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On the way to the Maguire Air Force Base, we went around a group of Mummers who had wandered off Broad Street. They had lost their way and were wandering down the middle of the street.

I honked.

“I’ll get outta da way if you let that hot blonde in the back kiss me. Kiss me, baby!”

He was talking about my older sister who was with us. I maneuvered the car around them. She and my mother were in hysterics.

At the airport while saying good-bye to my mother she didn’t miss one more opportunity to plug Colleen.

“You write that girl, do you hear?”

“Will do.”

“I can’t wait to tell Frank and Ron that you finally met a nice Catholic girl.”

“Let’s not overreact. Why don’t you wait until we see if she even writes back before you contact them?”

“You just write. And God Bless you, Brian.

“Mom. You can stop worrying.”

“Mother’s worry, Brian, that’s the way they are.”

“You just write that girl. You’ll be alright.”

I returned to OTS infused with the newly released Teachings. I’d learned that there was an emphasis on the military at present, as many fallen ones had infiltrated it on both sides and were seeking to bring about planetary destruction as they had on Atlantis and Lemuria so many eons ago.

This was the reason for the big building push in Montana and why I wanted to buy my parcel of land as soon as I could-to survive the Big One which was coming any day.

I redoubled my efforts and missed distinguished graduate by a few points. I attributed my failure to negative karma from either this or past lifetimes. Maybe the Masters were trying to teach me that nothing should come before them.

As soon as I’d returned I’d written Colleen detailing my final weeks at OTS. When she failed to reply in a week and then two, I figured she hadn’t meant what she said about the cool-des. I lost myself in the rigors of OTS life, running 125 miles to make outstanding Roadrunner in the final weeks.

Then, a few days before graduation, her two missives arrived, along with about 100 chocolate chip cookies which I had to give away to my flight mates as the Masters had assured that chocolate was an evil substance.

Writing reveals a person like nothing else, and Colleen’s letter overflowed with her wit, enthusiasm, and gentleness. Dear Bruce,

Only a week to go---the countdown is on! I thought the care package might help with the late night studying during exams. I don’t envy you that ordeal. But you’ll do fine. It’s one of those
challenges where you almost (almost) enjoy the pain because you feel so good when it’s all over. I
suppose when I see you again I’ll have to salute or genuflect or something.

So much has happened--I can’t believe it’s only been 2 weeks since I met you. New Year’s Eve seems like part of a dream where I met this darling young officer in an Air Force uniform. But I know it really happened because I don’t usually send cookies to dream people. Do you know the feeling? I’m left with this intense curiosity about you--who you are and what you’re like.

And, at the same time I feel as if I know you pretty well. But, then again, females always overestimate their powers of intuition. Well, Patrick’s gone to Frankfurt. A bunch of us went down to the airport on Tues. to wish him farewell. (Aren’t airports great places?) Mom got a little teary eyed just before Tom boarded, but, other than that, was her usual unflappable self.

I must admit, I’ll miss the beanpole, irascible and exasperating as he can be at times. It’s too late for this year, but I’m already planning to visit him for some tremendous skiing in the Alps next winter.

I think it’s wonderful that you say the Rosary when you run--I’ve never heard of anyone who did that before. It’s a great idea, though. Maybe I’ll try it. You’ve inspired me, Brain. Enjoy the cookies. Let me know how your final week goes.

Your new friend in publishing, Colleen My only question was whether she was my Twin Flame or a Soul Mate, as had started off too good not to develop into something lasting. If I could win her to the Teachings, the relationship would be smooth. If I could not, well ...

Her first missive arrived after her second. I had written her two letters upon my return to OTS and was baffled each day at mail call when a letter from her failed to arrive. Then a perfumed letter arrived on pink stationary. The ribbing I took at mail call didn’t bother me. I’d found my win Flame.

“Dear Man in Blue,

Do you really exist or was that the creation of my imaginings? Your recent letters confirm that we have, indeed, met. Who knows where we’ll go, eh?

Patrick has no recollection of having introduced you to idea of meeting me. The big lug claims that you invented that one to woe me. Either way, I don’t mind the rue. We met, that’s what’s important.”

“I imagine that by now you’ve conquered all obstacles and are getting ready to become a new second lieutenant. You’re a good man, Brian Richard [], and the armed forces could use more of you. Tell your commanding officer that for me.

I find myself pinching myself to see if that night really happened. I was so glad when you appeared at the O’Casey’s. When you left the party, I wasn’t sure if you were going to let the more sensible option win. I was so happy when I opened the door and you were there. It confirms my belief that there are still romantics in this sometimes cruel world.

Think of survival training as one big summer camp and all your instructors as camp leaders. I mean, how long can they really force you to tread water anyway?

Keep up the pace. We’re all proud of you back here. I can’t make your graduation as I just started this new job. Look over your left shoulder as you throw your hat into the air and my guardian angel should catch it. Will you be home after you graduate or do you disappear into the bowels of the Air Force? If so, stop by. I’d love to see if you’re for real again.

Later gator, Colleen

I was in seventh heaven. I immediately said a few of the love decrees of Portia and Lady Amethyst, for my calls to them mad been answered. I smelled the letter again and again and neglected my studies for a time. So, after all this searching, finally…

After graduation I had thirty days leave and I went home. I was on an emotional high that was quickly deflated by the first call I got when I got home. It was Frank.

Stop being damned martyr, Brian. Mom tells me you’re still in that cult. IS it true.”

“Yeah, I’m still in that church. Can we get beyond that and have a decent talk as brothers.”

“Sure. Why not.”

“Is that all that’s on your mind?”

“No. Whatever possessed you to join the Air Force? What a stroke of genius that was. On you’re going to waste that fancy Ivy League education in the military, huh? Good luck. You just signed away your life.”

“Frank, you lead your life and I’ll lead mine. Which reminds me. They’re doing a top secret clearance on me and they’ll be calling you.”

“I’ll tell the asshole to get the hell off my front porch. Then I’ll sick Knute dog on them.”

“Frank, cooperate, OK? It could mean a lot to me.”

“Sure, blood. Do what you want. Who’s your latest squeeze? Mom’s ecstatic. She says you met a nice Catholic girl who’ll take you away from this cult. Who is she?”

“I just met her. It may not even go anywhere.”

“Hey Colleen, that guy’s here.”

Colleen came bounding down the stairs in farmers overalls and a white turtle neck with strawberries on it.

“Glad to see you, Lieutenant. How’s it feel?”

“Alright I guess. Want to go for a ride?”

“Sure. Let me tell my parents where I’ll be. Where will I be?”

“On a drive with me.”


We took to the road and drove around the Main Line. It was hard to feel down in the pastoral winding roads that cover that area like veins on an ancient arm. The setting, and Colleen’s chatter, started to pull me out of my blues.

“So how was the last week, lieutenant? Did they ease up on you a bit? I knew you’d graduate. I’m so proud of you and so glad you stopped by.”

I looked over at her. She was sincere when she said that, a rare quality in today’s world. “Have you ever been to the Wissahickon Valley?”

“Only once in high school.”

“Would you like to go there?”

“Yeah. Is there anything wrong? You look a little upset.”

“I’m just tired from the end of OTS. I hear it takes about a month to fully recover.”

“That makes sense. I had a feeling you’d stop by. I don’t know why.”

I almost said, “Because we’ve lived in other lifetime’s together.” but stopped when I realized she may not be open to the idea.

“Did you know that George Washington used to come down here and pray for an hour each day during the Revolutionary War? At Valley Forge, he increased it to two hours.”

“Do you pray, Brian?‴

“Yeah...I do...but not the way you may do.”

“You’re Catholic aren’t you?”

“I was raised Catholic but I’m open to many faiths.

“I don’t think anyone has the whole truth.”

“We’ll take that one up after we’ve known each other better. Isn’t this a lovely valley?”

“Yeah. I’ve often wondered why it hasn’t ended up in a movie. It has to be one 01′ the most beautiful valley’s in the world. According to my geography class, if I remember correctly, it’s the only place where you’ll find green rock. I also love the huge icicles that hang from the cliffs.”

“Not too much longer and spring will be here. Will you be home that long?”

“No. Just thirty days.” Then it’s off to Florida.”

“Any plans?”

“I hope to do some recruiting. I won’t use up all my leave. Other than that, I’m pretty free.”

“Good. I quit my job as a Time-Life salesman. I just couldn’t get up for calling people and selling them books they didn’t need. It seemed immoral, somehow. How would you like to go to a ballet tomorrow night?”

“Sounds great. I love ballet.”

“So do I. I danced in New York for a few years trying to break into the big time. I got tired of the starving dancer role, though. It’s what I’m doing at home.”

We pulled up in front of her house. It was 6:30 and I’d been with her for four hours. It seemed like four minutes. She may just be my Twin Flame. But that would have to wait until later.

“If you can be here about 7:00 tomorrow that would be good. I had a marvelous time.”

“Me, too. You don’t know how much this meant to me today, Colleen. You saved my life in some ways.”

“Maybe it won’t be the last time I do. See you tomorrow.”

On the drive home it occurred to me that I’d completely missed Sunday services over at the Mother House. Seeing Colleen seemed the better option.

I said a few decrees to masters and asked them for discernment to know when to present the teachings to Colleen.

I didn’t have to wait long.

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