A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Thirty One

Monday November 14th 2080. Mid Morning:

Rodriguez Master Bedroom

The sun shined brightly through the wide open window behind Randy’s and Kolleen’s bed. A slightly chilly breeze blew in through the cracks in the window, making Randy shiver. Kolleen kicked off her shoes and slid into bed on his right, wrapping her arms around his waist. Instantly he felt warmth float through his veins. “What do you suppose we do? At the moment we have about six hours or so until the kids get out of the meeting at school.” Kolleen asked, whispering into his ear.

He grinned, knowing exactly what he wanted to do. Leaning over, Randy grabbed each side of Kolleen’s face and pulled it towards his own. Pursing his lips, he waited; moments later he felt the soft, yet wrinkly embrace of Kolleen’s own. Instant adrenaline surged throughout his body. Before Kolleen could even remove her stockings, Randy was all over her. There were waves of passionate lust bursting from each of them; before either of them knew it, the moment was gone. Randy leaned to his side, smiling at the ceiling.

Kolleen was breathing heavy, clutching the blanket to her chest. That playful little giggle that he fell in love with escaped her mouth. He put an arm around her neck, leaning his head towards her. She had her hands resting on his chest, feeling his heart beating, slow, but steady. “What time is it?” Randy asked. Kolleen reached behind her, feeling for the alarm clock and when she felt it, she pulled it towards them. Her eyes shot open and instantly she jolted out of bed, grabbing her clothes off the floor.

“What’s the rush Kol?” Randy asked. He sat up, propping himself with his elbows. She spun around, holding a bobby pin in her mouth while pulling her hair back. “It’s two thirty Randy. We have to go get the kids and soon!” She replied. Randy’s heart skipped a beat, as realization hit him. He jumped out of bed as well, slipping on the nearest pair of pants he could find; a pair of white jogging pants, and put on a long sleeved black shirt.

Looking over at her, he had to stop again momentarily; just to take in all her splendor. “Randy, we really need to get moving.” Kolleen persisted. He folded his arms, watching her slide her slippers onto each foot. She turned back around, noticing he wasn’t moving again. “I’m serious, we’re running out of time!” She said hurriedly. “I know, I just can’t get over how beautiful you are.” He walked over to her as fast as his cane would allow, singing a tune. “If our love’s insanity, why are you my…” He stopped; his free arm outstretched. Raising and lowering his eyebrows at her, Kolleen laughed, unable to help it.

She grabbed a hold of him and hugged him tightly. Whispering in his ear she said, “Clarity.” He nodded, rubbing her back. “When I popped the question, much to my surprise…” He paused for her again. “She said yes.” She replied. There were silent sobs coming from her now. Randy ran his fingers through her hair, and then slid his hand down to her back. He kissed the top of her head, and felt her kissing his chest. “I love you so, so much Kol.” She looked up with those magnificent blue eyes; they had tears welling inside them.

“I love you too Ran-Ran.” With that being said, Randy guided her towards the bedroom door, holding it open for her. When she walked by he stroked her cheek. She blushed, stroking his in return. And then they both exited the room, on their way towards the front door, out into the cool afternoon air and into Randy’s old truck. It brought intense memories back to him, almost like a tidal wave of mental imagery. The light became brighter, and a loud ringing grew in his ears. He winced, feeling the memories arriving.

When he opened them he was sitting in his truck, except this time he was in his twenties again. Kolleen was smiling intensely at him; she looked young as well. Her cheeks were blushing, and sweat poured down her face. Her pants were gone and she was just slipping her underwear back on. Randy noticed that her shirt was off as well and she just finished hooking her bra back up.

He moved to the right a bit, instantly feeling the blood rush down his body. Excitement was ebbing away at a rapid pace. He felt sweat pouring down his back, as well as his chest; he was shirtless. Kolleen reached over, placing her tiny hand on his chest like she did now. He grabbed it, and kissed the back of it gingerly. She giggled, and then returned to putting her clothes on. He was confused, but felt the words forming on his lips regardless. “D-did we just… you know?” he said, nodding towards her.

“Yes we did. How was it?” Kolleen replied, biting her bottom lip. Randy ruffled his hair around, feeling as giddy as a little teenager. “It was… AMAZING!” he replied. Kolleen laughed, and then continued to talk. “Was it your first time?” Randy heard the question and yet couldn’t quite find the answer immediately. He was still getting over the fact that they just made love. He nodded at her, “Yes, I was a virgin before this moment. This, amazingly awesome, moment.”

“How about you?” He replied. She tied her hair back, after putting her t-shirt on. “Yes, I hoped it was good. I was so nervous that you wouldn’t like it.” She said. Randy waved the comment off. “Pssh, I was worried about the same thing.” He laughed. “Ran-Ran, we gotta go. Kolleen said with the hair tie in her mouth. “W-what?” Randy replied, putting his fingers on his temples. “We gotta go pick up the kids Randy…” Randy shook his head, looking over at Kolleen. She was old again, and looking with concern at him.

“A-Are you alright Randy?” she asked. She rubbed his shoulder lightly and shook him a bit, trying to bring him back to reality. Randy kept shaking his head every now and then, trying to force the ringing from his ears and the pain away. “I’m j-just fine. I just need to catch my breath.” His heart was beating harder and harder with each passing second. After a little while his heart rate slowed back down and he was able to hear the noises around him once more.

Before he was barely able to understand Kolleen, but her voice now came at a full pitch. “Are you sure Randy?” she asked. He nodded, grabbing her thigh. He then pushed the rest of pain away and sniffed deeply. “Alright, lets go get the little ones.” She started the truck and began driving towards the school. As they drove on something else began to arise in Randy’s subconscious. He wasn’t himself anymore, but when he looked down he had slender hands.

“How is her condition?” Doctor Farber asked. He leaned against the wall searching through Diana’s medical charts. Randy, posing as Nurse Penny, looked over the charts with him and sighed. “She has a severe case of lung cancer doctor. Operations aren’t even an option. There’s a slight chance she’ll survive…” Penny trailed off, looking over at Diana, who was fast asleep. This is so weird. What the hell is going on?! Randy thought. Diana’s heart meter continued to beep at a rhythm. Doctor Farber held onto Penny’s shoulder, which made Randy feel weird. “I have no idea how you must feel right now, let alone the rest of her family. It‘s a hard job being in this field. We’ll do whatever we can to help her survive. It is the two thousands now, so anything is possible.”

Doctor Farber shook Penny lightly and exited the room. Randy, still posing as Penny checked her watch, it read: 11/24/10. “He’s right, medical technology nowadays is quite amazing.” Penny left the room, dimming Diana’s lights down so she could relax more. She turned left, past the nurses’ station, and then took a right, walking straight down the brightly lit hallway. The walls were white, bordered with light blue and the floors mimicked the look of marble. Every few feet Penny would walk by an open room with families spending time with their loved ones.

She stopped just short of the last room on the left, to check herself in the mirror. Her dark hair was tightly wound up into a bun. She had green eyes, a long yet slightly round face, thick lips and a tiny nose. Her cheekbones are a bit high but the roundness of her cheeks filled them in. She was a little overweight, but just by ten pounds. She straightened her nurse hat and dusted off her uniform. She then turned right and stopped just outside the last left door. There was a window to her right, which showed off the many buildings of the city.

Light gleamed off the windows, making her squint. She turned her gaze back towards the door, waiting for her eyes to adjust again. Once they did the name slated on the white board came in clearly. It read: Randy Rodriguez. Being treated for head trauma and slight internal bleeding. Penny sighed and opened the door. This is beyond weird. Randy thought. The room was darkened, for Randy’s own relaxation. Sitting in a chair directly next to his left hand was a blonde haired girl. She was whispering and stroking his hand. When Penny entered the room, the girl did not notice her. It was only when the door clicked shut that she jolted.

“H-How is he nurse?” she asked. Penny’s heart sank by the sound of the girl’s pained voice. Just then Randy felt himself being yanked out of Penny’s body and floated right back into his own. He was asleep, in this memory but he could hear voices as clear as day. Penny walked over and picked up Randy’s charts. They were updated every hour, and it just hit eleven in the morning, so the report was fresh. “Let’s see, his vitals are doing good. The internal bleeding seemed to have stopped, must have a slight cut inside somewhere, but it must have clogged. As for the head trauma… oh dear.” Penny said. “W-What?” Kolleen replied. “It says that he’s suffered quite a bit of trauma. What has he been doing?” Penny asked, looking concerned. Kolleen sat back and felt her eyes stinging. “He’s wrestling; h-he just had his first tag team title match last night at the C.S.W.S.” she replied.

“Why do you ask?” Kolleen said, sitting straight up. “It’s just I’m a nurse and I can’t help if I don’t know what caused this damage.” Penny said. She stopped and looked off to the left. When she spoke again it was with a subtle tone but still concerned. “When did he… start doing this?” “He just started wrestling in the minor leagues about six months ago. Yesterday was his first huge match and well, they did win, proof of that is the title to his right.” Kolleen replied, waving a hand towards the opposite chair.

“Wow, j-just wow! I can’t believe he’s doing this.” Penny stated. She had a hand cupped over her mouth. Kolleen noticed the watery look in Penny’s eyes and stood up to comfort her. “By the way, how far along are you?” she asked just when Kolleen grabbed her shoulders. Kolleen felt weird now, backing off and playing with her hair. “How did you know?” she asked. Penny just shook her head. “I’m not stupid. You’re showing all the signs, swollen ankles, I’ve seen you rub your chest a bit from time to time. That means you‘re sensitive and tender, and your constantly cupping her stomach.”

“I-I just got a pregnancy test a few weeks ago and it gave me the plus sign. I didn’t believe it at first so I tested it like five more times with each one showing the same symbol.” Kolleen started, sitting back down in her chair. Penny walked over to her, placing a hand on top of Kolleen’s and looked her straight in the eye. “How far along are you?” she asked. Kolleen’s bottom lip was trembling a bit. “I honestly don’t know. It’s been a over a month since I had my last period.” “So you would say you’re about one, maybe one and a half months along now?” Penny asked. “I don’t know, maybe?” Randy began to stir in his bed, groaning slightly before passing back out. Penny stood back up, straightening her dress. She waited at the door with her hand on the knob. “If you ever need help just call for Nurse Penny, and I’ll be right here, okay?” “Y-yes, thank you. A-And, please don’t tell Randy about this, I’m not sure if it’s the right time.”

Penny nodded, “Your secret is safe with me. What is your name by the way?” Penny replied. “I’m Kolleen; Kolleen Sparks.” She said. Penny smiled, and opened the door. Just before she shut it she whispered through the little crack. “Give regards to my brother for me alright?” with that, she shut the door, leaving Kolleen and Randy in the darkness. Kolleen’s eyes were wide and mouth was agape. “Did I hear her right, ’My brother’?” She shook her head, and then rested it on Randy’s arm. Her stomach was churning, making her slightly sick but she fought it. Randy needed her and she couldn’t afford to be away from him. Neither she or her baby could afford to be gone long.

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