A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Nineteen

Thursday September 23rd, 2010. Late Evening.

Spark’s Residence:

Kolleen seemed to be gone for quite a long time. Randy already became bored of sitting on the bed so he took up pacing around the room as he waited. Every now and then he’d pass a clock that was perched up on the wall which was mounted on the right side of the T.V. He walked by it for what felt like the fiftieth time; it read: 6:45 P.M. “This is ridiculous, come on Kol.” Randy muttered annoyingly. He sighed and plopped himself down on the couch, staring blankly at the television screen. Boredom wasn’t even an accurate word to describe the irritatingly annoying feeling that welled up inside him. The clock kept ticking along second by second. When it clicked over to seven P.M. Randy was convinced that Kolleen fell back asleep. Then the door opened and she walked in.

Randy pretended he was sleeping, but kept his left eye cracked open a bit. Kolleen was trying her hardest to tip toe behind him and not wake him up. He watched her reflection on the T.V. screen as she rummaged through her drawers. She had a pure blue towel wrapped around her entire body whilst one was drying her hair. Despite the fact that her body was covered, Randy couldn’t get his eyes off of her legs. They weren’t too long; just the perfect size and shape for him. He couldn’t believe that he was in the bedroom with the most beautiful girl from high school.

Randy stood up, brushed his hair behind his ears and then slowly made his way over to her. He didn’t notice, but she was smiling down at her underwear, for she knew he was awake. She saw his arms going around her waist; her heart skipped briefly. Randy felt the heat pouring off of her, and it wasn’t because of the hot shower either. It was a different kind of heat that seemed to just dump off of her. “You smell amazing!” Randy whispered in her ear. She rested her hand on top of his head. When her fingers met his hair, he felt shivers floating down his spine and goose bumps poking up everywhere.

She looked up at the mirror, watching as Randy rested his chin on her shoulder. “Are you ready for another amazingly long and dragging night at the station?” She asked him. Randy just groaned and shook his head. “It’s alright, I’m not either.” She replied. He continued to hug her as she kept rummaging through her drawers. “It’s already past seven Kol, we need to get going!” “Right, I just gotta get dressed. Do you mind looking away?” she asked him. “I’ll just use the bathroom and wait by the hallway door.” Randy said as he let go and headed towards the bedroom. “Thanks… Ran-Ran.” Randy stopped abruptly at the door as his ears perked up from the sound of his nickname.

Ran-Ran, I kinda like that name! He thought. Kolleen continued smiling up a storm as Randy exited her room. When he closed her door, Randy turned and nearly jumped out of his skin. Mrs. Sparks was standing outside the door with a basket of laundry. Randy clutched his chest, heaving air in by the gulp. “I’m so sorry darling; I did not mean to frighten you.” Mrs. Sparks said. She was wearing her nurse’s outfit already, but her hair was down this time and not tied back. Randy stopped and stared at her, unable to believe the resemblance between the two. “Kolleen looks just like you; it’s unbelievable.” Mrs. Sparks laughed and shook her head. “I’ve been told that dozens of times. I saw Kolleen getting out of the bathroom, and it seems like it’s a bit too late for you to take a shower.”

Randy looked down at his feet for a second before returning his attention to her. “Yeah, it’s too late for me; I’ll just get some deodorant on and take one before my wrestling show tomorrow.” “Oh that’s right, you’re still wrestling. Kolleen’s told me a lot about you Randy; I like that you’re a respectful young man and you’ve got a plan for your future.” Mrs. Sparks leaned in so she could whisper in his ear. “She talks so much about you Randy, I think she likes you.” Randy’s heart was beating fast now, and his hands were beginning to shake from nerves. Mrs. Sparks backed off, smiling at the sight of his reddened face. “Don’t be shy Randy, she’s a good girl. She’s smart, athletic, healthy and attractive. Just keep acting the way you are and all will be well.”

As Mrs. Sparks ended this statement, Kolleen’s door clicked as she opened it. She was wearing a baggy green shirt with a white shamrock on the front along with white jeans. She had also been wearing green flip flops. Randy was amazed by how beautiful she was, even when she wore a baggy shirt. Her face was enough to just send his emotions into overdrive. He was still in his pajamas so he figured he’d stop by his house and throw something nice on after he deodorized. “Are you ready?” he asked her. “I am indeed, shall we go sir?” Kolleen replied. Randy lifted his right arm, which Kolleen hooked with her left. “Thank you kind sir for being such a good gentlemen.” She said. “Madame I wouldn’t dream of treating you any differently. It’s quite a day we have going here, isn’t it?”

Kolleen stifled a laugh which sounded like a snort almost. Randy continued walking down the hallway, and opened the main entrance for her to walk out. “Ladies are always first.” he said, bowing as she walked past him. He felt Kolleen’s hand on the back of his head and instantly every muscle tensed up all at once. When he was sure she was outside of the door, Randy stood up and nodded over at Mrs. Sparks. She was shaking her head with a tiny grin on her face. He gave her a thumb up and then exited the hallway, closing the door behind him. Kolleen instantly grabbed his hand, and started guiding him down the stairs. She’s so amazing! I love when her hand meets mine, I love how beautiful she is; not just outside but inside as well. She’s just all around perfect, at least to me she is. Randy thought. They were still walking slowly down the stairway.

Kolleen snuck a quick glance over at him when he was looking at the wall. I cannot believe how cool Randy is. I love his mind, his eyes, and his devotion. I wonder if I squeeze his hand if he’ll squeeze back. Kolleen thought. She lightly tightened her grip and then released it; waiting for his reply. They were at the bottom of the stairs now, and walking over to the front door. Kolleen was becoming upset when he did not return her squeeze. Randy knew what the squeeze meant and he wanted to surprise her. He opened the door and let her leave first and then followed her. The day was already becoming dark, with nearly no breeze in the air at all. The air was mostly stagnant, filled with mugginess.

“I just got to run to my house and get some new clothes and then I’ll be right back. Do you want to take your car or do you want me to drive my truck?” Randy asked. Kolleen’s eyes were stinging; she was still upset that he didn’t return the squeeze. She figured she did it too early, though she remembered doing it before. “I… I’ll drive.” Kolleen replied. Randy nodded and sprinted across the road and through his door. Kolleen climbed into her car, resting her head against the steering wheel. Randy closed the front door, hearing the click echo throughout the house. It was eerily silent and it felt ominously creepy. The kitchen was untouched, including the dishes that rested in the sink.

Randy walked past the room and started towards the stairway. Although his body was in his house, his heart and soul were split into two. One half was with his mother in the hospital and the other rested in the car next to Kolleen. He was really starting to like her, a lot. Before Randy knew it, he was already at the top of the stairs. He shook his head, unable to believe he walked up here without knowing he was. He jogged into his room and yanked the middle drawer open, withdrawing a black shirt with the California State Wrestling School stamped across it. He then took out a pair of black jeans from the bottom drawer, and stripped so he could put them on. After the pants were on, Randy deodorized vigorously.

When he was satisfied by how he smelled, he quickly put the shirt on and exited the room. He still couldn’t shake the thoughts of his mother or Kolleen from his mind and it was becoming more difficult to think straight. He knew that the following night he had a wrestling show to do and it was particularly special one. It was his twenty-fifth show on air and he hoped that maybe he would get a title opportunity. Keeping this thought in mind, Randy ran down the stairs and the main hallway. Once he was outside he slammed the door behind him, running all the while. He stopped at the end of his driveway when the annoying group of goons walked by. Gregory was accompanied by his cronies, the Salem twins and taking up the rear; Gorgon Streinholme.

“Are you ready for the big show tomorrow night, Randal?” Gregory called out. He had a black leather jacket on, blue jeans and work boots. The Salem twins were wearing matching white muscle shirts and blue jeans. “I’m as ready as I’ll ever be!” Randy yelled back. Gregory kept walking but he yelled all the while. “I hope you are Randal, tomorrow’s your twenty-fifth show on the air and I’m sure it’s going to be eventful. Hell, we may even see you screw up like you did before you were put on T.V.” Gregory laughed, which the Salem twins followed suit. Gorgon had been wearing baggy blue shorts and black boots; he had no shirt on. He stopped just across from Randy looked him right in the eye and gave him a small thumbs up.

Randy nodded back at him, which made Gorgon smile and in turn made Randy happy. Gorgon had always been nice to Randy, even when he first started out at the C.S.W.S. He could remember the night vaguely since he was attacked after his first training session. All he could really remember was hearing Gregory laughing and then he was out. The next thing he knew, Gorgon was standing over him, which nearly gave him a heart attack since he was so huge.

He’ll never forget the words that Gorgon gave him. “You’re one hell of a natural Randy. I saw your father wrestle before and you’re no different. Don’t ever let idiots like Gregory get in your way. I know that I may hang out with him, but I don’t believe in what he’s doing. There’s going to come a time when I want to leave him and I hope it’s soon; I hate his idiocy. Anyway, welcome to the C.S.W.S. I hope your time here is memorable and helpful.”

The sun was already setting, bringing a slightly lower chill to the air. Randy shivered and ran across the road, entering Kolleen’s car when he got there. She was still resting her head on the steering wheel, and her right hand lay limply between the two front seats. Randy slid his own into hers, gripped it nice and firmly then squeezed lightly. Kolleen’s hand twitched a bit and her heart leapt. “You did notice.” She said. “Yes, I did. I knew what you were doing Kol, and I’m sorry I didn’t return it earlier. My mind was a bit distracted.” Randy replied.

Kolleen pulled her head away from the steering wheel, and shook her head a bit to loosen her hair. Every strand flowed back into place; some on her shoulders and the rest was on her back. She let go of Randy’s hand and cautiously backed out of her driveway. When they were on the road and heading towards work, Kolleen immediately grabbed his hand again. For a while, they sat in silence, only listening to their own thoughts. When they took a left out of the driveway, and entered the freeway, Randy squeezed her hand lightly. They stopped at the red light as she prepared the right turn past the highway entrances. When the light turned green, she squeezed his hand back. He didn’t notice but the left side of her mouth was smiling and her heart was filled with happiness.

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