A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Twelve

Wednesday September 22nd, 2010. Night.

The Hospital Parking Lot:

The air was very muggy when Randy finally exited the car. He immediately felt the heat weigh down heavily on his face. He swiped the few locks of hair from his eyes, straightened his shirt and nodded towards Kolleen. She was leaning on the front end of the car. A slight breeze picked up, tossing her hair around lightly. It flowed like a feather in the air, just floating majestically around. Randy stopped to take in the scenery at an attempt to distract his mind. Cars continued to barrel down the road to try and get home or wherever their destinations were.

Since the hospital sat on the corner of the four way intersection, they stood across from some peculiar places. Places that seemed too weird to have, and yet they couldn’t have been placed at a better location. Directly behind their car across the road, was a bar and from the sounds of it; the bar was tough. All that could be heard inside, other than the loud music was the yelling that came from two guys fighting outside. To the right sat an MMA class, and across from that was a gymnastics building. Randy was looking everywhere but at the depressing building behind him. Just the mere thought of a hospital gave him the creeps. That was until he felt warmth wrapping around his waist.

Kolleen had her arms under his, and locked her hands underneath his naval. Goose bumps began the moment her hands came in contact with his body. Blood rushed down his waist, into his groins and down his legs. Her small, warm breaths collected to his back, making him sweat a bit. “Hey, can I ask you something Kol?” Randy began. “You can ask me anything.” She replied. He could stand there and hear her voice for hours, it was that breathtaking to him. He sighed however and spoke as non shakily as he could muster. “Do you think I should go in there right now?” He could tell that Kolleen was thinking because she became dead silent, and all he could hear was her tiny breathing.

“I know that you may be scared Randy, but you need to see your mom. She’s in dire need of attention and it isn’t right to leave her alone.” He knew that was the right answer and he should willingly go with it. His nerves were kicking into high gear now, making his stomach sick. “Turn around Randy.” Kolleen said. Randy stayed silent, refusing to stare into her eyes. He didn’t want to be broken down even more than he already was. “Turn around and look me in the eyes.” Kolleen said again. He just groaned, gazing up at the night sky and then reluctantly turned on the spot. His heart sank when he saw the shininess in Kolleen’s eyes. “What’s the matter Kol?” he asked her.

She brushed her hair behind her ears, and then touched his face. At first her cold hands made him shiver, but he placed his own over hers and held on as best as he could. A tiny smile formed, as the two continued to gaze at each other. “Your mom needs you now, more than ever. She’s raised you your entire life and it’s high time that you pay her back a bit.” He knew that she was right; that didn’t change the fact that he was terrified to find out what was wrong however. “Come here Randy.” Kolleen put her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. He returned the hug and they held each other for a short while.

“Let’s go!“ “Right, let’s go.” Randy replied. She released him and began walking towards the hospital. When their hands held Randy felt Kolleen squeeze his lightly. His heart pounded rapidly for a moment, slowing his reaction time down. A few seconds later, Randy squeezed hers back. He felt her arm shake a bit and he knew it was her shuddering. Before they entered the main door, Randy felt his face burning. What he did not notice however, was the fact that Kolleen saw his cheek blushing which made her smile.

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