A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter One Hundred

Wednesday May 13th, 2010: Early Evening

Regular Care Hospital Room

A couple days had passed since Randy and Kolleen had left I.C.U. They both, upon request, were transferred to the same hospital room so that they could heal together. Their beds were a lot closer this time, at least in finger touching distance. The sun had already began to set, cascading the most beautiful sight Randy had ever seen. There were mixture of blue, orange, purple and pink dancing across the wispy clouded sky. Kolleen looked better than she did Sunday. They had removed the breathing tube from her and allowed her to move around.

Randy, still unable to feel a good chunk of his right leg, had been using his former cane to do the same. He didn’t care though, just as long as his one and only was okay. Kolleen started to wake up and immediately hid her face from him. “I have got to look hideous right now!” She stated, throwing the covers over her face. “Oh come on now. You don’t look any different than you did last week.” Randy said. He threw the covers off and sighed as her smile formed. “You look even better without any makeup Kol.”

Just then Penny had entered the room, with not one, but two children in her arms. The one on the left was wrapped in a blue blanket and the right side baby had pink. “I convinced Dr. Farber that you two were ready to see your little ones once and for all!” she stated.

“They’re so beautiful you two. Here you go, mom.” Penny said. She handed the twins off to Kolleen who instantly broke down into tears at the sight of their small faces. “Ran-Ran, the girl’s got your eyes and the boy has mine!” she whispered. Randy walked haphazardly over, trying not to bump into anything. He leaned down and sure enough, the girl was sporting the brightest green eyes he had ever seen and the boy had the purest blue eyes. “Have you two thought of any names yet?” Penny asked them. She let her hair down and was ruffling it as she asked this.

“Well I have a name for our son, if that’s okay Kol.” he said, looking into her eyes. “What is it?” She looked back down at her babies and laughed at the little smiles that they were giving her. “Look at them, Kol. They know their mommy.” When Randy spoke Kolleen turned them both to face him. The twins looked right into Randy’s face and smiled as well. “They seem to know their daddy too! Now what was the name you’d like to give our son?” Randy’s heart was beating hard, but a different kind of hard.

“I want to name him Robert Patrick Rodriguez, after my dad and grandpa.” Randy stated. “Then it shall be so!” Kolleen replied. “Really?” Randy put his free hand down and grabbed Kolleen’s which had been supporting Robert. “Absolutely, as long as you don’t mind me naming our daughter. Because I have a perfect name for her!” He smiled again and then waved and bowed at her. “Please, name her madam.” he said. Kolleen giggled a bit and then steadied her voice. “I want to name her, Lorie Amethyst Rodriguez.” “That is so beautiful! I love it Kol.”

“I love you.” she said. Randy leaned closer and they kissed. “I love you too.” They kissed some more and the babies just watched on all bright eyed. “We should get them back to the Nursery. Unless you two would like to feed them.” Penny said. “Sure, we’d love too!” Kolleen told her. Penny nodded at them two and pulled out two bottles from her front pouch. Randy sat in a nearby chair and picked up Robert. He kept lightly poking his nose and every time he did, Robert would smile. Penny handed over a bottle to him as well as Kolleen. “Now just make sure you keep the bottle up, so the nipple doesn’t get filled with air. Perfect you two; you’re naturals!”

Robert was just sucking away as was Lorie which made Kolleen’s face turn beat red as she cried again. “Your twins’ vitals seem to be right on par. They’re fighters Kolleen, just like you two.” Penny said. Just then Dr. Farber entered the room with a clipboard in his hand. He stopped looking at it as soon as he saw the two feeding their children. “Now look at that. Babies are such an amazing miracle!” He stated. His arms were folded as he watched on. “Penny, you can go home now. You’ve been here for days and you deserve a few off.” “You sure?” she asked. He nodded back and then she thanked them and exited.

Dr. Farber walked up to Kolleen’s bedside and started pouring over her charts. “How are you feeling?” he asked. “I’m doing just perfect, thanks!” “Did you know that you needed a lot of blood transfused?” Kolleen looked up at him and then nodded. “Randy told me yesterday about how Leslie’s blood saved my life. I can’t resent her when she’s the one who saved not only me but so many others.”

“Well I’m glad to hear you don’t hold grudges. For what she did to you, I honestly cannot understand why she did it. Before she met Randy, she was such a good girl. She always donated blood whenever they asked; a lot of the times were doubles. She regularly went to church, gave money to the homeless and even volunteered in soup kitchens to help give back to them. She was such a nice girl but what they say is true. Jealousy can break your soul and melt your sanity. God rest her spirit.” Dr. Farber replied. Randy noticed that Robert was done eating so, out of nowhere, he immediately put him up to his shoulder and tapped his back.

“That must be generations of fatherly instincts kicking in right there as well as motherly it seems.” Farber said as Kolleen did the same. Randy spoke up this time after he cleared his throat. “I never knew Leslie was such a good person. Had I known all of this beforehand, I would have never stepped foot in that gym.” Kolleen looked over at him with a pained expression. “Don’t you dare blame yourself for this Ran-Ran! You had no idea that she would act this way. From what I heard a few moments ago, is that she just lost her mind. And from what you said about your dream, she felt guilty about what she had done. That’s good; feeling remorse means she’s human.” Kolleen replied.

“She’s absolutely right Randy. Remorse just means you have a conscience and that’s the most human thing a person can have. I’ll take these two back to the Nursery so you both can have some rest. I’ll be releasing you in a couple more days.” “Thank you sir!” Randy replied as Farber grabbed Robert and then Lorie. “Don’t mention it. God bless.” He added, before exiting the room.

When the door closed Randy looked back over at Kolleen who had been smiling like nothing else existed. Only happiness and bliss emanated from her like an unseen aura of peace. As he sat there, he could feel that cool leather case on the nearby night stand. “What are you reaching for Ran-Ran?” “Close your eyes.” he replied. She covered them with her hands and waited. Randy grabbed the case, clumsily got to one knee and then readied himself. “Okay, open them.” The second that she did, she gasped, putting her hands to her mouth.

“Kol? This last year or so has been the best days of my life. We’ve been to hell and back twice and we kept pushing forward. I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without you and don’t even want to try. Now we have financial stability, we have children to raise and we have our hearts to take care of. Kolleen Ruby Sparks, will you marry me?” Randy asked her. He opened the box and inside was a white gold wedding ring with a ten karat diamond in the middle. It was in the shape of a heart and had smaller diamonds encrusted around the ring itself.

“Oh my god, it’s beautiful! Yes. Yes, I’ll marry you!” Randy climbed back up with his cane and then slid the ring onto Kolleen’s finger. “It fits perfectly. I love you so much!” Tears of joy were not only escaping her eyes but Randy’s as well. They kissed and hugged for what felt like hours. Randy pulled the chair right up to the bed, and hugged her even more. “I love you too.” Minutes later, they both fell asleep. They were still in their embrace and Kolleen’s newly ringed hand was resting in Randy’s right.

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