A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Eleven

Wednesday September 22nd, 2010. Late Evening.

Trip to the Hospital:

Randy slid into his seat, slowly as everything began to piece together in his mind. He looked around the inside of the car, taking in all that it was. It was a basic car, with silver colored leather and a black dashboard. It was also a standard, which amazed Randy. It was exciting, knowing that she could drive stick shift. There were some notebooks in the very back window, with pencils and pens resting under them. Kolleen threw the car into gear, pulled the stick into reverse and looked behind her seat to pull out. If it weren’t for Kolleen’s eyes, Randy wouldn’t have forgotten about the reason they were in the car.

When they got onto the road, Kolleen began the semi-long trek to he hospital. Her left hand was wrapped tightly around the wheel, and her right rested on the stick. After a few feet, she shifted gracefully into second. Noticing that Randy was watching her, she started a conversation. “What? Haven’t seen a girl drive stick before?” She asked, before pushing it into third. “I didn’t say that.” Randy told her. Kolleen, for the first time in the last thirty minutes, cracked a smile for him. He brushed her right cheek with the back of his fingers. “You’re so soft, what do you use?” Randy asked her. She patted his hand. “It’s just a bunch of lotions that I put on, daily.” “But how is it you make your skin feel like sheets, fresh from the dryer?” She blushed very brightly, before shifting back down to second so she could slow down.

They kept driving down the hill, until the car came to a stop at the highway. “The hospital’s about ten miles to the right, Randy. We can just take this road and stay on cruise control.” Kolleen said as she drove the car out into the highway. Sure enough, a sign appeared indicating the road was set to 65 mph. Kolleen shifted gears and sped up until she hit 65 and set the cruise control. “It’s that easy Randy, it’s that easy.” She said, finally passing him a quick glance. The road they were on was a four lane road on each side. Way off in the distance was the city, in which the hospital sat. “We have about nine miles Randy, is there anything you’d like to talk about?”

Kolleen asked, as she reached towards him with her free hand. He grabbed it with his own and felt her warmth run down his veins. On either side of the road were trees, sticking out like sore thumbs against all of the rural surroundings. Randy rested his head against his free hand, feeling a slight breeze blow across his face. “So, what’s on your mind?” Kolleen asked. He sighed, still unable to come up with a proper question. “If it’s about the hospital Randy, you deserve a right to know what’s going on. I do not know why your mom didn’t inform you. Although, I am sure she had her reasons.”

“What about my mom?” Randy replied. He sounded shocked, so Kolleen clenched her non free hand. Randy responded by squeezing hers back lightly. He turned his gaze back over to her. Her lips were shaking so bad that her entire face followed suit. He saw the tear line streaking down her cheek. “What’s the matter Kol?” Randy asked. “We’re almost at the city Randy, and it’s so hard to say why we’re coming here…” Kolleen trailed off. He heard the concern in her voice; it was beginning to scare him. “What’s the matter?” Kolleen pulled the car over to the left lane so they would pass the exit. “We can’t get off until another two exits.” She replied. Her voice was so shaky now, that Randy could barely decipher a word she was saying.

“Where’s my mom anyway?” He asked her. Kolleen, hearing the confusion in the background figured it was time to tell him. They passed the first exit, which told her to take the car over, passing the next exit. They then entered the third exit, with Kolleen remaining silent. The car descended, and then pulled off onto a main street. “Randy?” Kolleen began as she drove down a two lane road. The road was very busy, making it incredibly hard for her to make accurate turns. The right side of the road lead to various broken down buildings, whilst the left went to the heart of the city.

“What’s up?” Randy replied. Kolleen strained her eyes to see the sign since it was dark. The light was flickering in front of it, but she was able to translate it during a few seconds with it on. “Alright, your mom is at the Alvarado Hospital, Randy.” She started, while turning into the left lane. She took the next left turn, and drove between dozens of skyscrapers. The city looked so immaculate during the night. All of the glass shined from the streetlights, as well as their own. It was like driving into Vegas, or what Randy assumed it would look like. Masses of people were walking on each side of the road, some with briefcases, and others with grocery bags. He noticed a bunch of college aged girls walking and laughing, with the one in the center texting away.

This girl struck Randy, surprisingly. “What’s so interesting about her?” Kolleen asked. Randy jumped out of his seat, clutching his chest. Kolleen laughed at him, “Why so jumpy?” she added. Randy continued to clutch at his chest as his heart beat faster than usual. “I saw you checking that girl out.” “W-what?! No… no, no! I know that girl, Kol!” Kolleen squinted her eyes at him, which he picked up on quickly. When she squints her eyes, it means she doesn’t believe him. “I’m serious Kol. Her name’s Samantha Sykes. She goes to the C.S.W.S. And she’s the school’s top rated diva. She’s held the C.S.W.S’ Diva’s Championship five times.” Randy turned to look at her again, but she was gone.

“Why don’t you marry her then?” Kolleen replied. There was a hint of jealousy in her voice. “Are you… jealous?” Randy asked her. She coughed a bit and shook her head. “Yes you are Kol! Admit it, you’re jealous.” He laughed and pinched her cheek playfully. “You’re so cute when you get jealous.” She slapped his hand away, laughing all the while. “I’m not… that jealous.” Randy crossed his arms, still looking at her blushed cheeks. “So you admit that you were at least a tiny bit jealous?” Randy asked. She held her hand up to his face, which made him laugh.

“Anyway, your mom is at the hospital and I don’t really know why. I mean, I understand why she’s there, but the actual cause behind it… It’s, just unknown.” They continued to drive down the long road until they hit a three way stop. Straight forward led even further into the heart of San Diego. The right road went off towards a Verizon building alongside other major corporations. And to the very left was a road that connected even more skyscrapers. These varied from: a Pepsi Compnay, H&E Company and various others. Randy didn’t have time to read all of them. Kolleen was already pulling forward, even deeper into the city.

“The hospital’s about a couple minutes from here. We take the second left and from there; the first right and then we should be there.” Kolleen stated. Sure enough, they passed the first left, leading to apartments and hotels and then drove by a gas station. The second left was between yet, more buildings. This is why Randy enjoyed where he lived. He didn’t have to go out of his way to attend the school. It was only a five minute drive to the left of his house. At the very end of the road sat the hospital that Kolleen spoke of. It wasn’t too big, just a few stories tall which was unmatched to the other hospitals that were sure to be in the city. The walls were painted a tan color, with dark brown surrounding the windows.

It was shaped like a rectangle; however, the roof was slightly slanted to the left. The closer that they got, the more detail was given to the hospital. Outside stood a small park area, where people could sit and enjoy the day. Brown benches wrapped around these oak trees, giving a 360 degree view. “Here we are, Randy. It only took about twenty, maybe thirty minutes; that’s not too far.” Kolleen said as she entered the parking lot. It was still full, almost to the brim, but she weaseled the car into a spot just nearby the entrance way. “There, we fit in like a glove.” She then turned towards Randy, grabbing a hold of his leg.

“Are you going to be okay?” She asked. He held her hand with both of his and looked right at her eyes. “I am going to be just fine!” There was a small grin on his face. Kolleen saw the sadness and fear in his facial expression though. She knew he was nervous and he had a direct right to be that way. His mother was in the hospital for coughing up blood. She didn’t have the heart to tell him, since she knew he was close to her. Randy continued to look at her, watching her amazing eyes pouring into his soul.

She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek, then got out of the car. Before she closed her door, Kolleen poked her head back in. Her hair was now dangling over her shoulders, partially hiding her face. “Let’s go Randy, your mom’s waiting for you.” Randy nodded, and then took a good few deep breaths, before exiting the car. His mind was set for the best possibility; his soul knew that it was the worst.

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