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Where the Master's Live

"Brian, I don’t know if you can comprehend this yet but the cosmic event of the century is about to happen in Montana. The church just bought 6,000 acres of farm and ranchland near where the Masters live above the Grand Tetons and was planning a gathering in late August. Have you become a Keeper of the Flame yet? Only Keepers of the Flame in good standing are to be allowed to attend.”

“No, not yet.”

It was true at that point. I was a regular service attender but, as of July, I had yet to become a “Keeper of the Flame.” I had heard the term mentioned a few times but until now it was not clear to me what that was.

“That’s interesting. I have plane reservations already around that time to go to Boulder, Colorado and visit friends of mine who just got married. They invited me out to stay.”

“You see? The “masters” were arranging your trip out west to connect with the upcoming retreat. You have to make your mind up fast on this because the deadline for registration is late next week. In the meantime, send in your dues to become a “Keeper of the Flame.”

“How much is that?”

“Don’t worry about it. Remember--the “masters” provide what we need.”

“I’ll see.”

That Sunday after services about everybody asked if I intended to attend the Royal Teton Ranch Retreat. It seems that the “Masters” hang out above the Grand Teton’s and had instructed the “church” or more specifically Mary Beth Visionary to buy the nearby Forbes ranch.

Part of the “teachings” was that we were to ask each night after our decrees to be taken to the Grand Teton’s to be instructed by one of the top hot shots—the “Ancient of Days” a one known also as “Sanat Kumara.” (Rearrange the letters of that first name slightly and see what name you arrive at.)

The church explained him at the wisest of the wise of the “ascended masters”--a guy who was around even before Christ. They’ never got into it too much with novices like me but the idea was conveyed that he was a pretty important guy.

Indeed, he is; and not to be taken lightly.

One by one people spoke to me about how cosmic the entire thing “was going to be and pretty soon I bought it. That night a signed a check to cover my first year dues to be a Keeper of the Flame and to receive the monthly “Pearls of Wisdom.”

As a bonus I began to receive the Keeper of the Flame instructions - neat little lessons that explained in greater depth the true teachings.

They resembled my grade school lessons in format but contained very adult information including quotes from the “ascended masters” throughout the ages like Shakespeare and others when they were in earthly embodiments that were all gems gleaned from time to one lived life. No one was to be allowed to see these lessons except other Keepers of the Flame. What they feared was if anyone should happen upon this was a mystery to me, except the exposure as to their real motivations with all the hocus pocus that your light ray can attend.

Bob was in my office every day that week reminding deadline me that the time for registration was quickly approaching.

“Don’t delay any longer, Brian. I was speaking to California yesterday and they said they still don’t have your registration request. What are you waiting for? You know the “masters” can only do so much for us. We’ve got to take the initiative sometimes. As above, so below.”

“What’s the rush? Isn’t it just a matter of sending in the registration fee and I’m registered?”

“No it isn’t. You’ve got to get two passport photos taken so they can start a file on you” he replied.

You have to fill out the registration form and explain your motives for wanting to attend. A bunch of the fallen ones in the media would love to discredit “mother” by twisting her messages to outsiders. So they have to check you out and see that you’re a light before you can attend.

I can call Camelot and make sure they expediting your application but you’ve got to get rolling on it today if you expect to attend. “Violet Mother” has promised special “releases” at this retreat. You don’t want to miss it.”

“Well ... to tell you the truth Bob, my material mother has been turning up the heat lately. She’s got all my brothers and sisters whipped up about my associations with you. If I tell her I’m on my way to attend a retreat with the church her hand will be strengthened about this all being a cult.” know the “teachings” on family? Didn’t I tell you it was the same with my parents when I first got into the church? I mean, my parents may just be cultural Jews, but they’re still Jews. And you know the teachings about the Jews being a majority of the Fallen Ones?”

They about flipped when I first told them that. But they’ve grown to accept me over the years as they’ve seen that I’m not about to change. I even had a dream once where my mother: and Guru Fila were near me and I blew Guru Fila a kiss and my mother fainted dead out. You can’t expect your mother to understand the part Mother plays in your life now.

“Don’t you want to accelerate along the path? This retreat is it, I’m telling you. The masters have been giving all their attention to it lately. You don’t want to miss it.”

“You’re right. I’ll get the photos taken at lunch time and send my check out tonight.”

"And I’ll call Camelot today and make sure they send your registration through. Send it overnight delivery.”

During my stay with Blake and Laura in Colorado I tried to explain to them my conversion to the Church Glorious and Victorious. Blake was a Green Beret in Vietnam and had run across the idea of reincarnation, one of the central tenets of the church, in that country.

“What no one has yet to explain to me is where all those souls go to while their waiting to re-incarnate. Do they wander the universe? Do they live in dogs? What?”

“I don’t know, Blake. I’m not familiar enough with the teachings yet but I’ m sure they explain that somewhere.”

“It’s not important to get stuck on details. What’s important to realize is that we’ve got some rough times coming and those in the brotherhood will only release the knowledge of what to do to initiates. Listen to the tapes that I’ve given to you and we’ll discuss it when I get back from Montana.”

“What are you going to Montana for?”

“We’re having a retreat out there.”

“Who’s we?”

“The church.”

“What church?

“The Church Glorious and Victorious?”

“What are they? Something like EST? It seems that all my friends in EST talk like this.”

“No. It isn’t EST. EST is only in it for the money. This is a real church. My mother thinks it’s a cult but it’s not. It just has some nontraditional beliefs.”

“Like what?”

“Like I don’t know. It’s complicated.”

I’m a pretty intelligent guy, Brian. I have a college degree.” He laughed. I’ve always been able to talk about what I’m involved in. Don’t they let you talk about them to people like me?”

“It’s not that at all, Blake. I’m just cautions because my family has been hostile about it all. You see these people are the direct descendants, spiritually speaking, of the Masons. You know how when the Mason’s founded the country it was a spiritual adventure and they’ve become so decadent since then.

Well, the church is out to restore the country to its former greatness. It’s why we’re against drinking, smoking, premarital sex, drugs, and a whole host of things that are affecting he moral fabric of America. We’re the “I AM” race and we’re destined for greatness.”

“Yeah. I saw all that greatness in Vietnam. Don’t worry. When the fighting gets mean we have our own sins to atone for. I spent four years with the Montaguard tribesman in the mountains. I saw enough of our greatness to last a lifetime. We can be as mean as the next race when it comes to survival, believe me.”

“Blake, it’s much more involved than that believe me. There are these ascended masters living above the Himalayas and the Gobi desert and the Grand Tetons who direct the course of world events.

I know it sounds outrageous at first but it comes together with time. Those tapes that I gave you as a wedding present that will provide a better explanation than I can. Try to listen to them before I get back and we’ll be able to discuss it better.”

Blake smiled a huge grin, “I want to get back to this Montana business. Here I thought you were coming to visit me and you’re going off to Montana to camp out with some religious group.”

“It’s not exactly a giant religious jamboree. It’s just a place where we can decree in peace. It’s hard in the cities to decree because they’ve become so crowded and decadent. So we’re all going to get together and decree out there) that’s all. No biggie.”

“What the hell is a decree?”

“It’s a way of calling to the masters in a sound vibration that only they can understand it. They’ve revealed their decrees to Mark Prophet originally and now they’re revealing them to their other world spokesman Mary Beth Visionary.”

“Let me get this straight. You think that this woman is a “prophet” who hears messages from a bunch of guru’s who hang out in mountain cliffs around the world.”

“Something like that, yeah.”

“Brian--I thought solar energy was a pipe dream, but this is great.”

Blake and I had worked together at the Solar Energy Research Institute two summers ago. I wrote a book on renewable resources in Canada and he worked on commercializing the nascent industry. He argued with all the academics there that solar was never going to become a reality unless the government got out of it and private industry took over.

And that would only hope when solar became cost effective. He was ostracized for those views at the time but subsequent events proved him right. He also argued for American dominance of the solar market worldwide before it became flooded with cheap foreign systems.

Again he proved to be prescient about subsequent events.

Anyway I respected the guy tremendously. I’d housesat for him in Colorado when he was in Switzerland and had visited with him and his mother at a cottage they maintained out at Sag Harbor on the tin of Long Island.

In every discussion I found him to be intelligent, insightful and gifted. His skepticism, rather than creating doubts in my mind, only caused me to write him off as unenlightened. The more doubts he presented, the stronger my conviction became that, indeed, as I’d been told by the ascended masters and their world teachers.

A few now embodied on the earth had evolved highly enough to warrant ascension into “higher planes” of evolution. He had been a disappointment to me but I didn’t spend too much time worrying about it. Instead, I wrote him off and made

“Something like that yeah.”

I wrapped out my visit, and was on my way to Montana.

From Denver I took a puddle jumper to Jackson Hole Wyoming. I felt privileged to arrive there was this was one of the world “focuses” of the world masters. As I walked about the town I felt sorry for all the unenlightened souls who lived there with no idea who was above this very spot directing their destinies.

In my hotel room I said my decrees before turning in for the night even though I was exhausted from the tri”. The last thing I asked for was to be taken unto the Grand Teton’s for instruction aka by Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days.

To get from Jackson Hole, Wyoming to Gardner, Montana, I took a Greyhound Tour Bus through Yellowstone National Park. I was overwhelmed by the natural beauty of the park: the geysers and mud flats and waterfalls and moose and elk and mountains. My fellow travelers did not look at it with the same knowledge that I had. They thought this was merely God’s natural health expressed to the world.

I knew that it was to be one of THE spots for the ushering in of the new age that all the cycles were converging to the gathering together of the masters select in one place so they might go out into the entire world with the Message of their presence in the world.

When I got to the other end of Yellowstone my heart was beating rapidly. I was only miles away from the world mother and the masters. Since I had a decree for bringing about prosperity for myself I pulled my mother’s MasterCard (another world master directing world affairs?) and charged the room just as I had charged the flight and my room in Jackson Hole with no thought as to how I would repay it all on my measly proof readers salary. The masters would provide.

There was a five mile stretch near Garner and no transportation there.

I stuck out my thumb and a flatbed truck pulled over. I put my bags in the back, jumped in and shook hands with a bear of a man. He asked me where I was going.

“To the Royal Teton Ranch: Do you know where it is?”

“Yeah, it’s on the old Forbes Ranch. I’m only going as far as Gardner but you should be able to get there pretty easy from Garner. You’re one of the Moonies here for that conference they’re having.”

“It’s not the Moonies. Even though it’s called “The Church Glorious and Victorious” and they sound similar we’re quite different. We’re alright once you get to know who we are.”

“Yeah, we’ll see if they can survive the winter’s in Montana. We have a lot of people who come out from New York and can’t survive but one winter. People were mighty mad when they bought that ranch. They’ll settle down though if they see that they respect the land. That’s all people in Montana want of them. That they respect the land.

“I can assure you they’ll respect the land.”

“Myself I respect the land because it’s been good to me. Pretty nice scenery around here where I make a good living

“I love showing people this land. You know them silver guys--the Hunt’s? I take ’em fishing at certain lakes I know and they play me well for it. I’m a tour guide you might say. I also sell your church wood and help people move things. I never could afford to go to some fancy college but I would work alright.”

“I’ve always worked too. I was able to go to college because I took out loans that I’m still repaying.”

“Never did believe in getting into debt. People here won’t bother you as long as you respect the land. We also don’t want a Jonestown out here.”

“Jim Jones was some left-wing political fanatic, he wasn’t a legitimate church. That’s not going to happen here. And many in the media bought the lie that Jim Jones was a religious fanatic. In truth he was a hard Left ideologue and New Ager like Church Glorious and Victorious that got out of control. They hoped to usher in the new age through their mass suicide. After all, when you buy reincarnation--what’s one more lifetime?

The New Age and Left leaders who nursed Jim Jones along quickly disowned him when he committed his mass suicide. Check back to see who he associated with before his little misadventure and you’ll see that it wasn’t Christian fundamentalists much as the New Agers would like you to believe much as I once believed.

I was half listening to the mountain man because my heart was pounding in anticipation of the cosmic event of the century. As we pulled into Gardner already a cosmic event occurred that would only foreshadow all the wondrous events to happen that week...or so I believed at the time.

As we were driving through Gardiner I saw John and Lou using a public telephone in front of a food store.

“Stop! Stop the truck! I just saw two friends of mine back there who should be able to give me a ride the rest of the way. Can you let me off here?”

“Sure. It’s been a pleasure.”

“Same here.”

I grabbed my things and tore back to where John and Lou were on the phone.

“Greetings Fellow Lightbearers.”

I couldn’t believe it.

“Some guy was giving me a ride and I happened to glance over and see you two. Tell me that wasn’t arranged by the masters.”

Lou saw it as an opportunity to instruct.

“It’s been like that for us the entire time. You wouldn’t believe how many “coincidences” It have happened. I’ve already run into everybody from the Philadelphia Teaching Center and there are thousands of people there so it’s pretty amazing that we met them. Like me, they were willing to see small coincidences as signs of the masters having an effect in our everyday lives. As we’d been instructed--miracles happen every day if we but looked for them. Sure enough, we found them.

“Guess who we saw Brian? Mother! She’s as beautiful and radiant as I thought she would be. She just resonates power and light! Any doubts you may have had about the authenticity of Mother’ power will be wiped out as soon as you meet her. And I’ve heard that she may give anyone at the retreat her blessing at some point in the program. Can you believe that?”

“That would be pretty nice. Do you guys mind if I buy some food inside? I’m starved.”

“Hey don’t worry about it man. We’ve got food back at the camp site. We’ve got to get you registered before it gets too crowded. People are pouring in from all over. Let’s go.”

I drove down the road and pulled into the Royal Teton Ranch to the registration shack. There were several hundred people milling about outside waiting to be signed in. It was a gathering for all Americans but for the fact that most of the license plates bore western state ID’s. There were also a fair number of families.

I took my place in the registration line and was soon inside. It was an efficient operation. I filled out papers saying that I was physically and mentally healthy and releasing them from legal repercussions for anything that might happen to me while I stayed there. They produced a print out that contained details as to how long I’d been with the church along with my current dues status and a

“Do you know that there’s a $1,000 camping fee in addition to the $1,000 registration fee?”

I had been told this by Bob before I had left so I had a $1,000 Travelers Check with which to pay. ”

“Yeah I have a Traveler’s Check right here.”

“Good. As soon as I take that you can go back and get your Retreat photo taken.”

“’What for?”

“For your ID tag. There are media people trying to infiltrate the retreat. They’d love to be able to carry a story as big as this back to the cities but we’re pretty careful to screen them out.”


“It’s also so that Mother can offer us special decrees for everyone that made it here. She wants to see a photo of everyone who came because she has special how to know to select who’s genuinely a Lightbearer and who’s a fallen one trying to infiltrate the organization.”

“That makes sense to me.” I went around the corner and had my photo taken. Within minutes I had my tag on and picked up literature explaining the two week program. The core of the program was to be Mother’s messages of course but there were nature walks and survival training included for those who want e d to take advantage of them.

I joined John and Lou by Lou’s car and we were on our way. As we turned out of the dirt parking lot and onto the one and only access road to the ranch a woman approached next asked us for a ride. We were happy to oblige.

“Thanks guys. Can you believe that for some people here this is going to be the first time that they’ll meet mother? I was talking to this guy and he’d only been in the teachings for a year and he’s here. I really should only be with people who have been to Camelot but Mother decided to open it up to initiates even.

I’ve been in the teachings for five years and I can tell you it’s changed me. I had just broken up with my husband who used to beat me and I found the teachings. It’s been smooth sailing ever since. But can you believe that this is the first retreat for some people?”

“No, I can’t.” I answered. John and Lou both smiled at me.

“How long have you been in the teachings?” Since I was in the back seat with her she must have me.

“About four months. Maybe five. I don’t know. I haven’t been counting.”

“So this must be your first conference?”

“Yes it is.”

“Oh gosh. Do you understand the teachings yet?”

“Many of them. There are still areas that baffle me. Like the cosmic clock.”

“It’s easy to understand when you sit down and look at it. A lot of the teachings are like that. You have to just let them sink in effortlessly and they will eventually.

My mother has been into astrology for years and she can’t get over how accurate it is. I’ll call her up and tell her things that are about no happen to her and sure enough it comes true. It’s just a matter of charting things right.”

“Maybe. I just get confused by all the symbols and all.”

“It’s simple, really. I’ll come over to your campsite some time and explain. Where are you guys staying?”

“By the stream in campsite number one.”

“I’ll see you there. I’ll get out here. I’m just over the hill near the showers in campsite number five.”

“Take care.”

As we rounded the bend it looked a Boy Scout Jamboree was taking place. Vans, cars, and trucks were parked with campsites and tents between them. From where we turned off it looked as if a good five thousand people were there.

I was impressed that they had been able to gather that many people together to an obscure ranch in an inaccessible area of southwestern Montana. The masters really were gathering their people together.

“If we park the car and hurry down the road we can catch the afternoon decree session.”

“Let’s grab some lunch first, Lou. Brian must be hungry after his journey today.” John was already laying out a few utensils.

“You guys go what you want. I didn’t drive 2500 miles from Philadelphia to stuff my face. I’m going over to the “Heart” of the “Inner Retreat.” Lou left.

“He was that way the whole way, Brian. I try to be patient with the guy but sometimes he gets to me. He’s so damned right all the time.”

“This I what I hear all the time. No, I know there’s a cheaper place a few miles down the road. Let’s keep driving. Why don’t you meditate more John?′ How do you expect to reach higher consciousness if you don’t meditate more? The guy is a one man instruction book on the ways to higher levels of consciousness.

“Sometimes I think it was better when I just trusted in Jesus when I listen to Lou too much. Ah well. I guess the guy’s just dedicated and I can’t understand that too well. Maybe I’ll be there one of these days. When I spoke to Marianne she was lonely and missed me. She has to be my twin flame.”

After I ate and caught up with Lou, the first thing he said was: “Did I ever tell you how we met?”

“No. Not that I remember anyway.”

“I was at a bar doing my usual pick up number routine. Then I walked over to her and said something stupid. She’s a spinster’s daughter and never would have been there except that her sister wanted to see the Stanley Cup Playoff’s on a wide screen and that bar was the only place that had one at the time. She asked Marianne to go with her because she was afraid to go there alone.”

“She was like a Madonna in a hellhole in that place. I’d divorced my former wife about a year before and had gone on a non-stop binge boffing about every woman I could lay hands on. Then I met Marianne that night. She was like a vision from heaven.”

“We talked for about a half hour and she asked that we go outside because all the cigarette smoke was bothering her.

“As soon as we got outside she said to me, “Do you want to get married? I think we were meant to be husband and wife.”

“I was floored. I don’t know why but I said yes. Her father was enraged about it all and tried to prevent us but when he saw that we were serious he came down from upstate and married us on the beach in Cape May. It’s been six years of bliss. Except that, as you know we haven’t been able to have children...yet. Marianne is decreeing for that every day. So am I. I’ve never heard you talk about a woman Brian. You been hurt or anything.”

“Too many times to remember. I had someone special and it fizzled and I’ m going to take my time about another one. I’ve done a number on enough women in my time and I’ve decided that it’s time to concentrate on real things like religion for a while.

“That’s why I’m so glad I found the teachings. It’s gotten my mind off women for a while I mean, I can’t have a sexual thought about any of the women at the Teaching Center. They just don’t seem like women to me.”

“I know what you mean. They’re nice but not focused on things of this world. All they’ll talk to you about is the latest message anyway. They’re kind of pure though you’ve got to admit.”

“They really are. I just wonder- if they think about anything else expect for the teachings. Do you know I’ve known them and talked to them for five months and I don’t know a thing about any of them? Like where they work and what they studied in school? Nothing.

“That’s just the way they are I guess. They take this all pretty seriously. I guess I would, too, if Marianne didn’t have so many doubts about it. She was right about that other group in Canada. She still has some doubts.”

“I do too, but I find it all so interesting. Maybe like they say, the more you’re into the teachings it all becomes clear. Maybe. Let’s eat and go find the heart.”

The “Heart of the Inner Retreat” consisted of a wide flat plain between two mountain ranges with several huge circus tents erected in between. In one corner of the plain there were tons of earth moving equipment. Hundreds of people milled about each tent and loud decrees were rising from the most distant tent.

John and I walked into the first tent and it contained everything from tapes and books and posters of the church to camping and survival gear to t-shirts and bug repellant.

They’d done their homework.

I purchased a few lectures of gnomes for my nephews, a “Royal Teton Ranch” T-shirt for my younger brother a plaster Paris white, pink and yellow “Threefold Flame” for myself (which was said to reside in our hearts to be activated when necessary.

As proof, they posted the “Bundle of Hiss” area of the heart that if touched during surgery supposedly killed the patient instantly. They said if that “Threefold Flame” resided in the “Bundle of Hiss.

The rose decreeing besides increasing the width of the “Tube of Light” and opening one up to the master’s inner teachings was also to increase the intensity of the Threefold Flame so that we might be better able to gain our ascension in this lifetime. I would have purchased more but I was short on money from all the travelling.

I looked at the beautiful jewelry and was tempted to write a check for it but prudence got the best of me.

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