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A Baseball Sized Emerald

The entire assembly lined up row after row in a single file and went before her one by one. It took about two hours for the “blessing” to be conferred on everyone and we decreed and sang songs as we waited.

The area where she sat was flooded with stage lights.

They were gliding. I went before her and stood still as she stared right into my eyes but at that time I couldn’t raise my eyes because I didn’t think I was worthy of looking into her eyes. She waited until I focused on her eyes which I saw were liquid brown pools above an enigmatic smile.

She placed a baseball-sized emerald across my forehead and smiled again. I was lost in the blaze of the camera lights and stumbled to get back in the departing line.

When I later inquired as to where she found such a huge emerald I was informed by Lou that she found it and people in the church believe that to this day. They explained her enormous collection of diamonds, emeralds, and rubies as “gifts” from the masters to her.

She had to have sufficient jewels to pay for the land they bought out there didn’t occur to me at the time to ask anything more. I was too thrilled that I had met Mother and that she had “blessed” me with her nice emerald.

Although this episode may seem laughable to those who’ve never experienced a cult, I submit that it is precisely these bizarre rituals that make the members believe that they are somehow special and elect. They provide proof that you are a member of a unique group of people called upon to carry out the masters will on earth…no matter what the cost.

I can say that because as we related how we felt to each other on the way back to the campsite that night spoke in rapt terms as if we’d met Jesus Christ Himself.

We attributed all kinds of special powers to mother now that we’d been close enough to her to witness her power. We wouldn’t touch our foreheads that night the way fans of stars don’t wash their hands once they’ve been shaken by their heroes.

It is less than amusing to me now when I think back to that episode because at the time I accepted that little rite as proof of her truly being the master’s messenger. That I didn’t know at the time is that she is just accepting orders from powerful masters--and they’re masters that have indeed been with us for eons. But that’s getting ahead of the story.

The second episode was when the young men who had been doing all the ground breaking and moving were brought before the assembled to receive praise for their backbreaking work. And to judge by the road that they hacked out of the forest, these guys had been working their tails off--many of them for free during the glory of the masters and with the assurance that their work was bringing them closer to their ascension into heaven, or at least higher octaves.

The public praise they received from the assembled they accepted with total humility. These are not bad kids. In many ways they’re the best and the brightest of American youth. They’re searching for something and the sense of accomplishment to be part of something larger than one’s self.

They were not doing this for their own glory but for purposed they perceived to be much higher. They’re good kids doing altruistic work for idealistic aims and with enormous dedication. They only sad part about the whole thing is that they’re being used by forces that--were they to be told the truth about--they’d flee from in no time at all. But they’re never told.

One college kid I met was enrolled at Summit University at Camelot. It wouldn’t have mattered to explain to him how much his labor for those six months was worth--he was just trying to be able to contribute to a cause larger than himself. And that’s noble. I had to Church Glorious and Victorious out from the conference a little early as I had to go back to Philadelphia via a bus connection through Yellowstone and a flight from Jackson Hole. Lou and John drove me to returning Greyhound Tour Bus.

As I travelled through the Park I had a hundred thoughts about the conference going through my mind.

Central to all these thoughts was that my entire life had been a preparation for that special moment when I went before mother and received her “blessing.” At that time there was nothing more special to me--not my family, not my country, not old loves. For now I had revealed to me the reason for my existence on this planet--to bring about the incoming age when the ascended masters would make their ways public.

To show you how far gone I was when I stayed at the hotel I’d stayed in in Jackson Hole on my way up, I bought a stained glass kaleidoscope from a jeweler.

Late at night I went up a mountain road as high as I could to get a final view of the masters retreat in the Royal Teton’s and held that object up for their “blessing” saying one decree or other. When I returned down that mountain I thought I had a special talisman with which to protect myself. Crazy.

I realized at some point I would be going home and called my Mom. She was not happy when, in response to her question about where I was, I said, “I went camping with them in Montana. John and Lou were there too. It was no big deal.”

“So now I guess they have you pretty well brainwashed if they could get you to lie to your family about where you’re going.” There was dead silence on the other end. She conveyed more in her tone than she needed to say with words. I had an empty feeling in my stomach, like a knife had just been turned in and twisted.

“Look Mom this conversation is useless. If I can, I’ll explain everything when I get back home.”

“Talk to your brother Ron if you can’t talk to me.

I had him up half the night crying when I found out where you really were. You’ll also need to get a ride home from the airport from him won’t you?”

“Yeah. I’ll call him. Talk to you later.”

My mind was working overtime. I had told Janna that I would be gone for a week and a half and I had yet to use that up. I couldn’t figure out what she was up to. I decided to give Ron a call.

“Ron - this is Brian. What’s Mom talking about. She says that some guy from work called.”

“’That’s what Jimmy told me. Why didn’t you tell her where you were going? She had me u» all night crying into the phone when she heard where you were. What were you afraid of that she’d react the way she did?”

“Yeah. Pretty much so. That’s not what has me worried”.

“What concerns me is this guy who called from work. The only person I can think of is Tony Mallaroy. He’s the slime bag recruiter and hatchet man they bring in when heads need to role. This could be serious.”

“’re not going to solve it from Colorado.

“Why don’t you get a flight back as soon as possible and I’ll pick you up at the airport.”

“I already have a flight scheduled for three tomorrow that rolls into Philly at midnight. Can you come down and get me that late’?”

“Do they have anything else?”

“That’s it. I checked already.”

“Yeah. I’ll be there. Give a call before you arrive though so I’m sure that you’re not delayed. Shit! I have an election in Reading the next day at six a.m. This should be real fun.”

“Thanks, Ron. It’s just like Mom says. “You can count on Ron to come through when the chips are down.”

“Right. See ya tomorrow night goof ball.”

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