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Sacred Rites

The first two days of my leave were wasted as I waited for her to arrive. Finally the call came.

“Yeah. Colleen. Where are you calling from? What? You’re kidding? The Pensacola Airport?”

“Brian I can’t go into it now but I’m still in Philadelphia. I’ve booked a flight and I’ll be arriving at Pensacola at 5:00 p.m. Can you come get me?”

“I can’t but Timmy Tatorri might be able to. What happened?”

“I’ll explain it all later. I can’t wait to see you.”

Timmy Tatorri was right out of Happy Days. Grew up in Minnesota and went to the donut shops for milk and donuts when he was in twelfth grade. His innocence and funniness were contagious and he was nice enough to agree to take me to Pensacola to pick up Colleen.

As she deplaned I stood back in the crowd and watched her walk into the lobby. Her head was held high and she was dressed in a cream white wrap around and a pink shirt.

A white silk sweater was draped about her shoulders. She was even more beautiful than I’d remembered her. I wanted to go up to her and snuggle with her, but remembered the rules about no public displays of affection (PDA). So instead I walked up to her and took her hand.

“You’ve got to be kidding Brian Richard O’Brien.”

She took my hand and then wrapped her arms around me.

“I didn’t fight hell and high water to get here from Philadelphia to walk into a hand shake. What kind of an Air Force man are you anyway?”

“One who’s aware that there’s a full bird Colonel over there who’s watching.”

“And wishing he were you. Don’t give me any of that no PDA stuff either. Hold me like a man, Ace.”

I took her in my arms and embraced her tenderly. She kissed my cheek and patted my shoulders.

Timmy stood about in the background doing an imitation of me. He had a habit of doing imitations that were better than the person he was imitating.

Right now he was rocking back and forth holding an imaginary woman and laughing. All of the passers-by looked at him as if he had a screw loose which he did. Then he broke into his “snake-dance” which was an undulating Michael Flatly imitation that was better than Michael Jackson.

He immediately stopped when he saw that Colleen was turning to greet him.

“This is Timmy, Colleen. Otherwise known as “Mr. D.” Nobody knows why but that’s what they call him”

“How did Brian get anybody as beautiful as you! If he jolts you while you’re down here. I’ll stand in...if even for just a few minutes.”

Timmy took his six foot six frame over to where Colleen was standing and shook her hand. He had a five set albums filled with hundreds of pictures of girls he’d dated through high school and college and as I saw him next to Colleen I saw why. He was a master when it came to knowing women.

“Enchantee, Madame.”

He kissed her hand.

“Tu as de raison, monsieur, mais tu est trop gentile.”

“Regard. Mon petite mignon ici...” and she pointed in my direction and winked.

Timmy looked puzzled.

“It was a phrase I picked up in an old French film. That, and “Zank Heavens for Little Girls” are the extent of my French. Let’s book.”

Onto Route 84 Pensacola to Eglin AFB. Colleen sat between Timmy and myself and provided sweet solace from the hardships of Air Force life.

The book about American men being able to defend the motherland being due to the strength of American women had yet to be written, but when I gazed at Colleen, I knew that it was a book that could easily be written. She was radiant, exuding youth and beauty. Her face was quizzical and joyful the entire ride. Often she would reach over and clasp my hand between her two hands. She held onto me with such a grip that she almost broke my hand bones.

Alternately, between clasps she would stroke my fingers as if to assure me that she was, indeed, in my life again. Timmy bantered about life in the Air Force, mostly its amusing side. He was now deployed to Saudi Arabia every other month, and that was the main topic of his conversation.

“So get this! I walk into this Saudi Colonel’s office and he offers me a seat. I took it and put my feet up on his coffee table. I never got around to reading the book they gave me on Saudi customs, so I didn’t realize I committed the biggest social faux pas you can commit in Saudi Arabia--I’d put the soles of my feet right in his face.”

“Apparently, that means that I’d like to walk all over the guy or something like that. So he jumps up and calls the palace guard and I’m under arrest for insubordination! Can you believe that?! They had me cross examined for hours before my commanding officer could finally spring me. They sent me home the next day and that’s why I’m here early. Those people are crazy, man. They’re bonafied loonies.”

Colleen started laughing.

“Well I’m glad they sent you home early Tim and we got a chance to meet.”

“It’s a good thing we didn’t meet over there. Had I kissed your hand at the airport in Riyadh there would have been this guy there with a stick smacking our wrists. They take PDA more seriously than even the Air Force.”

Timmy glided off the highway and we stopped in a place called, “RODEO.” It was, as Timmy ascribed it, his latest “find.” Bright pink and yellow streamers waved from the rafters. Cowboys and cowgirls were swirling about the dance floor doing the Tennessee Waltz.

A couple of cowboys were up on the front bar screaming, YYYYOOOOOWWWWEEEEEE...

Several cowgirls stood by them cheering them on. The energy level was bone chilling.

Before we could get to our table Timmy had grabbed Colleen and was gliding her about the dance floor. He had on his cowpunchers and Stetson which made him stand above the entire crowd. Colleen did her best to keep up with the crowd.

After the first dance she grabbed me and pulled me on the dance floor. Timmy pulled a slender beauty with blond hair down to her derriere and pulled her to the floor.

“YOOOOOOOOOOOO....” I started to scream along with the rest of them.

I glided Colleen on the dance floor to a waltz I’d learned while I was in “MY FAIR LADY” in high school, which was close enough to keep up with the dozens of other couples who glided about the dance floor.

The Sattler brothers came on with “I’d Give you Kisses so Tender” and the place went

wild. Timmy came back to the dance floor with a couple of Texas Lone Star’s and we drank them down and they continued to come one after another.

When I offered to pay Timmy for the beers his answer was, “Come on, Blood Buddy! Layin’ eyes on little pretty Colleen was all the payment I’ll need. Keep it for another time, Brother.”

Soon we were gliding toward base, Colleen and I in the back and Timmy and some cowgirl named Tammy snuggling in the front seat. Timmy referred to her as a cowgirl who needed to be branded.

“She’s gonna carry my brand, and she’ll never forget that brand for a minute. I’m gonna make her into one hell of a woman tonight.”

When we reached base Timmy pulled over to the guard, showed his ID, and returned the guy’s salute by bounding his arm back and forth and screaming “UNGA UNGA UNGA SHUBBA SHUBBA DOO” and we peeled off laughing. His cowgirl kept rubbing the back of his neck and laughing as hard as he did.

“Hang tight good Buddy and if you can’t hang tight hand tough. Give Colleen one sweet old kiss for me, Brother.”

Timmy peeled off to the bachelor officer quarters (BOQ) after dropping us at my room.

Colleen turned to me.

“Brian it’s been everything I’d dreamed it would be.”

Will I get to see your place tomorrow?”

“I thought you might want to see it tonight.” I smiled.

“No. stay at your room and I stay in mine.”

“The best way to avoid temptation is to avoid it, got it? You can come in for a few minutes and say good night but that’s to be it. We’ve got a full day ahead of us tomorrow and neither one of wants to be too exhausted from the night before to enjoy it.”

She opened her door and walked inside.

“Brian this is such a nice room. It’s just like a Holiday Inn. I thought you guys lived Spartan existences in the service.”

“That’s the Marines. The Air Force is one big country club.”

She approached me and placed her arms around my neck and planted a wet kiss on the nape of my neck.

“How’s that Ace?”

“Colleen, don’t do that to me or you may never get rid of me.”

"So let’s see what Air Force men are made of, Ace!”

“Will do, ma’am.”

I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder. She began to scream loudly.

“Colleen hold it down. There are families with children in the other rooms. They’ll get the wrong idea if you don’t keep it down.”

I continued to carry her toward the bed.

“Brian Richard O’Brien you put me down instantly!!!”

She began to pound my back with her fists. I wrestled her to the bed and planted a kiss on her lips. After an initial battle she began to wrap herself around me.

We squeezed and hugged and kissed for an eternity. Then a feeling welled up inside of me and the words were out before I could stop them.

“Colleen, will you bear my children and be my wife.”

“Oh stop kidding Brian. That’s not a thing to joke about. If I thought you were half serious I might say yes.”

She looked at me with the little girl eyes of wonder and innocence and vulnerability.

“I’m dead serious. Maybe I’m crazy but I decided that there isn’t another woman who holds a candle to you. I’ve thought about it long and hard and I want you to be my wife.”
I looked at her with such intensity that she looked startled.

“You have some sense of timing! That isn’t something you spring on somebody when they’ve been travelling all day and they’re tired.”

“Then we’ll wake you up. Let’s walk down to the bay.”


She smiled again.

“Are you going to drown me and be done with me forever?”

“No. I want to show you the porpoises. There are schools of them that dance there.”

I picked her up from the bed, grabbed her hand and ran down the bay road. We came to the Officers Club which sits right on Eglin Bay and went down to the water.

“Is this another....ploy of yours Brian? There aren’t any porpoises out there are there.”

“They’re there. I know they’re there. I’ve seen them plenty of times before.”

I scanned the surface of the water.

“Look. At eight o’clock a full school of them.”

About twelve porpoises streamed by skimming the surface of the water.

“You’re right! There are! God, if the women back in Philadelphia could only see me now! Standing next to a school of porpoises with my favorite man.”

“Favorite? There are others then?”

“Of course. There’s my father my six brothers, my male cousins my...”

“You know what I meant Colleen.”

“No, no others like that Brian there are a whole host of things that would have to be resolved between us before we could get married. First of all I don’t know where you’re going to be stationed from week to week which makes arrangements rather difficult."

"Second, we haven’t known each other that long. Third, and I know you’re not going to like me bringing this but I’m going to anyway you may still be with that cult.”

“JESUS CHRIST. COLLEEN! Are you going to ruin a perfect evening with that crap again.”

I was boiling.

“Well ... are you still with them?” She looked at me intensely.

“Yes, I’m still with them. I’m not with them in the sense that it’s pretty hard to be with them when I’m in the Air Force. But...yes...I’m still receiving instructions from the Masters and I’m still decreeing. I’m also about to invest in the Inner Retreat at the Royal Teton Ranch in Montana. They have a great land purchase plan that I thought I’d get in on. As an investment that is.”

She registered pain and confusion. “Brian I love you. I know that. But you’ve got to get out of this cult before they have you completely. If this relationship...if you and I have any future ...It’ll only be when you’ve abandoned this cult and seen them for the phonies that they are.”

She was walking along the shore. I ran and caught up with her.

“Colleen...I told you before not to interfere with my religious beliefs. If I choose to belong to a different church than you that’s my affair. Why can’t you accept that?”

“Because they scare me. They give me the creeps. I have been to a few of their lectures and if they work for Satan I’m sure of it. They’re evil to the core. I know that you don’t know any better and are in it for the right reason in that you think that it increases your knowledge of God but that’s the ultimate deception.”

“Didn’t Satan promise Eve knowledge? Don’t you see how they’re luring people into their clutches? Mrs. Wojhasweis was with them at one time, too. That’s how I know so much about them. And I’ve spoken to Father Denny about them the Archdiocesan expert on cults.’ve got to get away from them...”

She began to cry. I took her and held her against me tightly but apprehensively. The teaching about family mesmerism came back to me and I remembered that we had to make many sacrifices to usher in the coming “New Age”, including the alienation of loved ones. It was all spoken of in the inner teachings but the reality of it was harder than I’d imagined it to be.

“Colleen...this hurts ... it hurts real bad ... but if you can’t respect my religious preference than there really isn’t any future for us. Forget what I said tonight. I was off on some kind of fantasy thinking that this might work but obviously it won’t.”

I was reeling inside. So was Colleen to judge by her sobbing.

“Brian ... no matter what don’t stop loving me. I don’t think I could take it if you stopped loving me. Please, just keep loving me and I know we can resolve this.”

“I don’t see how. It seems pretty irresolvable to me.”

She looked into me with tear filled eyes.

“We’ve got to go to Melbourne Beach. Don’t ask me why just trust me. There is a tape that you’ve got to listen to.” Promise me that you’ll get us there.”

“I’ll try Colleen. I’ll try.”

The remainder of the week was romantic and fun. We went to the 0fficers Club for meals and hit the beaches. Colleen was a fill blooded sun worshiper, and whatever chance she got to get out in the sun she took advantage of. She loved to lay about rolling in the sand making what she called, “sand angels.”

She would cover herself from head to foot in sand and then roll about forming “angel wings.”

Then she would scoop handfuls of sand un and slowly ease them through her fingers and rub them all over her body. She was as sensual as a Reuben’s painting--and as tempting.

In the water she was a sea temptress, smooth, warm and silky. The waves would lap our bodies pressed together like salt showers of liquid yellow. She would press her hair wet and spongy against my chest and then another wave would unbalance us and send us falling into the ocean. When we would come to the surface she would wrap herself about me and hold me in a bear grin.

When I would kiss her face and her mouth, they were salty and briny and smooth. The combination of my love for her and the beauty of her femaleness were more than I could subdue and I broke.

“Colleen I’d love to make love to you right now.”

“Brian ... I’d love the same.′

“Then why don’t we? There’s nobody for a mile around.”

“Because I know myself enough to know that once I started I wouldn’t be able to stop. That’s a sacred rite reserved for marriage.”

“Oh, come on Colleen.”

“’s as hard for me as it is for you not to.”

“My mother raised me that it’s up to the woman to maintain control and she’s right. I know that you have needs. They’re the same needs that I have. But we’ve got to hold them in check. Sex

is a powerful force, one not to be trifled with lightly. What do your teachings say about premarital sex’?”

She knew that she had me.

“They say that a man’s sperm is god’s light and that it shouldn’t be wasted. That it’s sacred of energy that needs to be kept strictly under control. I believe that somewhere but I was also raised on the other side where love was hard to come by so you took it where you could.”

“You don’t believe that?”

“No, but I know that I’m highly sexual. I’m about as highly sexual as they come. I keep waiting to get older when I understand the drive decreases because that’s when I’ll probably get something accomplished with my life. As it is, I think about sex more than I think about anything else, and that includes the masters. May they grant me pardon.”

“Everyone does. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t. It’s the most natural thing in the world. It’s just that some of us can contain it better than others.”

She began to lick my neck.

“Oh, God, Colleen. Don’t do that to me.” I grabbed her and carried her to shore. We laid down in the sand and wrapped about each other. Our bodies became entangled and her skin was moist and electric. She parted her lips and took my tongue in fully. when she began to rub my back in gentle circles. I cupped her breast in my hand and started to squeeze it gently when she jumped up suddenly.

“Oh, Brian ... ’Oh My God I’m heartily sorry for having offended thee. And I confess all my sins because I dread the loss of heaven and the pains of hell. But most of all because they offend me my God who art all good and deserving of all my love. I promise to confess my sins to do penance. and to amend my life amen.”

“Oh Brian I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get you excited like that.”

She turned toward the ocean.

“Colleen don’t worry about it. It was great. If and when I ever do make love to you it will be unreal. You’ve got to be the last virgin in America.”

“Oh I don’t know about that. There are plenty of us out there. At Villanova we used to call ourselves the “V Club.”

“If sex isn’t something holy then it becomes cheapened. Brian, promise me we’ll be good in the future.”

She looked at me imploringly and rested her hands on my chest.

“I wish I could but I’m a man Colleen. What can I say?”

“Well, we’ll try anyway. We’ve got to get going. The sun is almost down. Are we going to rent a car to go to Melbourne Beach tomorrow or are we going to borrow Tim’s car. Didn’t he go TDY to Saudi Arabia again?”

“Yeah. Kaddafi’s going ballistic again trying to invade Chad and they just deployed Tim’s AWAC. When did I say that I was definitely going to Melbourne Beach?”


“Alright. I’ll try.”

We drove Tim’s 76 Ford LTD out to “Rent-a-cheap-heap.”

All the guy had to offer was a broken down 68 Chevy Monte Carlo and an even worse 72 Ford Pinto. So, against my better judgment, I decided to abscond with Tim’s LTD to Melbourne Beach. It took us twelve hours to get there. It was 1:30 when we arrived. Theresa and Katie Wojdesweiz had stayed up all night to greet us. They’d just returned from a pilgrimage to all the sites where Mary has appeared in Europe and they were taping a show on their discoveries.

“Colleen! Brian!”

It was Eileen. She was a honey blond with huge cerulean blue eyes. I tried not to think of her in in such physical terms, but she was so attractive that it was difficult at times. She gave us both a big hug and led us into the “taping studio” which doubled as a living room.

Mary came out from behind the kitchen door.

“Hello, Colleen. Hello, Brian. I’m Mary. Brian...I understand you belong to an unusual religion.”

“I don’t exactly belong to them. I say decrees.”

All I could think of was that Colleen must have prepped them.

“Everyone, sit down. Can I get you anything, Brian? A Rolling Rock? How about a taste of home?”

It had been about a year since I’d had a beer, because of the teachings about the evils of alcohol but somehow it seemed appropriate.

“Yeah, sure.”

I sipped down half the glass and licked the foam from my lips.

“This is quite a setup, Eileen. This house is amazing. It’s twice as large as it looks from the outside.”

It was a 12 room rancher with an inside pool. Whoever lived there had taken time to make it cozy, because it was as warm as a country cottage.

“That’s Helen. She’s a converted Catholic. You know how much more Catholic they are than regular Catholics. She’s devoted to Mary and has assembled photos, artwork, and books dedicated to Our Queen of Peace from all over the world.”

But we’ll have time to go into that tomorrow. What’s this group you’re involved with all about. I’m curious because my mother was involved with them last year.” She looked at me plaintively. It must have been her liquid eyes that melted me because I opened right up.

“I’m not as close with them since I met Colleen, but I guess I’ve been with them for about eight months.”

“Why don’t you recite a prayer for me that they use.”

“Alright. Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee blessed art thou among am women and blessed is the fruit of the womb, Jesus. Holy Mary mother of God, prayer for us sons and daughters of God now and at the hour of our victory over sin disease and death.”

She looked over at Colleen and they smiled knowingly.

Mary started the ball rolling. “So they don’t believe in sin?”

“It’s not that they don’t believe in it. They just think that it’s an outmoded concept. There’s only karma, not sin. Karma from this and -past lives determines our fate.” I could see that they were all smiling again.

“Brian ... how much of what they have taught you do you really believe?”

“Most of it. It’s pretty sound information if you take the time to examine it.”

“Would you mind if I told you a few things about this group and what they’re up to?”

She smiled knowingly.

“No. Go ahead. ”

“You can’t be expected to know any of this yet because they’d never tell you, at least not until you’ve been in for at least 15 years or so. The group you’re involved in is just one of many. My mother became involved in many of them and that’s how I first heard of them. Are you familiar with EST and Lifespring?”

“I’ve heard of them. Why?”

“Because they’re part of this network as well. What they result in is divorce and family break-ups, which, if you study scripture Jesus was against. What all these groups teach in one way or another is everything being the result of higher laws, that Free Will does not exist and that we are all controlled by forces that are greater and stronger than we are. Do you see where all this leads in the end?”

She looked at me questioningly.

“No. Where?”

“To Hitler’s Nazi Germany. I know it sounds farfetched but it’s all interrelated. There’s a woman named Stacey Traunbach who has investigated these groups for the past 12 years. She was high up in political circles in Chicago and she began to notice that all her friends were involved in one or another or these groups. She’s a lawyer and naturally inquisitive so she began to investigate further. What she discovered after years of investigation is that at higher levels these groups are all interrelated. And they’ve been interrelated throughout history.”

“What does your group say about Jews?”

“That they’re infested as the Arabs are with a bunch of fallen ones who want to initiate world destruction.”

“Who does that sound like to you; Brian?”

“Hitler. I never thought of that.”

“Hitler was heavy into the occult and so are each and every one of these groups. They’re well financed and well-connected and they’re in every segment of American and world society. Sad to say. they’re even in the Holy See.”

“Eileen this is pretty outrageous stuff. Can you substantiate any of it?’”

I looked over at Colleen. She’d fallen asleep, victim of the trip down. Mary was asleep next to her. I looked at the clock. Two a.m.

“It’s all on the Stacey Traunbach tapes which you’ll hear on the beach tomorrow. You’ve got a lot of junk floating around in your head Brian because of these people and we’re hoping to set you straight. But it must be of your own free will. If it’s not of your own free will then we’re as bad as they are.”

“What am I about to be? Deprogrammed? “I laughed.

“Nothing so drastic but you’ll see these phonies for what they are by the time you leave. My mother was into it even worse than you are. She came home one day and told the family that she was leaving to go to California to live with them in their community of adepts. They use all these words to confuse innocent people like yourself into believing in them. Then, once they have you long enough they bring you to their inner teachings. by that time it’s too late to get you out.”

“What’s the stuff about the occult?”

“They’re an international network of satan worshippers who’ve been around from the beginning. Who are some of the people that you decree to.”

“There’s Saint Germaine. And Sanat Kumara. And Lord Maetryea.”

“...stop right there. What does Sanat Kumara’ spell if you rearrange the letters?”


“Satan. Don’t you see?”

“Christ Eileen. It’s pretty far fetched.”

“Believe me Brian, I thought so too when I first hear-d about all this. But it’s real. How often do they talk about Jesus Christ or Abraham or anyone else in the Bible? Or do they talk about all these Eastern Hierarches?”

“It’s funny you should mention that. Hierarchic are a word they use pretty often. Also words like “Lightbearer” and ‘The Great White Brotherhood’ and ‘Keepers of the Flame’. There are these guys who live in supper retreats above the earth who supposedly control mankind’s destiny.”

“Don’t you see who they are? They’re devil worshippers.”

“That’s why they go after Jews and Catholics and Fundamentalists so strongly. They want to bring about one world government based on reincarnation and the ushering in of the “New Age.” There symbol is the rainbow and the number 666. Revelations spoke of them and now they’ve appeared. We’re going to get you out of this.”

She started to giggle.

“But not the way they’ve told you we will. Unlike them, we’ll use only love and kindness and mercy.” She giggled again.

“We’ll have plenty of time to talk in the morning. Get a good night’s rest till then. You must be exhausted after that long drive.” She looked at Colleen and Mary sound asleep on the couch.

“I hope I can get these two to bed. You’re sleeping in the central room by the pool. Brian ... you may have just entered the Catholic underground. Something I haven’t even gotten into is the film footage I took at Mejacordia in Yugoslavia. Our Lady has been appearing to the children there and the communists have been misconstrued as a political movement so they’re persecuting the Croatians.”

“They’re hoping that the Olympics will focus attention on their plight. Mary and I smuggled video equipment in and filmed the children in ecstasy where the apparition has occurred.”

“But tomorrow’s another day. Get a good night’s rest.”

I awoke the next day very peaceful and secure. There was something about the atmosphere of the house that kept me happy and at rest. All about were statures and pictures of The Blessed Virgin. In the room by the kitchen was to be found a veritable Mariology Shrine, complete with statues, paintings icons brochures, rosaries and everything else connected with Mariology. As I stood there examining it all Eileen came bounding in. “Good morning, sunshine. Have you had breakfast yet?”

“No. I was waiting for everyone to wake up.”

“We’ve been awake for hours. There are eggs and bacon and coffee on the dining room table for you if you want it.”

I walked into the dining room and there was a complete arrangement including eggs, toast English muffin, coffee tea, marmalade bacon and honey.

I dug into it as if I hadn’t eaten in a year.

“Brian ... we’re going to the beach in ten minutes. I don’t want to miss a second of the day’s rays today. If I go back to Philadelphia without a tan I’ll hear it from my entire family.” It was Colleen talking.

“We’ll be on the beach in about twenty minutes, won’t we Brian.” Eileen smiled.

We packed up the car and drove to the beach. The whole way there the Wojdasieweiz sisters prepped me on the “New Age” a movement that was sweeping America and the world.

“It’s a two track approach they take. There are “outer” groups that are mainly political, and “inner” groups that are mainly religious. They’ve been around for centuries. Do you know of the Rosicrucian’s?” Mary looked at me quizzically. She was definitely the brains of the Wojeseiweiz’s.

“I’ve seen them advertised.”

“There part of it too. They have people study these lessons for years on end until they have them snared. They have outreach people who try to win over disciple’s who the old members keep Satan’s teachings alive. The Theosophists are a big part of it too. There was this fraud named Madame Blavatsky who claimed that spirits talked through her in the late 19th century. They were spirits alright. Demons and devils.

They used to carry on this stuff underground in a much more clandestine manner, but in 1975 they decided to go public. That’s why you’ve seen these groups springing up all over. They feel confident enough that there lies will be believed by enough people that they’re not afraid to announce themselves publicly.

It used to be that they would operate in secret for fear of being exposed. Recently though, they’ve had so much success at penetrating the mainstream el religious that they’ve become very bold. Just look in any telephone directory in any city. Their ads are all over the place. There are literally thousands of them.”

“Now do you see why I wanted you to talk to the Wojesweiz’s sisters Brian?” Colleen looked at me imploringly.

“It’s pretty heavy stuff: If it’s all true.”

“It’s true alright.” Eileen shot back. “You know how they labeled Jim Jones and the Guyana massacre a fundamentalists church gone haywire?”

“I remember reports in the presses about something like that.”

“He was “New Age” up till the day he died. He was part of the New Age movement in California and is listed in every one of their directories. When he pulled off his massacre they moved very quickly to disassociate themselves from him and to label him a fundamentalist. He was not a fundamentalist. He was a New Ager. But they didn’t want to be tainted by the negative publicity he generated. There’s more and it’s all on the Stacey Traunbach tapes.”

We pulled onto the Melbourne Beach. Like many Florida beaches it was all powdered white sugar lapped by aquamarine blue-green waters. We staked out our spot and Mary rolled the tape. I heard a message that made my blood curdle. Throughout the entire tape I paced back and forth, too uncomfortable with the thought that I’d actually been taken in by this cosmic consciousness scam. I was ashamed angry and baffled that I could have been taken in by this mumbo jumbo.

I heard that there is a worldwide network of New Agers dedicated to ushering in the age when the Lord Maetryia would rule the earth. In the Church Glorious and Victorious he had been the big cheese, the guy above Christ who supposedly taught Christ everything

He knew. They’d taken out ads in newspapers across the globe April, 25, 1982 announcing that a planetary leader had arrived who was concerned about the injustices that were occurring world wise and who was determined to set the world right.

“Right” meant bringing about world peace and justice through planetary initiations. Jews were to be eliminated as they prevented his arrival. Soon, too, orthodox Christians were to be wiped out. All of this would not be necessary if these “Old Agers” would just take the planetary initiation which in Revelations is referred to as ‘the mark of the beast.’

And the saddest thing was that many of the New Agers were themselves Jews and Christians who had unwittingly been attracted to these New Age movements because multitude of the subterfuges and disguises New Agers used to keen their true intention from being exposed.

This network consists of thousands of groups throughout the world who are intent on establishing their rule all over the planet. They’ve infiltrated educational, religious, and governmental groups in this land and others. They use the rainbow as their symbol and are all convinced that the “Christ” is here now. He is a man concerned with hunger, injustice. and
war who has come back to claim his spiritual hierarches who are located in mountain retreats throughout the world. He would bring about the New World Order. His message would be delivered telepathically to his people.

Through front organizations throughout the world they had infiltrated every segment of modern life. They’d captured the loyalty of people through their hypnotic chanting and decrees. What chilled me to the bone was that I’d been one of those who’d undergone mass hypnosis and mind control.

If I was such an unsuspecting victim of this New Age, then there were thousands maybe millions out there. who were in the same boat. The question that kept going through my mind was how to reach those others as well as to examine how

I could have fallen under their spell so as to avoid such a disaster in the future. I looked over and all three of them were asleep on the blanket. Eileen and Mary had been working night and day to complete the tape of their Mary pilgrimage to Europe before they left and Colleen must have been exhausted from the trip.

I was broiling with anger and disgust and they were all asleep. Just as I was about to begin yelling it struck me as so funny that I began to laugh out loud. To be sure they’d done their job deprogramming me and deserved a well-deserved rest. There between them I felt safe blessed and fortunate. They were angels of the first degree.

What was especially frightening was that “New Agers” had made a special effort to infiltrate the media and the government. Hollywood producers, rock stars, media personalities, government bureaucrats--all had fallen before the “force” of the New Age gospel of lies and deception.

Nor was the Catholic Church immune. From the top on down it was infested with New Agers, as were the Baptists, Episcopalians, Pentecostals, and many others. Satan had taken great pains to secure his new age people in every major religion in the land.

I stared into the ocean stunned. It was as if a bullet of truth had been shot through my soul killing the lies I’d been trying to place there. And like all real truth it was a blessing and a curse; a blessing because it brought me closer to salvation, a curse because it entailed an enormous responsibility to be handled correctly.

The ocean looked pure and cool and beckoned me to come join in its cleansing waters. I walked toward it. plunged in, came to the surface refreshed and renewed and swam back to the beach. Eileen was there rolling her toes in the remnants of waves.

“Pretty amazing stuff, huh Brian?” She looked at me with here smiling eyes.

“Yeah. What do I do with it? How could I have fallen for that malarkey? God, my mother was right all along! And I don’t know how many times I argued with Colleen. How could I have been fooled so easily? I feel so stupid.”

“Don’t feel stupid. Brian. Lots of people are involved with them and don’t know what they’re up to. You’ve got to tell the others that are in as deeply. My mother was into all the groups described on the tapes too. People become involved with them because they offer them great knowledge. The problem is that it’s false and dangerous knowledge.”

She pointed down the beach.

“All these people wouldn’t believe this stuff even if you tell them. I’ve tried and they don’t want to hear it. Christ said, ‘Let those who have ears, hear!’ because he knew many would hear but few would listen. And don’t get too worried. Remember, we’ve got the Holy Spirit with us. They ’don’t.”

I looked at the people laying about the beach sunning.

A scene from “Casablanca” shot through my mind. Rick is sitting at an empty table at his cafe waiting for Ilsa to return to him.

He asks, “If it’s nine o’clock in Casablanca what time is in in New York?”

Then he slams his fist against the table and declares, “I’ll bet there asleep in New York! I’ll bet their asleep all over America!”

He had finally realized the threat the Nazi’s represented to America. My insides were churning the same way because I now realized the threat the New Agers represented to America, a threat that was even greater because it was indigenous and so well organized. How to get the word out before they carried out their plans for a world showdown?

“What I can’t get over is that I’ve been through the gamut of “New Age” groups. In high school, I took Transcendental Meditation and opened myself up to these masters and demons in high school of all places. I also studied Taekwondo a Korean martial art in which I learned what mind control and intimidation through form was. In college I worked with all these peace groups that are seeking to turn us into an immobile giant.”

I read all the literature on so-called overpopulation and believed their bilge that there were too many people around. In Seattle I wrote for the Seattle Institute which is a say arm of these creeps. When I was with Church Glorious and Victorious I saw that as the culmination of a long spiritual journey and here I was right in some ways. How many more out there are there?”

Eileen smiled. “Brian anyone who’s alive in the latter part of the twentieth century has had some contact with these creeps. You just happened to have more contact than most. But God has his reasons. He wants you to do something for Him and so you had to know about them.”

“Even holistic medicine! Man that always seemed such an innocent movement. To find that they’re New Age chills me. And that they want to eliminate Jews in the end chills me even more. I have so many Jewish friends.

I wonder if they’ve alert that they face a greater challenge now than even in Nazi Germany. I used to laugh at my Jewish friends when they said that even in America they could be persecuted and killed. I laughed at them and they were right. Man when are they going to leave the Jews alone?”

Eileen grabbed my arm.

“Brian, don’t worry about it. Lots of people get taken in by them. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. If God doesn’t test us how will He know what we’re made of?”

I looked at her and it occurred to me that I’d just been deprogrammed. Unlike the horrible ordeal portrayed in so many docudramas on TV and in the movies (and Church Glorious and Victorious had a whole seminar on how to avoid or counteract a deprogramming that was required of all communicants) it was so gently and lovingly done that I smiled.

And then laughed.

And then I picked her up, threw her over my shoulder, and tossed her into the first wave that broke near us. How much I loved her and Katie and Colleen I could never convey. When she emerged from the water laughing, she told me she understood what without words had been spoken.

Colleen by this time had snuck up behind me and pulled my right foot from under me. I plunged into the water again, surfaced, and made toward her.

She ran screaming. When I finally caught her I wrestled her into the water. She came up laughing, flung her wet form to me, leaned her wet hair against me cheek and whispered, “Oh Brian I love you so much.”

I looked into her eyes and they were ablaze.

We spent the shelter of the newt half hours riding waves to the shore.

When we returned to the Pelovitches’ house I gave them a twenty and asked if I could make a few calls. Mrs. Pelovitch handed me the money back and insisted that I do.

“Mom ... this is Brian. I found out the truth today. You were right. They are a cult and I’ll never say their ugly decrees again.”

“I wasn’t worried about you for a moment, Brian. When your sister Anne told Father Denney about you he said, “Don’t worry about him. He sounds like an intelligent boy. He’ll come out of it eventually.”

“See, Father was right. How is Colleen?”

“Oh fine, Mom. I’m trying to tell you some earth shattering news and all you can do is ask how Colleen is doing?”

Colleen smiled saw me from across the kitchen.

“The only earth shattering news you could tell me is that you intend to enter into the holy state of matrimony. Mrs. Dunleavy now has 14 grandchildren with only six children and I only have 2 grandchildren with eight. When are you going to get working on a family, Brian? You’re not getting any younger you know.”

“Uh...when I find the right person.”

“You’ve found the right person. Don’t be so choosy. If I’d been so choosy none of you would have been born. Now you see what you can do about getting that nice Colleen to marry you. See, I knew there was a reason why you joined Philopatriots. God doesn’t close one door that he doesn’t open another.”

Next was Ron.

“Yeah. Who is it’? I’m in the middle of dinner so make it fast.”

“Hey Ron. I’m out of that cult. I’m back in the one holy catholic and apostolic faith.”

“Great, Brian. I’ve got sautéed mushrooms on the stove that are about to burn. Did you call Mom and tell her your latest revelation?

“Yeah. She’s thrilled.”

“Wish I could say the same but I thought they were such bullshit I never paid any attention when you talked about them. What if they send Holy Mother after you to reprogram you ... shit I’m kidding Brian. I’m glad you’re away from those assholes. How’s Colleen?”

I looked over at her. She was preparing a salad for our dinner.

“Fine. Why?”

“Give her a kiss for me. She did what none of us could. She must be some woman. When are you gonna marry her?”

“Ask Mom. Maybe both of you can pull it off.”

“How’s the Air Force treating you these days?”

“Same as always. The mission comes first and I come in at about thirty-three on their priority list. That’s the bottom.”

“Well, keep us free from the commies. If Reagan has his way you’ll be speaking Spanish in Central America with the natives soon. You guys still wasting all my tax dollars with a bunch of high tech wizardry that nobody can operate?”

“Hey Bro, I’m pretty excited about this move. I figured you would be too.”

“Why? I knew you wouldn’t stay with them too long.”

“It was just a phase you were going. through. During the Depression they hopped freight cars. Now they join cults. What’s the big deal?”

“The big deal is that they’re devil worshipers at the core. It takes years to find that out and thousands of innocent people follow their program until it’s too late.”

“Save the lecture, Brian, for more willing ears. I fight for the American working man and women remember? They’re too busy trying to survive from day to day that they don’t have time to join cults. That’s for you Ivy Leaguers.”

“Ron...don’t bring that up. I worked hard to earn my way through college just like you did.”

“Yeah...the scholarship didn’t help at all.”

“Anyway Bro...keep fighting for the American working man and woman. Despite what the media says, I think they’re damned hardworking people.”

“Ditto. The Japanese don’t think so, though. I have a case where they’re trying to bust a union out in Collegeville. Mostly black hospital workers. A Japanese corporation just bought in. They want to fire the entire crew and rehire new people, which they did. God, they can be brutal. but I digress ... Say hi to Colleen and thank her for me. Marry that one, Brian.”

Frank would be the last and most difficult call. I’d heard through the family grapevine that he was still miffed.

“Hey Frank, Brian. I’m finally out of that cult.”

“Is that all you called to tell me?”

His voice was strained.

“Yeah. It’s pretty important news. I thought you’d like to know.”

“Well, at least I won’t have to hear Mom calling and crying into the phone each Sunday because her son has gone off with a cult. No shit, Brian. The stuff you get involved in sometime. Who’s this honey they’re telling me about?”

Trying to keep a secret in my family was like trying to keep a secret in the White House these days. Futile. “

“Her name’s Colleen and she’s an angel. She’s actually responsible for pulling me out of this mess in many ways.”

Colleen looked up from her meal.

“Oh, Brian. Don’t give me the credit. You would have realized these people were fools eventually. Eat your dinner so we can get on the road. The Wojdesweiz’s want to leave by five.”

“Hey Frank. I’ve got to get going.”

“ always have to get going when it’s on your nickel. How’s the Air Force, Ace? Reagan going to send you to Central America’?”

“Only if you the taxpayer wants it.”

“Right. If he listened to the taxpayer he’d cut defense spending in half. All my taxes are going to pay guys like you fat salaries.”

“So you have the freedom to make more and more money.”

“I do payout more tax dollars, anyway, I am happy about this Brian. You had Mom worried there. Of course, if she didn’t have anything to worry about she’d invent something. Give your latest squeeze one for me.”

“Will do. Give yours my best.”

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