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Guard Your Own Heart

“Guard your heart more than any treasure, For it is the source of all life.”

Proverbs 4:23

The reunion was full of surprises when it finally happened. It took another month before Colleen and I would see that day though. The Air Force was not done with me yet.

C.S. Lewis in the Screwtape Letters said that Satan would not appear as he is pictured in paintings with pointy horns and scaly, ugly skin.

Rather, he would be immaculately dressed with well-manicured hands and as attractive as any human being can be. He would exist in plushy carpeted, well air conditioned, well-furnished offices and quietly and diligently do his best to discourage, hamper, harass and frustrate good people. In short, he would be a bureaucrat.

After filling out about a hundred forms releasing the Air Force from any responsibility and admitting my culpability for everything that happened, while having to wait a month to have it signed off on by everyone from my commanding officer to the Office of the Secretary of the Air Force, I came to see the wisdom in Lewis’s observation.

Still, the surprises and reversals the Air Force delivered to me were to be nothing compared to what Colleen had been keeping to herself these past months. I was able to take a “Space A” flight to Andrews the weekend before I was discharged. That was the weekend I learned just how painful love can be.

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