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Alfie walked to the truck to make sure she was okay. Alfie greeted her with a flash of his smile, she returned the smile showing her dimples. “I feel like we briefly met but didn’t.” Dana whispered. “Kind of, it feels like I saw you in school years ago, but it was only days ago.” Alfie replied.

Dana and Alfie talked she thought she’d made a friend and they ended up chatting and getting to know each other for hours upon hours. Then there was silence, Dana had rested her cheek on Alfie’s shoulder and began talking sleepily. Alfie realised and smiled to himself. “Do you want to go to sleep?” He laughed a little. “No, I’m okay.” She whispered. “I might go see what’s going on.” Alfie said,

“Can you stay?” Dana said, waking up more. “Am I allowed to hug you?” Alfie asked, Dana nodded and smiled and Alfie cuddled her. Dana felt warm and safe, more than she had done in years with a guy she’d just met. Alfie saw Dana shivering, he let her lay down and took his jacket off and draped it over his small frame. Alfie smiled and watched in case she stirred. He felt weird but a good weird. She was beautiful.

Alfie left the truck and went to find his dad. Alfie walked over. He found the parents of the children talking and around the small fire they had lit. “We need to be ready in case those guys come back.” Alfie said, “They could come back with more people and then we would be screwed.” Joel and Nate looked at each other then at Alfie

“Agreed, we should take watches throughout the night. Just in case. You did give them quite a fright Alf” Joel said.

Alfie shook his head and laughed a little, Joel laughed and hugged him. “I’ll take the first watch.” Poppy said, Joel looked at his wife, “Nope, you’re to special to me, go to sleep.” Poppy laughed and went to check on Eve and Seth. Thea went with Poppy to check on her own children. Alfie went back to the truck too, to find Dana how he'd left her, now she wasn't shivering, but her face was scrunched up as if she was having a bad dream. He wanted to comfort her but he knew he couldn't help. He just had to be there for her when she woke up.


Dana woke up that morning and found Alfie laying next to her, close but not too close. Eve, Seth and Rex were still sleeping. Nate, Joel, Thea and Poppy were sleeping in the front, slumped on car seats. Dana tapped Alfie's shoulder and his eyes opened, his eyes were magical to Dana, but she didn't know why. Alfie smiled and waved jokingly. Dana laughed and tried not to wake anyone up in the process. She felt so happy, happier than she'd been in months.

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