A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Thirty Three

Monday September 27th, 2010: Late Evening.

Randy’s House:

“It’s nice to see you’re finally waking up!” Kolleen stated. Randy’s vision was blurry at first. He couldn’t make out anything besides that familiar golden hair that he grew to love. He reached up to touch her, and felt a warm hand grabbing onto his. “How; How long have I been out?” He asked. “Well you were released this morning, around six A.M. You slept all the way back to your house, woke up just long enough to get to your room and then passed out again. It’s already three thirty in the afternoon.” Kolleen replied.

“Jesus, I’ve been sleeping that long?!” “You must have been exhausted Randy. I’ve never seen you like that before. You had bags under your eyes. Your skin was pale and you were sweating a lot.” He sat up in bed, rubbing his temples all the while as a headache raged on inside his brain. “Here, let me help with that.” Kolleen situated herself behind Randy and took over the massage. He immediately began to feel fuzzy all over as she worked the pain away.

“You’re so amazing with your hands, Kol.” “I’ve had practice Randy. I know a thing or two about curing headaches; it comes with the trainer education.” Kolleen replied. She continued to work at his headache for nearly a half hour, when finally, it went away. He couldn‘t help but notice that she looked tired as well. “How long have you been up?” he asked. She shook her head, rubbing her eyes gingerly. “Lay down Kol. You clearly need rest.”

He laid Kolleen down and kissed her. “I’ll go call your mom and ask if it is okay that you stay the night. Wait, what about your college?!” He added. “You can just get up early and drop me off!” “Right. Sounds like a plan.” With that, she turned to her side and began falling asleep. Randy stood up, and stretched. It felt as if he had been in bed for years. His muscles were aching from inactivity, even though it hasn’t been that long. He grabbed some jogging pants and a t-shirt from the dresser and exited the room.

When he was out in the hallway, he took a deep breath and then withdrew his cell phone. Shortly after dialing the number, Kolleen’s mother answered. “Hello?” She asked. “Hello Mrs. Sparks! It’s Randy here. Umm, Kolleen is kind of passed out in my house. Would it be alright if she stayed the night? I know she’s an adult and all, but I figured I’d ask you.” “That is fine! Just make sure to drop her off at college tomorrow.” She replied. “I will ma’am.!” “Have a good night Randy.” “You too!”

I should go and make us some food. That way Kol won’t have to worry about it. he thought. Once he was on the first floor, Randy entered the kitchen and began rummaging for some pots. He got some water ready and pulled spaghetti noodles out. “Who says you can’t cook, huh?” Randy asked himself. He readied the noodles and sauce on a nearby counter. “I never said you couldn’t cook.” Kolleen’s voice replied. He jumped a bit, and turned to see her smiling. “I thought you were sleeping Kol.” Randy stated.

“Nah, I can’t fall asleep at the moment. Not without you.” She replied. Randy felt a fuzzy feeling spreading all throughout his body. She walked over to him with arms outstretched which he accepted, feeling her warmth emanate into him. They hugged for a short while, rocking back and forth. “I never thought I’d ever feel the way that I do now.” Kolleen whispered in his ear. Randy smiled and replied, “Nor did I.” Kolleen released her grip and settled herself down on the counter, nearby the stove. She was twirling her hair, and staring at him avidly.

“Why are you acting so promiscuous?” he asked. “Promiscuous? I’m not acting that way.” Kolleen replied, laughing a bit afterwards. Her cheeks turned a slight shade of pink, which sent another fuzzy feeling throughout him. The water started to boil, so Randy quickly dropped the noodles in and closed the lid. “They’ll be about five minutes or so. My mom always told me this…” That was when his mother flashed across his mind. Kolleen must have picked up on it because she looked relatively concerned. “What’s the matter?”

Randy shrugged, chewing his tongue a bit. “I’m sorry about your mother. I really am.” Kolleen stated. She strolled over to him, resting her head against his chest. Randy unraveled his arms and hugged her tight, resting his head on top of hers. Kolleen felt a few droplets tap the top of her head. She ignored it and let him continue his weeping. For minutes on end, they stood there, just in silence.

After a short while, Kolleen broke the stupor that they were in. “I think it’s been well over five minutes.” She stated. Randy sniffed and nodded in return. He pulled a noodle out, which Kolleen grabbed and tested. “It’s definitely El Dente.” she said. “Right. Let’s get the sauce on these bad boys then get to eating. Would you mind cutting up some of that bread?” Randy asked. “Of course not.” Kolleen grabbed a loaf of Italian bread and dumped it onto the counter.

While she sliced that up, Randy started to mix the noodles with the sauce. He stopped for a few seconds, to give a brief glance over towards her. There was something off about how she was cutting. From time to time, she would grasp her stomach, clenching her shirt. It was as if she were feeling something odd, but not saying it. Randy finished making the spaghetti up at the same time Kolleen was done. They sat in silence as the both of them ate.

This reminded him of their first date. They were both so nervous that neither of them spoke. It took Randy, burning his mouth to make Kolleen say a single word. “Do you remember that day?” he asked, bringing the subject up. Kolleen laughed, with noodles hanging from her mouth. “Yeah, just soak it all in.” She started to laugh harder, barely able to keep the noodles in her mouth. “It hurt like hell you know.” Randy continued to look at her, as her face turned red. She hid her eyes behind one of her hands. The fact that she was tearing up from this made him a bit annoyed.

“You started to cry when you burnt you mouth.” she stated. She continued to laugh on and on. “It wasn’t that funny.” he replied. “It was freaking hilarious! Oh, I’m some tough wrestler who takes shots to the head on a nightly basis. But God forbid that I burn my mouth.” Tears were in her eyes now. She took a second or two to catch her breath, and then sighed. Randy glared at her, which made her laugh a bit more. “I’m sorry; I’m sorry… I-I’ll drop it now.” she said, waving him off.

They continued to eat, and as time went on, Randy started to lighten up. He even began laughing about that night. They finished their dinner, and filled up the dishwasher. “I’ll make sure to put them away tomorrow night.” “Tomorrow night?” Kolleen replied. Her eyes were open a bit in shock. Randy nodded in return. “Yeah, I wanna be at your college for you, just to see what it looks like…” “No, you can’t go in.” Kolleen said, interrupting him. “Why not?” Randy replied. He followed Kolleen up the stairs, and back into his room.

When they both rested down into his bed, Randy clicked off lights. He then turned on the T.V. and flipped it to the sports channel, which he knew Kolleen enjoyed. “I can’t have you there Randy, I need to keep my mind clear while I’m there. I’m in the middle of my second semester of college and I need to make sure I’m ready.” Randy sighed, feeling a bit disgruntled. He felt like a little kid who had been denied a trip to the candy store. Kolleen turned to her side, and rested a hand on his chest. She stroked it up and down, making him feel all tingly.

“I promise you, that there’s a lot on my mind right now. It will make sense soon.” He kissed her head in return. “We best get some sleep then. What time do we need to get up?” he asked. He flipped over onto his back as he awaited the answer. Kolleen was checking her phone, when she replied. “I have to be there by seven in the morning. Meaning we should get up by at least five thirty.” “Right. I’ll set the alarm for that time then.”

After setting the alarm and shutting off the T.V. he let Kolleen’s breathing coo him to sleep. When he dozed off, Kolleen turned onto her back, and grasped her belly. It felt queasy, but she stifled the urge to vomit. He must not know. At least not now. He has too much on his mind and this would push him over. I’ll convince him to visit his mom instead of being with me. That way I can go get a pregnancy test. I need to check again, to make absolutely sure. Maybe it’s just food poisoning… But for this long? Anyway I can easily take it in the period between my Phys. Ed class and Psychology. With that in mind, Kolleen closed her eyes and soon after, passed out into a blissful slumber.

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