the service.”

“Be very secretive about it. Don’t allow anyone to interfere with the work you must do for the masters in there. You’re too important to us now to have you uncovered and kicked out. El Moroya just gave an important message to Mother about how he wants more followers to come from the military. And I just walked around inside the Pentagon and said that it’s infested with the Soviet’s working for the fallen ones.”

“John already tipped me off to be secretive about the teachings while I’m in there. It’s going to be like going cold turkey not decreeing though after eight months of it. I’ll die.”

“Oh ... it’ll be hard. Just remember to call or the masters whenever you need them for whatever you need them for and they’ll be there to help you.”

“I will but it will still be hard. I’m such an initiate into the teachings. At least you guy s have had years to absorb their wisdom”

“That’s true. But remember the masters have a different life for every lifestream. Nothing happens by chance El Moroya has assured us. There’s no such thing as happenstance. You were meant to go into the service to gain our light of their freedom on the oath. You’ll do fine.”

“I guess.”

“My father was a colonel in the army. I always wanted to get that far but I only made it as far as a captain in the reserves. I’m in a greater army now but I still have a soft spot in my heart for the service.”

‘It’s something I am worried about. That “fly four lower’ bodies may take over, or that I may engage in delicious animal magnetism with a girl when I get off base on the weekends because my momentum will be low down when I’m not decreeing.”

“You think the masters only hear us when we’re decreeing? They can see and hear everything, Brian, no matter how soft the heart cry. CalI on them and they’ll be there. I envy you. Think of the honor of being a communicant and serving in the armed forces for the masters.”

“Uh ... 1′m only a Keeper of the Flame. I don’t even know what being a communicant entails yet.”

“Mmmm…I see. Don’t worry. One day you’ll be able to become a communicant. You’re making rapid progress on the path. You’ll make it.”

“Hopefully, I have to catch a ride with Lou and John and Marianne. I’ll see you out at the teaching center this Sunday.”

“OK.” You’re not going to worry about the delicious animal magnetism are you, Brian. You seem to have that and the family magnetics licked and your own momentum.”

“I have moments, though. Just like when I hear a love song playing that I used to love. Now I know that according to the teachings love songs are immature and for children and rock is the work of the dark forces. Still, there are times when I hear a love song and I listen to it. Is love in a song so bad?”

“Some do and that’s why only the higher evolutions ever get to ascend to the masters. Be careful.”

“Sometimes I even wonder if I have family mesmerism mastered. One of the things my father said to me that makes a lot of sense to me still is: “The most important decision you’ll ever make is to find a woman who ′ s ten times better than you and then you marry her. Look at your mother.

She never should have stuck with me and yet she did. Why’s that? Hell, it’s because I was smart enough to marry a woman who’s ten times better than me, that’s why. You do the same and you’ll be alright.” That statement haunts me at times and I can understand it better than Mothers teaching on twin flames. Joes...that make sense’.”

“If you’re stuck in old momentums it might make sense but you’re too far along the path to really believe that in your inner heart, Brian.”

“Yeah. You’re right. Well. .. Lou’s patient. I’ll be on my ’way. See ya.”

Lou piloted his health food business company car like Mario Andretti down Market Street. All his meditations and decrees for the past several years had done nothing to curb his driving habits. When he just missed a little kid on a bike I decided it was time to speak out.

“Hey, Lou! I know that you don’t mean to drive the way you do, but you’re a maniac behind a wheal. What would the masters think if they saw you cream that kid who just almost kissed your bumper and kissed his life good-bye?′

“I missed that kid by a mile. Besides, he has other lifetimes.”

“That’s real callous of you Lou. Brian’s right. You just about killed that kid.”

“I was in control of the situation, don’t fret about it little initiates.”

“Marianne, who he usually allowed to speak for him even chimed in.

“You’ll have to go through a number of lifetimes to transmute all the negative karma you’ll accumulate if you kill that child, Lou. They’re just asking you to be a little more careful.”

“I am careful. I’m a business man, remember? I very carefully weigh the odds in any given momentum and then go with the masters teachings. I knew I’d miss that kid.”

“Listen, Lou. It’s not just that situation. And I have discussed it but we never figured out how to approach you on it. Tim noticed it the way out to Montana and back and I’ve noticed it every time I’ve ridden with you. You drive like a maniac and you endanger our lives and you’ve no right to do that.”

“Give me one example.”

“Alright, last Sunday when we were driving over to the teaching center you drove at least a mile tying your tie. That’s dangerous, buddy. We could have all been creamed if your hands had stayed off the wheel a second longer.”

“My hands weren’t off the steering wheel that long.

I had it under control.”

“Fine. If you think you had it under control, Lou, fine. You’re three passengers, however, disagree. And they’d like you to be more considerate.”

“Brian’s right, Lou. You’re driving’s lousy.”

“Please listen to them, Lou. The angels are more pleased by safe driving than they are by misqualified energies like bad driving. El Moroya even gave a dictation on it.”

Marianne was being very vocal.

“I’ll do what I can, but I think something else is on Brian’s mind. I spoke to and he said to talk to you.

Something about you having difficulty with your four lower bodies.”

“Not all four of them. Just one. I’ve been away from women about eight months and I’m starting to realize I’m going bonkers without them. I’ve been getting strong sexual urges lately.”

“Don’t worry about it man, the dark forces are just testing your height. You’ll be at OTS soon and you won’t have time to be tested. That’s good too, because the masters only want people who’ve mastered their Kundalini. You get control of your sexual ergs of energy or you won’t go anywhere. I’ve evolved high enough that I can even control my wet dreams so there aren’t any emissions. As Carlos Casteanados says,

“Most men are controlled by their dicks.” You get control over that, man, and you’ve got it licked. You know what the teachings are on staying celibate so the masters can better reach you.”

“I’m not talking about anything drastic. I’m just saying that I miss women. I mean, what are all those women at the Teaching Center, eunuchs? Don’t they wonder what we’re about? It really struck me tonight. I was staring at Mary Beth and Barbara and Celeste and I realized they’re not bad looking. In fact, they’re pretty good looking.”

“Even more importantly, they lead pretty holy, chaste lives, and where can you find old fashioned women like that these days. They’d probably make great wives, anyone of them, because they know what it is to serve, and that’s the first requirement of any good marriage--the ability to give. Don’t you guys ever wonder that?”

“Man, I have.”

It was Lou.

“When I’m over there on Sundays talking to Barbara I realize it’s a good thing I’m married to Marrianne because I might be making moves for her otherwise. Her hair is gorgeous, man. It’s as blond as the silk on the corn in Nebraska. Like I said, it’s good that I’m married to Marianne. Before I was married, I was one horny toad.”

Marianne squeezed my hand.

Lou got that look on his face that he assumed whenever he was about to say something profound.

“I’ve pondered that myself. I’m financially secure enough now thanks to the goodness of the masters and I could certainly use a wife.”

When I think of how dedicated all the women are at the Teaching Center to the cause of the church and the Lightbearers and to bringing in the new age I think they would make perfect wives. And they’re good looking too.

I have to admit that even though I do have most of my delicious animal magnetism under control, there are times when I have thoughts about the women at the teaching center. I can usually say a decree to get things under control, though. That works better than the cold showers they used to recommend when I was in parochial school.”

“I don’t know how much longer I can hold out. Every once in a while on the train or walling down Chestnut street I’ll see a woman who drives me wild with misqualified thoughts of what I’d like to do with her Even though I’ve been decreeing for eight months I still have moments like that.

I wonder how long you have to decree before you gain mastery over your sexual energies. My brother and I talked about it once and figured we’d be much further ahead in our lives and careers if we could get women off our minds. But that seems to be impossible, even decreeing.”

Lou registered that. “You just haven’t been decreeing long enough. The masters have promised mastery over all facets of life for those who follow them. You’ll master that one soon enough, Brian.”

“Yeah, Maybe. Still, women are my downfall. One of these days I know I’ll be at a party of something and I’ll meet some lady who’ll just knock my socks off and I may get caught back in the old momentums. She may not even be in the teachings and if she’s tender and soft and loving enough I may just be tempted.”

“Don’t go that far, Brian. You can probably sway her to the teachings if she’s all those things. What woman can resist the teachings once they’re presented with them?”

“I don’t know. Still I can’t help but believe I’ll meet another women one of these days, and I hope she’s in the teachings.

“I’ll tell you guys, and you too Marianne, there’s nothing like women. I even think that one of the things that attracted me to the teachings was the statue I saw of the Blessed Moth~ they have at the Teaching Center.

Mary has always been a special person to me as Christ’s mother and I was so happy to find that she had appeared to Holy Mother and given her a rosary that was similar to the Catholic rosary. I’ve even memorized it so that I can say it at OTS when I’m running or at night. I think she’s special to me because

I love women. A girl who lived in a group house I lived in when I worked in DC said that I reminded her of the guy in the movie, “The Man Who Loved Women” because she never saw anyone who loved women so much. I can’t figure out why the masters haven’t sent me a good woman yet. I must have lost lots of lifetimes of negative karma to transmute. Who knows, maybe I was a murderer or something in a former lifetime. Could be.”

Marianne and were asleep in the back seat by this time. I looked over at Lou and he was chanting, “OOOMMMMM ... OOOOMMMMM ... SHEVA SHAMBA HALl HALl RAMBA ... SHEVA SHAMBA.” We pulled down the street in front of my house.

My recruiter had called that day at work and I had only a few more days until I left for OTS. I wondered how I would survive that ordeal without such great souls of light at all around me. Truly, the Masters had been good to me.

But as John at the Teaching Center has assured me, nothing happens by coincidence, the masters saw and direct everything and they had something special in mind for me. I took comfort in that thought, opened the door, and walked toward my front door. Little did I know at that time how special that experience would prove to be.

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