A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Two

Tuesday September 21st, 2010. Mid-Evening:

Rodriguez Residence

Randy was sitting up in his room, staring at his T.V screen as he waited for his favorite show to come on. It was on every Tuesday night from 8:00 P.M. – 11:00 P.M. He had this same old, 30’’ Sanyo television for the last ten years. It was sitting upon a dark dresser. His entire room was designed just for the DWL. Behind his bed were two posters, one of a man with a thick black mustache and a bald head, who wore bright yellow tights and white boots. He was a very built man, with a wide jaw and even wider nose. The name under the picture read, Patrick Rodriguez. Next to the name was a list of titles that he held, amongst those titles was the DWL Heavyweight Championship.

To the right of this poster was of a man who was a lot taller, and had shoulder length black hair. He wore red tights, white knee pads and dark blue boots. On each hand were MMA gloves with the American flag printed on them. Randy’s father, Robert was always patriotic about the United States. That’s why he retired as DWL Heavyweight Champion and joined the military to help it out during the War on Afghanistan. The room was octagon shaped due to the structure of their house. Randy himself, is a very tall, and muscular man.

He stands at 6’10’’ tall and weighs 255 pounds, mostly muscle. He had just turned eighteen before he graduated, over three months ago. His hair was shoulder length and scraggly, and matched the color of coal, something he inherited from his father and grandfather as well as his mother. Both eyes were emerald green; his mother’s eye color.

He had a long face, wide chin, thick/wide nostrils and thin lips. His ears were very big, much bigger than any of the other Rodriguez boys. During high school Randy would be picked on due to his abnormal size and weight. The other guys would call him a gorilla due to the size of his hands and feet, which easily beat out all the other guys. But his mother always told him that they were jealous of his talents. He just smirked, folding his arms, waving the hair away from his face and stared at the screen. A boring commercial dealing with a lawyer was on, which he couldn’t stand, so he figured he’d continue day dreaming. Laying down on his bed, Randy gazed at the ceiling. There were numerous amounts of posters all dealing with women showing off their chests or bending over, exposing their butts.

Sure they’re attractive and all, but that’s just it. They’re exposing themselves for the lust of men, or women. he thought. He never judged anyone, no matter if they were big, small, overweight, too skinny, black, white, what have you. He was always nice to anyone he came across, which baffled him so much. Why did all the girls and guys treat him like absolute crap when he did nothing but good things? He decided it was best to just block out the annoyance and think about what he wanted to do.

His mother wanted him to make something of himself in college, or even the military. Ever since his grandfather died and then his father, Randy just lost all interest in both fields. At this current moment of time, all he wanted was to wrestle. That’s what he was good at. He graduated school being the California State Wrestling Champion and holds the record for biggest win/lose ratio with a 100/1. The one time he lost was due to a fluke, biased call.

The person who weighed him in, read the weights wrong and said he was a few pounds underweight when in reality, he was an average heavyweight. The referee figured this out so in return, he disqualified Randy making him come in second place. He was still laying in his bed, with his eyes shut just daydreaming about the time when he would become an actual DWL athlete. Just then the show came back on as the boisterous commentary from John Parker boomed from the speakers.

“And welcome back to DWL, the Dominate Wrestling League! I am yours truly, John Parker alongside my longtime southern partner, Paul Brooke welcoming you all back to a very exciting night of professional wrestling.” Then the low southern voice took over. “That is exactly right John! Tonight we have an amazing main event between the reigning DWL Heavyweight Champion, Crackin’ Jackson and the rising star that has been sweeping the girls right off their feet; the suave and sophisticated, Manny Morgan!” Randy was on the edge of his seat now, staring at the DWL ring as lights began to flash yellow, indicating Crackin’ Jackson was about to enter.

Sure enough he was exiting the backstage, and standing at the top of the ramp. The camera zoomed in, showing off every feature he had to offer. Crackin’ Jackson always wore a white bandana around the bottom of his afro, and had a very thick beard. His hair and beard were dyed white. He would wear one single white glove on his right hand, white underwear with dark purple letters: CJ on the front and back. He was as dark skinned as the shadows out in the far audience. Randy nearly had his nose pressed up against his screen when his mom knocked on the door. “Randy?” she called out. He ignored her for a little while, almost not hearing her at all. “Randy?” she asked again. He grunted in return, still staring at his screen.

His mom opened the door, and just watched him as he inched closer and closer to his T.V. “Randy, you’re going to be late for work, and you don’t want to disappoint your boss, do you?” She asked. Diana Rodriguez was his mom’s name. She had long bushy black hair, green eyes, and a face that resembled a lion. Her mouth was wide and her nostrils matched it. Her eyes were both cat like as well. Diana was wearing a red dress, at the time. She was leaning on his doorframe, waiting to catch his attention. “My God Randy, What does a woman gotta do to get your attention?” she asked.

He finally turned all his attention to her, leaving behind Manny Morgan as he made his way down the ramp. Then it hit him, “Aw man! I gotta work tonight?!” he replied. “Of course you do. It’s your first day working for an entire month at the gas station. You’re making minimum wage, but at least it’s footing your bill for the wrestling school. Plus…” Diana added on, walking over and sitting on the edge of his bed. She embraced him with one arm and rocked him a bit. “That girl you like is still working there. Maybe you can, you know…” She said, moving her eyebrows up and down at him. “Mom!” Randy said, nudging her playfully.

“Come on. I packed your supper in your lunch bag. You’ve still got time to pick her up.” She led him out of his bedroom, leaving the T.V on. They had a very huge house. Directly outside of Randy’s room, was a walkway leading down to the bathroom. There were four extra bedrooms in the house, two on each side, and at the very end, to the right was the bathroom. Diana’s room was to the very left of the bathroom and was the biggest. The other four bedrooms practically copied the structure of Randy’s room, which was the idea that Robert Rodriguez had. The doors were painted black, to contrast against all the red.

Directly across from his room was the staircase, leading into the main entrance which Randy descended behind his mother. Throughout the house there were mahogany wooden floors. He walked towards the living room which held an enormous T.V. with multiple game systems hooked up to it. These all stood to the very far right corner of the room, with a leather couch placed across from it.

He tore his eyes away from the games and walked over to where his mom was, standing inside the kitchen. What was unique about this house was the bar-like table which had an opening leading to the kitchen. The tabletops were made of solid blue marble. There were two more windows in this room, one behind the sink, and the other was on the opposite side, to the left of the fridge. Diana was standing next to the cupboards.

She was muttering to herself while re-arranging the food inside. “Hey Mom?” he asked, sitting down on the opposite side of the bar. “Yes?” Diana replied. Randy had a hand on his lunch which smelled very Italian to him. He snuck a peak inside to see what it was. “There’s a bowl of spaghetti in there Randy and a couple slices of Italian bread. I also slipped a can of V8 in there, since I know you love them so much.” Sure enough, the dinner and drink was packed snuggly in the lunch bag. “Wow, thanks Mom!” he replied. Diana finally turned her attention back to him and gave him an enormous grin. She kept smiling and then kissed the top of his head. “Go get her Randy. Have fun tonight and remember, you have to be back at the wrestling school tomorrow afternoon.”

“I’ll never forget that. I gotta go now, bye and I love you!” he yelled as he grabbed his supper and whipped the front door open. He was greeted with the setting of the sun, just behind a vast amount of skyscrapers. There were groups of cars driving, honking of horns and screeching of tires, welcoming him to the outside. Randy loved that the most about this place, California was a great state and his town of San Diego was no different.

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