A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Thirty Five

Monday September 27th, 2010 Early Morning:

College / Hospital

“There’s my college!” Kolleen stated. They were driving down a four lane road. Right at the very end, sat an enormous white stone building. It looked like a large library, with four pillars holding the front area up. It expanded to at least ten blocks, with hallways extending all over the place. “Jesus that’s a big building!” Randy exclaimed. “Yeah, you should have been me when I first started here. I couldn’t find any of my classes for the first couple of weeks.”

“I would imagine so.” Randy replied, peering down so he could see more of the building. The closer they got, the more ominous it appeared. Randy had an irrational fear of big things. “Is your Megalaphobia kicking in?” Kolleen asked. She was rubbing her hand up and down his arm. He parked the truck and looked over at her, and then nodded. “I’m sorry Ran-Ran. This is probably one of the reasons as to why you shouldn’t come here.” Kolleen stated. She pulled his face towards her. Their lips connected for a half a minute before Kolleen pulled away.

“I gotta get going, my Phys. Ed class starts in a few minutes.” “Right.” Randy replied. They kissed one last time and then Kolleen got out. She waved as he waved back and then he drove off. Kolleen stood there for a good few minutes, until the truck was out of sight. She sighed, gazing up at the bright blue sky. It reminded her of her old home back in the country. I do miss the open fields and expansive forests. She thought.

Her phone alarm went off, indicating she had to get to her class. “I know, I know. I’m going!” She told it, while turning the alarm off. Her heart and mind were focusing solely on three things. Her classes, the sixth pregnancy test and Randy. That’s all the major concerns she ever dealt with nowadays. She sighed once more, then ascended the stairs. The whole time her hands were clutched onto her stomach, which gurgled sickeningly.

Randy had his radio turned on, with Eminem blearing out of it. Lose Yourself was one of his favorite songs by him, and he would always nod his head to it. Kolleen didn’t know this, but Randy loved Rap. In fact he was a bit of a rapper himself. He had dozens of boxes filled with lyrics and blank CD’s. It was one of his aspirations, beside becoming a famous wrestler. He wanted to someday, collaborate with Eminem and be able to shake his hand.

The chorus played on, as he pulled up to a red light. To his left, he noticed a car filled with college girls. All of which seemed to be preoccupied with Randy’s voice. “Is this your first time rapping?” A dark haired, pale skinned girl asked. Randy looked down at their old ford and shook his head. “How long have you been doing this?” she asked. Randy looked forward as the green light flashed on. The black haired girl waved at him and then they were off. That was weird. She looked just like Samantha Sykes. Randy thought.

He took a right, going up a curved road which lead uphill. The hospital rested just beyond this hill, which Randy noticed. It shimmered under the morning sun, acting like a giant mirror. The glare bothered his eyes, so he dropped his visor down. It helped a bit, but he still had a hard time seeing. He drove slowly down the hill, watching as the hospital loomed nearer and then pulled over to the right, into a side parking. Thankfully he did, otherwise he would have hit the Ford in front of him.

Ford? Wait a minute… Sure enough, the dark haired girl was getting out of the car. She stroked her hair a bit, and straightened her mini skirt. Underneath, fish net stockings ran down into her shoes. She also had a short sleeved, black shirt, which showed off her navel. She turned around, catching a glimpse of Randy, and smiled. The girl began to walk around the front of his truck and then tapped on his window. Stay calm Randy. She’s not a mugger, just stay calm.

He got out of his truck, and locked it with his back to the girl. She tapped his right shoulder, catching his attention. “What is it?” He got a good look at her face. Wow, she’s pretty. he thought. Her eyes are bright green and her hair was cut into an emo style, which covered her right eye completely. Her lips weren’t enormous, but definitely border lined Kim Kardashian’s. Her nose was small, and eyes were huge. She also had the perfect cheekbone/cheek fat ratio, giving her a perfectly proportioned face. Resting in the left side of her lower lip, was a black ring. She also had two in her right nostril.

“Hey, I just wanted to ask you something.” The girl said. Her voice sounded so angelic that it seemed to make Randy’s heart beat fast. It sounded like Britney Spears’ but had a New Jersey twang to it. “What is it?” Randy asked. The girl swept some of her hair away from her right eye. “I was at the C.S.W.S. the other day and noticed your match. I happened to be getting ready for a match of my own…” These last words hit Randy hard. “Wait, your match?” She nodded, smiling slightly. “Yeah, I started wrestling when I was thirteen, and just turned nineteen yesterday. Anyway, I wanted to let you know, that you did an amazing job! And don’t play coy with me, I noticed you looking at me from time to time. You know that I wrestle.”

“Oh! Well, thanks! I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to see yours. I; well, I was in an ambulance shortly after mine.” The girl’s eyes opened a bit more with shock. Then she shook her head, giggling just a bit. “I’m sorry, I just feel so giddy.” Giddy? Randy thought. He folded his arms, and rested against his truck, while the girl stood there with burning cheeks. “Y-yeah, s-s-sorry about that.” She started, gazing at her feet. “I g-get nervous s-sometimes… Y-You know?” She asked.

Randy nodded, still not taking his eyes off of her. “Well my name’s Randy Rodriguez! It’s a pleasure to meet you miss.” he stated, with his hand outstretched. The girl looked at him shyly then accepted his handshake. “Mine’s Samantha Sykes!” She replied. “It’s nice to meet you too Randy, I mean physically meet. Why are you here? If you don’t mind my asking.” she replied. The nervousness she once felt, must have gone away. “Oh yeah… My mom’s in here. I was gonna check up on her while my girlfriend’s at college.”

Her eyes shot open completely this time, and then he knew he hurt her. She stroked her hair again, and then spoke as clearly as possible. “Okay, th-that’s fine. I-I-I hope your m-mom’s d-doing alright.” With that being said, Samantha left and ascended the little hill towards the hospital. A slight breeze blew through her hair, making it bounce around a bit. Did I hurt her? he asked himself. He just brushed it off and followed her, shortly after she entered the building. He didn’t want to look creepy, so he waited a few seconds before entering himself.

Once inside, he immediately saw Samantha. In fact, he ran into her. “Oh Jesus, sorry Samantha!” he exclaimed. He nearly knocked her over, but grabbed a hold of her arms. She got her balance back, and laughed a bit. “No it’s fine, I was in the way.” “I see your nervousness is gone!” Randy stated. “Yeah, I get over it pretty q-quickly. Damn it, there it g-goes a-again…” Samantha replied. “You never told me why you were here.” Randy asked her. “Oh, I’m here for a physical to see if I’m ready to wrestle in my next match.”

“I really do hope your mom’s o-okay…” “Thanks. Hey, if we meet up again, maybe I can introduce you to my girlfriend! Maybe we can hang out sometime, and become friends.” Randy said. “I-I’d like that, th-thanks. Again I-I’m s-sorry about the n-n-nerves. I u-used to h-h-have a speech impediment.” Randy just waved this off. “It’s fine. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. Everyone’s got a problem. Like look at me for example… Well actually, that’ll have to come later. I don’t wish to share this information at the moment.”

Samantha felt like she hit a nerve, so she nodded. She started sticking her tongue out, playing with the ring on her lip. “Hey, if you’re still here after my visit, I’ll take ya up to the college and maybe all three of us can go see a movie or something.” Randy stated. Samantha looked at him and nodded. “That would b-be great. I-I’ll wait around f-for you.” With that being said, She walked off, down the hallway and into the waiting room. Randy took the right path, which lead directly to an elevator and got in, punching floor three. After a few brief moments, the doors clanged open, and he was back in familiar territory.

The nurses’ desk lay in the very center of this floor. The hallway was actually just one big ring, which surrounded it. Randy walked up to the desk and was immediately greeted by a nice Mexican woman. She had thick black hair, dark tan skin and dark brown eyes. Her nose was wide, and face; chubby. “Hello, may I help you?” the woman asked. Her accent was incredibly thick. “Yes ma’am, I’m looking for a Diana Rodriguez.” He replied.

The woman smiled, and started going through the computer. “She is in Room two zero six. That’s the last door on the right, at the end of the right hall.” “Thank you.” Randy replied, then started his trek away from the desk. His mind was filled with so many thoughts. They ranged from Kolleen, to his mother and that new girl he just met. He couldn’t explain it, but this girl seemed overly sensitive. He felt guilty for hurting her like he did, even though it was an accident, but pushed these feelings off and prepared for the visit.

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