A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Thirty Two

Monday November 14th, 2080: Mid Afternoon


“Did I hear you right, Grandpa?” Charlie asked. He was crossing his legs alongside his sister, Lori. Roy and Randal had been doing their own thing on the playground. Randy sat there in silence for a few brief moments, he looked over at Kolleen who just blushed back. “You heard right Charlie. Apparently as I lay knocked out, your great grandma was laying pregnant.”

“Ah those were the days, weren’t they Randy?” Kolleen asked him. She rested her head on his shoulder. He nodded as he took in a long deep breath. The smooth afternoon air welcomed his lungs as he continued to sit there in silence. Charlie and Lori must have been getting bored. They began picking at the grass; both sighing loudly. Randy looked down at them and shook his head slightly. “I’m sorry, am I boring you two?” He laughed. Charlie looked up at him and shook his head this time. Lori looked up as well. She was bearing the smile that reminded Randy so much of his granddaughter.

“You look just like your grandmother, Ellie.” Randy stated towards Lori. Her smile brightened as well as her eyes. Randy continued to rest his head on top of Kolleen’s and began contemplating what he should say next. “If I remember correctly, that night, I was knocked out.” “You remembered right, Randy.” Kolleen replied.

“Alright then. I guess the next spot we should start is the day I was released from the hospital. I remember it like it was only yesterday…” Randy started to talk on, as the memories flooded back to him. It was at this time that Roy and Randal decided to return and listen. All of the great grandchildren had interest painted on their faces, especially Lori and Charlie.

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