A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter One Hundred And Two

Wednesday November 20th, 2080: Mid-Afternoon


There they stood, the Rodriguez, Gonzalez and Streinholme Family. Samantha had been there, wearing a long black dress, with her son to her right. He looked like a spitting image of his father and looked over at Kolleen. He nodded towards her and then turned his attention back to Randy’s casket. Kolleen was weeping with a long flowing dark red dress on. Robert, Lorie, the twins, Charlie and Lori were all clad in black. Ellie was there as well as Gorgon Streinholme II. Standing at the foot of the casket was the priest who looked a lot like Carl.

“My name is Reverend Soels and I will be conducting this ceremony today. I wish my father could be here to witness this but alas, he is up there welcoming Randy with open arms. R.I.P.” He added, crossing himself.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to not mourn but celebrate the long illustrious life of Randy Rodriguez. He was a son, husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather and friend. He would want us to uphold his legacy by not shedding too many tears but by dancing in his honor. Randy was passionate about the wrestling business and his career ended shorter than most. He is in a better place, wrestling for all those who passed before him and all to come. From ashes to ashes and dust to dust, I commend thee, Randy Rodriguez, into the dirt so that his soul can rest in peace.”

Rev. Soel did the cross motion towards Randy’s casket and cast dirt upon it as it sank into the ground. All of them watched on until the casket finally touched the bottom of the hole. “This now ends my services. I would like to offer my sincerest apology for not only yours but my own loss as well. The celebration will take place at the Rodriguez residence I believe and I will be there.” Rev. Soel added. Kolleen and the rest of the family turned and walked out of the cemetery. Marcos Jr. followed as well as Samantha as they all got back into their vehicles.

The day was bright and sunny which Kolleen knew Randy would have loved. It still hurt so much for her to believe that he was gone for good. That young black haired boy who crushed on her during high school. The man who had the guts to keep asking her out until she caved in. That man who fathered twins with her and helped raise them as well as the grandkids and great grandkids. He was gone from this world and she would never see him again in this lifetime. Kolleen practically felt her heart shattering into pieces as she rode along with her son back to the house.

“We’ll be at the house in about ten minutes Mom.” Robert Sr. stated. “Th-Thank you s-s-so much!” She replied. She had been sitting in the far back, with the twins in front of her and Charlie as well as Lori on each side of her. Ellie was riding with Gorgon II behind them, and Lorie was up in the passenger’s seat. “We’re here for you Great Grandma.” Lori chimed in. Kolleen gazed down upon the girl and hugged her and then hugged Charlie. I love all of you as well as those behind us.” she replied. They drove onward, towards the house that stood up on the hill. The place where all of Kolleen’s adulthood memories laid. One look up at it and she was smiling for she knew her Ran-Ran would be with her forever and for always.

The End

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