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The Heart of the Inner Retreat

We went from there across the plain and approached the heart of the inner retreat. The decreeing became more and more intense the closer we came to the big tent. There I saw thousands and thousands in front of folding chairs intensely decreeing. We found Lou, took out our decree books and joined in.

“I Am a being of violet fire!

I Am the purity God desires.”

We chanted this over and over again until it became mere sound and no words distinguishable. These people were phenomenal. They stood at attention, placed their left hand over their heart and thrust their right hand forward. The decrees continued at a rapid clip with two cheerleaders at microphones in the front near the stage.

“The light of God never fails and the mighty

Beloved presence is that light.”

Hail St. Germaine! Hail Lane 110!

Hail St. Germaine! Hail Lanello!

Hail Avatars of light! Hail Sanat Kumara!

We went on to decrees for St. Michael. All of these decrees opened with an invocation on to the ascended masters and closed with an invocation to our own mighty “I AM” presence.

“St. Michael, St. Michal I love thee I do

With all they great faith my being imbue

Blaze God Power project now into my soul

Thy banner of faith above me unfold...

Word came down from above that Mother would soon be appearing on the podium. The podium consisted of a stage surrounded by a bullet proof wall. The reason for the bullet proof glass was that a former member of the church had gone over to the other side and was now out to fight the church’s teachings. I heard that he had gone so far as to say that he was going to assassinate her whenever he encountered her again.

It probably did wonders to increase the feeling of persecution so necessary to maintaining the belief that we were indeed selected by the masters to do their work on earth.

This may also have explained the security guards that were ever about her while she was on stage or being driven in her black limo to and from the1recedings.

As parents roughing it in the woods fasted, the “messenger” arrived on the stage the crowd went into nonstop applause for at least twenty minutes.

She hailed us and we hailed her a few times. Then we all hailed all the elementals (fire, air, water and earth) for the excellent weather. We thanked St. Germaine and Sanat Kumara) our one beloved mighty presence and various and sundry other ascended and unascended masters and illuminati.

She whipped out a few new decrees a few times and then she went into one of her trances like states that did not seem all that queer to me since I’d seen it so many times at services and lectures. The crowd reverently went into a trance, too.

This was to be the procedure for the entire conference.

Hours of decreeing followed by an hour or two of messages delivered by the masters through their messenger and a few breaks for meals.

We were supposed to all be at the tent by eight in the morning and except for food breaks; to remain there until sometime after midnight. And this was exclusive of the half hour jaunts back and forth to the campsites and if you didn’t purchase what they had to offer at the food tent.

I could reiterate what was stated by Mary Beth Visionary at that retreat but that has all been published in far more accurate detail by Summit University Press.

What is more important to record is several rites that happened there that will not be reported to outsiders--like all these families and loved ones.

For example, the “highlight” of the retreat was when EC “blessed” everyone. We decreed for an unusually long time one night when it was announced that mother wished to meet and bless each and every one of us individually.

Her throne was moved from behind the bullet proof glass. The TV camera that recorded her every move was placed at angle that it could record this “blessed” event as well.

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