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The Inner Teachings

I drove the car across the Conshohocken bridge that was supposed to have collapsed ten years ago, over to 322 in Villanova, and past the lock-jawed Baldwyn Academy School in Bryn Mawr. I had dated a girl who rented an apartment there a few months ago, but she was worthless to me new. She wasn’t in the teachings and, therefore, useless.

I pulled into the driveway -- the former Gino’s estate – and parked in front of the white mansion. Several cars had bumpier- stickers that read “Abortion is murder of the first decree!” My own car had a bumper sticker which read “Great Souls of Light Are Waiting to be Born. Have One!” and signed by Guru Ma” Mary Beth Visionary.

When I rang the bell someone peered through the peep hole recognized me and let me enter. These extra security precautions we’re examined as necessary until the “New Age” was in effect and people were more enlightened about alternative faiths than they were today. Until then; tight security precautions were the order of the day, so someone was always assigned guard duty.

Covering various walls fun the living room were pictures of the Virgin Mary and a few saints, nothing that would upset your average Catholic. The room where the~ services were held was another matter.

It had pictures of Washington, D.C/ the so-called “All Seeing Eye of God”, and a scary looking guy named “EL Morya” whose stare was so intense that few could stand to look at him longer than a few seconds. (“Someone was always assigned to greet you at the door and escorted you to your seat.

The altar consisted of a plain table covered with a white table cloth a few floral arrangements, a crucifix, and a statue of St. Michael slaying a demon and candles on either side. To the right of the altar was the American flag; to the left was the podium.

The most unique feature of the room was the enormous Magnavox video screen and recorder. While others in Philadelphia were watching the 76ers beat the LA Lakers on such screens. They were visually presenting the teachings. This portion of the service was generally a tale of Elizabeth

Clare Prophet being contacted by on the ascended masters with a message that was vital to the future of all light-bearers on earth. She had been receiving these messages for years and had it down to a science.

I’d been so used to seeing her on screen at the outreach lectures that it did not appear bizarre to me when I first entered that room and found her there. It seemed natural and nobody else there seemed to mind so why should I?

The “communicants” who were there (I found that this is another level of initiation when I inquired about buying a track of land from Glastenbury) a city they are carving out of the mountains in Northwest Colorado. I was told that I could not purchase land there as I was only a Keepers of the Flame and the land purchases were reserved for “communicants.”

Since most of the people who lived there were saving for a plot at Glastenbury, they must have been “communicants” who were intermingled with the “Keepers of the Flame.” This was a favorite technique of theirs and one that worked very effectively. I remember that when I first decreed it didn’t seem so weird because the guy next to me was doing it as well. It works.

They had spent from 6 a.m. decreeing for various causes--the spreading of the “teachings” for the »ur-chase of their tapes and books; for the binding of the fallen ones in the Middle East; for the qualification for the misguided leaders of the world. At ten o’clock the actual service began with a variety of invocations and decrees.

If you were late you had to wait for a pause in the decrees before you we’re seated” as this would interfere with the momentum” of the decree if you entered when it was being channeled.

By now I had been decreeing for several months both morning and night and silently to myself walking down the street, so I was able to keep up with most of them. still there were times when they would accelerate at such a niche blend together and become sound emissions that were to create certain “vibrations” that the “ascended masters” could hear.

There was also always a person at the microphone in the front like a cheerleader leading the decrees.

The highlight of the service was when Elizabeth Clare

Prophet appeared on the screen announcing her message for the week. This was only to be delivered to “Keepers of the Flame. A watered down version of her transmissions was seen by initiates that evening.

She would appear on the screen from Camelot in California and after going through a number of invocations we were all to close our eyes--“so that the masters’ message might be heard by our inner heart sit up straight and go into a deep mode of relaxation.” That way we could receive the entire message.

These messages were definitely the strangest part of the “teachings.”

When you put yourself into a post-Hypnotic trance like that, all kinds of information can be transmitted to the brain, much of which you could not really react consciously an hour later--but it was there nonetheless.

I honestly believe that that is what the decrees are truly about. By repeating sounds at sufficient speeds the subconscious mind is opened u o to a suggestive stage that it could not otherwise achieve. Then when she would speak in this kind of computer talk way--the effect was eerie. It was one of the most frightening things at first but, like the decrees, once you listen to it long enough you eventually become addicted to it.

In retrospect I’m convinced that it was these “messages” that are the heart of their “teachings” although you never can pinpoint them exactly. You drift into ’the m and absorb them and are not completely and consciously aware of what it is that you are absorbing.

The consequence of this kind of thought control over a number of years is frightening to contemplate. It occurs to me now that these “messages” were effective. They were present in my subconscious mind that made me immune to the counterarguments of my family and friends.

My mind reals now when I consider that I actually sat there for hours on end listening to these tapes without tile slightest thought to the way they were being delivered to my subconscious. Indeed they are “masters”--masters subtle and manipulative brainwashing techniques under the guise of religion yet discovered.

What frightens me so about this manipulation is that I was familiar with the technique. When I was a student at the American College in Paris I researched Nazi propaganda at Nanterre University. I pored over documents concerning Nazi propaganda techniques to write a paper about Joseph Goebbels and the Nazi Propaganda Ministry.

It had puzzled me how the Germans could have stood at the Nuremberg rallies for hours at a time listening to Hitler’s ranting and raving.

Now that is not so puzzling to me.

For to them, as with me when I listened to those “Messages,” we were both under the spell of most-hypnotic suggestion--a most subtle and dangerous form of propaganda. It is a technique that Barak Hussein Obama mastered, and there will be others.

In 1934, there is no way the German’ people would have constructed and maintained the system of concentration camps they did in 1944. What happens eventually is that all other information sources become mere lies when compared with the ~obvious “truth” as dispensed from the “real” source.

When German’s after the war claimed that they didn’t know about the concentration camps--that was true up to a point. As with the majority of people involved in Church Glorious and Victorious, and I would say it is over 90 percent the real workings of the “church”—it’s true aims and purpose, are from them. They are mere puppets carrying out the perceived all powerful leaders’ aims.

And as with the Germans in 1945, when they were told the truth about the Nazi’s and found it so hard to accept anyone who is brought out of a cult spends a “period of doubt about the information they are being presented until they reach that breakthrough point. More on that later.

What is important to keep in mind here is that all of these “messages” were delivered--and are being delivered to people today--by means of hypnotic suggestion. And as any psychologist can tell you, if you repeat a message to the mind often enough--it becomes established fact. Madison Avenue understands that well. In a much more insidious way so, too, do the Church Glorious and Victorious and other cults across the land.

If I could have been snookered into their little group then they have techniques and methods that are far more sophisticated than anything we’re seen this side of the Iron Curtain before. To drive the point home further one of the leaders of Church Glorious and Victorious in Philadelphia is a black guy.

Now, in about every picture of the “ascended masters” but for one--they’re all white. And they have an elaborate examination for the troubles of the world based on “root races” that existed on Atlantis and Lemuria (embodied at the Northeast and California respectively in the modern day) which is patently racist if you explore it deep enough.

Yet, this guy was black and one of their leaders. He was quite proud of the fact that he was black and even had the picture of the one “ascended master” who was black on his door at their mansion. Yet he was able to reconcile the “teachings” that his race suffered such sever derivation in many lands because of -past karma and his lesser position in the “hierarchy” (of the planet--more on this later) with his membership in Church Glorious and Victorious.

That I sat through Sunday after Sunday and Thursday after Thursday--and when I was at my deepest involvement I even attended a Monday night lecture they held at the YMCA in center city--of these tales is stunning to me now. But at the time I thought that I was getting the inside scoop fun the secrets of the universe.

As I was reminded time and again by others in Church Glorious and Victorious I was a special among a “separate and chosen people” who was selected out of the millions to do the “masters” work on earth. They ruled from “higher octaves” and I and the others involved were their special people on earth for the fulfillment of their plan.

We were being groomed for a massive battle be two en the dark and light forces and we, of course were the good guy s, There was a vague reference in one of the tapes to an upcoming time when a cataclysmic world event was to occur that we of the brotherhood on earth would be forewarned about in order that we survive it intact.

What they hoped to pull off at that time is anyone’s guess, but they were moving tons of earth at their Royal Teton Ranch near Montana in preparation for the big event. They’re creating a city where the “masters” work may be more fully accomplished and this has become a preoccupation of the “masters” of late., according to Mary Beth Visionary “messages” that I listened to so regularly.

It was the visit to the Royal Teton Ranch where I had the “ultimate” experience of having Mary Beth Visionary a huge emerald across my forehead in one more initiation rite. First, I thought I had to be accepted to attend and that is a story all its own. Bob was my guiding light when it came to that as well.

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