The Tijuana Operation

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A fat guy named Van Tran in Saigon entered a sham marriage with Keo Sinat, a permanent resident of the US living in Chula Vista. That marriage enabled him to immigrate to America. After he received his green card, his fake wife, Keo, died of cocaine overdose. Later he was sent back to Saigon to enter another fake marriage with Lan Bui, the pet daughter of the Gas tycoon in Viet Nam. Lan Bui was in love with Huy, a petroleum engineer in Saigon, but she had to enter the fake marriage with the fat guy Van to immigrate to the States following her father’s fugitive plan for her family. 3 months after Lan landed in Chula Vista and shared a 2-bedroom-apartment with the fat guy as a genuine couple, her fake husband knocked at her door at 9 pm that made her shuddered. He got a dirty plan to rape her and turn her to be his long-term sex slave. When the door opened, the dude was frustrated confronting a “wild cat” with a ferocious face and a dazzling knife in her hands ready to strike back if he launched a sexual attack. His plan didn’t work then. On the next Sunday afternoon, the fat guy went to Tijuana, Mexico, looking for a hooker in Zona Notre area to relieve his sex thirst. He never knew that he just entered a fatal operation in the role of the target being stealthily hunted…

Action / Thriller
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Chapter 1

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