A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Thirty

Monday November 14th 2080. Morning

Rodriguez Residence:

“Grandpa? Can I ask you something?” A set of voices asked. Randy grunted and slowly opened his eyes, to face Lori and the twins as well as Charlie. “What’s up kids?” Randy asked, propping himself up. Outside he could hear birds chirping, making him gaze towards the farthest window to his right. The sun still hadn’t risen yet, but it definitely was the morning. “We have school today Grandpa.” Lori said. Randy’s eyes shot open with shock. “Oh crap… Kol?” He called out, nudging Kolleen. She groaned annoyingly, but he knew she was awake. “Kol, the kids have school today. We haven’t packed anything for them.”

As if she were shocked, Kolleen jumped up out of bed and quickly straightened her nightgown. “Oh my god kids, I’m so sorry! I’m so used to your home schooling that I forgot you have a mandated meeting today. Come with me, I’ll go get your breakfast and then I’ll set up your lunches while you eat. Come on, follow me.” she said, ushering the kids out the bedroom door. Once it shut, Randy fell back to his pillow and rubbed his eyes. “God the morning comes so fast!” he said. “Well, I might as well help her, if I can.” He swung the covers off of him and then turned his legs over. Grabbing firmly onto his cane, Randy pushed and lifted himself up onto his feet.

He put his slippers on and made his way to the door. Today was going to be a good day, Randy could tell. His heart wasn’t giving him too many problems, meaning he could walk normally and didn’t have to worry about being winded. His heart was weird that way. Some days it refused to let him move at all, others he could walk all day and not have a problem. He looked up and thanked God for giving him a good day today and then exited the room and entered the hallway. Downstairs Randy could hear the kids giggling in the kitchen, which warmed his heart.

He kept walking down the hall, bypassing the many rooms that the upstairs held and reached the stairway. He figured that he was making good time, so he checked out the timeline some more. The very last picture was of Lori and Charlie, with the twins being in the picture next to them. “My whole family line is so confusing. If it weren’t for these pictures I’d be so far up shit’s creek without a paddle, that it wouldn’t be funny.” Randy had to pull away from the timeline since his head was beginning to spin from the confusion.

“All I need to know is who my great grandkids are now and their parents. My grandchildren are already in their thirties and I don’t even want to start on how old my actual kids are.” Randy said and started to descend the stairs. The light had already brightened outside, as the sun rose up. “God dang, did that timeline take me that long?!” Randy exclaimed. He shook his head and just laughed at his feet. He couldn’t believe the family had grown so much. He needed to get to the kitchen, at least before the kids took off for their meeting. Once he hit the bottom of the stairs, he immediately made his way down to the last room.

It was brightly lit, filled with the sound of paper bags being rolled up, and whispered chatter. Randy kept a brisk pace and bypassed the tiny bathroom under the stairs. He was near the door, and when he got there, he leaned against the door way. Just enough so he could see the little ones eat happily at the granite island. The kitchen had been built with the island right where the fridge was. A long counter top, which matched the island, ran to the right of the fridge, just past the electric stove. To the far left sat a long table, with ten chairs situated all around it.

Charlie sat on the farthest side, towards the wall, with Lori to his right. Randal and Roy took up the end; both of which were talking playfully to Lori. Charlie was just like Randy and just wanted to eat and get the day done and over with. “How are my great grandkids?” Randy asked. Kolleen nearly dropped one of the bagged lunches, and whipped around. “Good God Randy, you scared me!” she said. All of the kids laughed. “Oh you think that’s funny do ya?” Kolleen replied, smiling back at them. “Bah, you’ve heard louder Kol.” Randy said, waving at her. “Come here young man.” Kolleen replied.

Randy waltzed over to her and grabbed her hips. Pulling her close, he started to dance. “Not here Randy…” “Come on Kolleen, it’s just a dance.” he replied. She giggled at him, and began to shake her hips. “I wanna dance too!” Lori yelled out. “Come here then.” Randy replied. She jumped down from her chair and walked over to them. Her head only came up to just past Randy‘s waist. He picked her up and placed her tiny feet in the very center of his. Then slowly, he began to rock back and forth, moving his legs to make hers move.

“You have big feet grandpa…” Lori said, trailing off at the end. Randy chuckled, which Kolleen did in turn. They turned around a few times before Kolleen stopped them. “It’s almost eight Randy. They have to get outside and wait for the bus.” Randy nodded and helped Lori back to her feet and then patted the top of her head. She gave him the biggest smile he’d ever seen from a little girl. “Will you continue the story later grandpa?” she asked him. Her voice sounded so young and soothing.

“Of course Lori! Later I’m taking you all to the park and I’ll continue my story there.” He replied. He looked out the window behind the sink, watching the sun rise higher. “I’ll see you kids off to the bus.” He said. Charlie, Randal and Roy all got off their chairs at the same time and followed Randy back out to the hallway. Instead of going straight down, there was a smaller walkway to the direct right out of the kitchen. It was a thin tunnel like hall which had a bright light at the end. It was a shortcut to the front door and Randy loved it so much.

“You know, when I was your age, I used to love walking through this passageway. I just love how it cuts through the walls, literally. We’re underneath the walls right now as we speak.” Randy said to them, guiding them all onward. “Really?” Charlie called out. “Of course! Would I ever lie to you kids?” Randy replied. There was a moment’s silence following this question which made him laugh. He turned and shook his head, rubbing his eyes. His grin reassured the kids that he was still laughing.

“What’s taking so long to answer that simple question?” he asked them all. “Now, now Randy, don’t pester the kids.” Kolleen interjected, walking up behind the twins. He saw the smirk on her face and nodded in return. “Off you go.” Randy said, nudging all of the kids out the front door. He and Kolleen stepped out onto the front porch, each one had an arm around the other’s waist. They watched the great grandkids walking down the driveway, and climb into the bus. The sun was beginning to shine down on their faces, warming them slightly.

As soon as the bus took off, Randy ushered Kolleen back into the house, holding the door open for her. She walked by, patting him on the head. “Thank you kind sir.” she said. Randy nodded, shutting the door behind him. No matter how much older Kolleen was getting, she still had that way she walked. Swaying her hips back and forth to get him going. He knew today would be the day they could spend some time together. So he stood straight up, stuck out his chest and walked in her wake.

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