A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Twenty Six

Friday September 24th, 2010. Early-Mid Night:

CSWS Building:

Whilst Randy and Marcos were readying themselves near the arena entrance, the Salem twins were busy storming into Mr. Maximus’ office. It was a basic office, small but reliable. It had one broken window on the left side, facing the city. There was an old brown wood desk which stood directly across from the fogged glass door. The walls were painted a creamy color, but were faded over time. Two wood chairs stood opposite of the desk and a single two person couch on the left.

Mr. Maximus had been staring down at numerous amounts of papers; he was muttering to himself. “I gotta get these papers signed soon… Ah, boys! Come, sit down.” He said once he noticed the twins. John took a seat in the left chair, and Jacob sat in the right.

Mr. Maximus set his papers down, resting his hands together as he stared at them. Jacob couldn’t return the gaze but stared down at the floor. John cleared his throat, which made Mr. Maximus look at him. “What is it John?” He asked. “Well, sir… I don’t know how to say this or where I should even begin.” “Ah, you’re wondering why I granted Mr. Gonzales a title match, aren’t you?” Mr. Maximus had a smug grin on his face as he watched John nod back at him. Mr. Maximus stood up and began walking back and forth behind his desk.

“Well you see, the answer is really quite simple. You two have been the CSWS Tag Team Champions for too long, at least without proper opponents. Sure, Tiny Joe and Jorge Javier gave you a fight, but they weren’t up to par. I need a team who’s going to put your money where your mouths are. I’ve seen Marcos wrestle and he’s improved so much as of late. And from what I hear, he’s interested in picking Randy as his partner.” He put a hand on the back of their chairs and leaned in. “Is that right?” he whispered. Jacob gulped loudly, and fiddled with his title belt.

The belt was made with dark brown leather, and silver button studs. The plate was a circle made of silver with a referee holding up two hands. The title: CSWS Tag Team Champion was printed in red above the hands, and a silver plate with Jacob Salem had been stamped into the bottom. Both titles had this design, except for the names. John cleared his throat and answered as casually as he could.

“Sir, are you sure it’s time for these two to battle for a title? I mean surely they still have time to prepare for such an event.” “Turn around boys.” Mr. Maximus said. They did as they were told, since they feared him. They each stood up, spun the chairs around and sat back down. Again, Jacob stared at the floor and let John do all the talking. Mr. Maximus noticed this and turned his attention to him. “Jacob? I need your undivided attention. If you do not grant me this request, I’ll take that title away from you.” This got Jacob’s complete attention. He had a look of fury on his face.

“You can’t do that!” he replied. Mr. Maximus folded his arms and smirked. “Of course I can. I’m the owner of this establishment and if I deem you not worthy of a title, I can take it away. It’s all a part of your contract, unless you didn’t read it.” Jacob had nothing to use as a retort, so he just scowled back down at the floor. “Please, turn your gaze towards me, that’s your second and final warning.” “Jacob, look at him damn it!” John said. He kicked Jacob’s shin. “OW!” Again, Jacob scowled but this time he kept his eyes on their boss.

“Did you two by any chance hear what match these two wanted?” Jacob shook his head. John nudged him, furrowing his eyebrows. Jacob knew what that look meant; John was always an honest guy, even if they picked on Randy. “Oh, fine… Yes sir, we overheard them talking from a few rows over in the locker room.” John chimed in, so Jacob wouldn’t have to continue. “They… well, Randy said he wanted it to be a two on two, falls count anywhere, elimination match. He wants it to be no DQ, and no rope breaks.”

“Hmm, interesting. That sounds like main event material right there, I can see it now.” Mr. Maximus turned around, stroking his chin. He said each word while moving his right hand, as if it were spelling a title. “Randy Rodriguez and Marcos Gonzales vs. John and Jacob Salem for the CSWS Tag Team Championships. Falls Count Anywhere and Anything Goes match. I LOVE IT!” He roared, and then bolted around the twins back to his seat. They turned around, watching as he ruffled excitedly through the papers. “AH, here they are! You two have to sign these forms, indicating you know that your titles are on the line.” Mr. Maximus handed over a couple forms, with miniscule writing all over it.

“Just sign the bottom and I’ll rush this off to Randy and Marcos. Your match is going to be in an hour, so get ready.” John sighed and then scribbled his name into the bottom, and waited for Jacob to do the same. “Now now Jacob, we don’t have all night. Just sign your name; if you’re as good as you claim to be this shouldn’t be a challenge.” Fueled with the hatred he felt at that moment, he roughly signed his name and tossed the contract back across the desk. “There you go, that wasn’t too hard now was it? I’ll get these papers over to Randy and Marcos. You two get prepared, goodbye.”

“I can’t believe this crap!” Jacob yelled, standing up abruptly. He threw his belt over his shoulder and scowled even more. John walked up to him, his title was over his left shoulder. “Hey, the boss is right. We haven’t been challenged that much recently. All of these other wannabe teams try to take our spots but they’ve failed. Randy and Marcos are great wrestlers; I’ve seen them both in action. It’s going to be a night that all of wrestling history will remember, that should be enough incentive, right?” John said. Jacob couldn’t help but crack a smile from these words. John put his arm around Jacob’s shoulders and shook him lightly. “Now, let’s get the show on the road.” With that being said, both of the twins exited the office, with a smile on their faces and a glistening on their belts.

Marcos sat on the floor, stretching out his quads whilst Randy did the same with arm exercises added. He needed to be nice and flexible for the coming match and relied on that for his finisher. As they stretched, a couple familiar faces appeared to wish them good luck. First of which was Gorgon, who was wearing his wrestling attire already. His outfit consisted of orange tights with black tiger prints along with matching boots and gloves. “Nice clothes man!” Marcos exclaimed. “Yeah, I’m liking the attire Gorgon!” Randy said. “Thanks guys, I paid quite a bit of my savings on this outfit and it fits my stage name perfectly.” Randy continued to stretch his arms behind his head, while talking. “What’s your name, if you don’t mind me asking.”

“No, not at all Randy. My stage name is: Giant Animal Steel or G.A.S. for short. You see, they took my initials and turned it into an epic and yet frightening name. Thus, my attire fits it.” He motioned up and down his tights. Randy couldn’t help but notice how built Gorgon looked. He had chiseled abdominal muscles that looked like they were made of stone. Matching this were his enormous biceps as well as his legs. “You’re really built Gorgon, I’m just saying.” Randy said. The familiar low laugh that he came to love, barreled out of him. “Yeah, but it doesn’t look natural though. I had to bust my ass to get my body into this kind of shape. Trust me, my personal trainer put me through the wringer dozens of times and then twenty times more.”

“When’s your match?” Marcos asked, as he finally stood back up. “Oh, it’s shortly after yours. I heard that your match is main event material; very nice! You’re moving on up to the big leagues you two. I’ve been in a couple main events as well, and it’s nice to see that good talent is being recognized. If you don’t mind, I’m going to go to the locker rooms and stretch in private. Good luck you two, and bring home them belts!” Randy nodded at him, as did Marcos. When he was out of sight, Marcos turned back towards Randy. “Thank God we don’t have to wrestle that guy, right? I mean, my lord, he’s enormous!”

“I agree, fighting him would probably just bring pain on a massive scale.” Randy found a chair just opposite of the steel doors and sat down. His heart was beginning to beat faster and harder, causing his brain to feel dizzy. His hair hanged over his eyes slightly as he continued to stare at the door. Marcos took it upon himself to just watch Randy for a little while. He was amazed by the concentration etched on his face. “What’s the matter man?” he asked, after five minutes went by.

Both of them could hear the arena being filled with fans, all of which were chatting loudly. It reminded Randy of how loud the school cafeteria was. “This is it, isn’t it? Tonight we battle for our first titles and it’s gonna be so epic that the news will have to broadcast it!” he said. “True that my man. All of the newcomers and old timers are gonna be jealous of us two. We just have to focus and try to eliminate one of the Salem twins as fast as possible. If worse comes to worse and one of us is eliminated, we have to trust the other will fight for his life in that arena.” Marcos replied.

Randy finally looked away from the doors and cracked a small grin. Marcos bared all of his teeth, smiling back at him. “That’s the Randy that I know… And hello miss foxy!” he said. Randy turned around and nearly clutched his chest. His heart instantly went into overdrive mode and began beating three times the normal rate. Kolleen was sitting on his arm rest, with her hands folded into her legs and eyes locked onto him. “How’s it going Randy?” she asked. “It’s… it’s going great! How are you feeling?” “I’m just fine, thanks. I figured I should come out here and wish you two good luck and I heard what the match will be…” This made Kolleen stop mid sentence. Randy noticed the worry in her eyes, as she looked away from him, towards the wall behind him.

He grabbed her chin and turned her face back towards his own and looked deep into her eyes. “Don’t worry about me Kol, I’ll be fine! Just think of it this way, there’s a chance Marcos and I can be the new CSWS Tag Team Champs and you’ll be right there every step of the way.” He stopped for a few moments to let her reply. When she didn’t, he figured he could continue. “And if we lose, then so be it Kol! We gave it our best shot and that’s all anyone asks for right? That’s all our parents asked for, all Mr. Maximus asks for, hell it’s all our peers ask for. Everyone just wants to see a good match that’s entertaining and full of competition. I’ll be so much happier with you at ringside.”

He saw her hand sliding over to his lap which he held onto and kissed the back of it. He felt warmth flow through his veins, up his arm and into his own face, causing his cheeks to burn hot. She leaned in, with closed eyes which Randy returned. For a few brief seconds, time stood still. All Randy could hear was muffled chatter from beyond the doors, and the silence of the room around them. Then their lips met, and he felt her heart beating alongside his. They embraced each other as they kissed on. When they finally released themselves, Randy heard all the outside noise rush back in.

“Now, go get em’ Randy, I’ll be rooting for you two.” She turned and walked towards a side door, which lead to the arena stands. Randy watched her hips sway back and forth until the door blocked her from site. “Wow, she’s something ain’t she?” Marcos asked. “She really is Marcos, I think I’m in love.” Randy replied. He felt Marcos’ hand clap onto his back. “And good for you man, I’m happy for you two love birds. Anything to boost your morale is a good thing. Now, let’s focus on the task at hand. In about… fifteen minutes we’ll be making our first title shot appearance. Let’s prepare ourselves some more.” Randy nodded, and got down onto the floor so he could do a few push ups to loosen his arms. He couldn’t get Kolleen out of his mind, maybe it was a good thing; for it allowed him to continue with happiness and with a clear head.

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