A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Thirty Four

Monday September 27th, 2010: Early Morning

Rodriguez Residence / Car Ride

The alarm clock went off, which jarred Randy awake. He groaned, then hit the snooze button. It can’t be five thirty already… he thought. He looked over and sure enough, it read: 5: 35 A.M. He shook his head and silently lifted himself out of his bed. When he was sure Kolleen remained resting, Randy tip toed over to his dresser and withdrew some clothes. He was about to exit his room when he heard Kolleen coughing slightly.

Shortly thereafter she was sprinting past Randy, knocking him almost completely over. He darted his head out the door just in time to see the bathroom door slam shut. Following this, there was a slamming of the toilet seat, and the sickening sound of vomiting. What in God’s name got into her? Randy thought. He shook his head again, and slid on some blue jeans, with a long sleeve grey shirt. Today was his R & R day, so he didn’t have to worry about exercising so much. He descended the stairs, with the continuing sounds of puke splashing, ringing in his ears.

“I should make something light this morning. What was it that mom used to make to cure sick stomachs…?” Randy asked himself. He trailed off at the end of the question, thinking hard to himself. Then it clicked, lighting his mind up like a light bulb. “Egg whites with plain wheat toast! It ain’t that tasty but it’ll settle well.” As he got out the eggs and prepped them, he heard the toilet flushing. Then the door opened and a groaning sound followed suit. He knew she was within earshot so he spoke out loud.

“I’m making a good old fashioned, Rodriguez remedy for the sickness, Kol.” he stated. Kolleen, sure enough, entered the Kitchen soon after his comment. She walked over towards the counter next to him, and rested her head on his shoulder. “I don’t feel so good.” she whimpered. Randy passed a glance at her, noticing the pale complexion of her skin. “My God Kol, what; did you eat something bad?” he asked. I have to think of something, and fast! Kolleen’s mind raced, but hit a solution almost immediately.

“Maybe it was the sauce that wasn’t settling well. I do love it, but it causes a lot of acid to form in my stomach.” She stated. “That’s why you eat bread with it Kol. It soaks up the acid.” “Maybe you’re right. I only had like half a slice. I was trying to fill up on the pasta, not the bread.” Randy chuckled, and began flipping the egg whites. “Well this will settle just fine. There’s some bread in the cupboard, would you mind toasting four slices?” he asked. “But of course not!”

She followed this with a slight bow, and then began rummaging through the cupboard. “Smart ass.” Randy replied. Kolleen batted him with the bread loaf, and smiled. “I’m sorry; I’m sorry.” Randy exclaimed, as he shielded himself. Kolleen stopped eventually and began the toasting process. “The egg whites are done, now we just have to… There we are!” The toast popped up at this time. “You had that timing down to a t, didn’t you?” Kolleen asked.

“I’ve watched my mom cook my entire life. You tend to pick up on a few things here and there.” They decided to just eat at the counters, and instantly started to dig in. Kolleen ate at a pretty fast pace. “Slow down there tiger. You’ll probably feel sick again, if you eat that fast.” He smiled at her, which she returned. “What classes do you have today by the way?” Randy had finished his breakfast, and set his dishes into the dishwasher. Kolleen was chewing her toast a bit, before answering.

“I have… Ph-Physical Education in the morning. And then a couple hour waiting period. After that, I have Psychology, another hour and a half of free time after that and then Physical Training 200.” She replied. Randy took her plate, which was now clean, and put that into the dishwasher as well. “Seems hectic.” he stated. Kolleen grinned, and then kissed him, causing an almost magnetic attraction. They stood there for what felt like hours, until finally, they detached.

“We should get going Randy. My class starts in an hour and a half.” “Right, let’s get going then.” They were just about ready to exit the door, when Kolleen stopped dead in her tracks. “What is it” Randy asked. “I can’t go to school looking like this! Be right back.” She replied, and sprinted up the stairs. “I forgot…” he sighed afterwards. “You didn’t bring clothes over; I know! Just take a pair of my jogging pants, you know; the ones with the tie strings?” Randy called up. “Will do, thank you! May I borrow one of your shirts as well?” “Be my guest Kol.” Randy replied.

She didn’t take any longer, within a brief moment, she was descending the stairs. She had his pair of black jogging pants on along with a very baggy and dark long sleeved shirt. “This should do for today. I only have classes today, and then the schedule change kicks in.” Randy nodded, and held the door open for her. As she walked past, she stroked the side of his face, nodded her head a bit and then exited the house. Randy followed in her wake, quickly passing her, so he could open her door.

“You’re always such a gentleman.” she said. “It’s just how I was raised, that’s all.” Randy replied. He got into his side, and started the truck up. When he pulled out, Kolleen began speaking once more. “I only go to college Tuesdays and Wednesdays since all of my basic classes were done three years ago. I can’t believe I’m a college senior this year. It’s just amazing! And do you know what?” she asked, gazing at Randy. “Hmm?” he replied. His attention was focused intently on the road, since the darkness and fog was messing up his vision.

“I’m thinking about becoming a professor in physical training, rather than a physical trainer itself.” “Why do you say that? I thought you wanted to train me.” Randy replied. They were at a stop light, which hit that familiar three way intersection he always knew. He took his eyes off the road and gazed into hers. “I don’t know what it is Randy. I just loved college so much that I don’t want to leave. I know I promised to train you but things change you know? I mean, I wanted to be a physical trainer for the longest time, but now… I don’t know; now, I want to teach. I want to stay in that environment so that I can expand more minds and do my part.” She stopped for a bit, jerking her head towards the street lights.

Randy jarred back to reality, and turned left. “That’s amazing Kol, it really is!” Randy replied. “I’m glad you think so. This year I’ll have my Bachelor’s degree. And I’ve already spoken with my representative and she said that I could get my masters and PH.D right at that college. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to teach there.” Kolleen stopped her statement, sighing towards her window. “I’m glad that you’ve found your passion Kolleen, I really am.” Randy said, placing a hand on her leg.

“And I’m glad you’re not getting upset of me not training you.” She put her free hand on top of his, and grabbed a hold of it. For the rest of the trip, the two of them sat in silence. They each had their attention averted to the rising sun which illuminated the city so majestically. Even though, both of them had their own agendas that day, they knew the other would always be thinking of them. Kolleen sighed once more, resting her head on a closed fist. Her left squeezed lightly onto Randy’s and a few moments later, she felt his squeeze in return. Randy didn’t see it, but Kolleen’s cheeks were burning a dark pink. And unbeknownst to Kolleen, so were Randy’s.

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