A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Thirty Seven

Monday September 27th, 2010: Early-Mid Afternoon:


Randy entered his mother’s hospital room, as gingerly as possible, since his mother was fast asleep. She had her curtains pulled almost all the way around her, which he smiled at, for he knew she was a private person. As silently as he could, he slid a chair over, sitting by his mother’s side. She had a breather on her, to help while she slept and her heart monitor. Every time it beeped, it made Randy feel more secure of her life.

He sat for a few minutes, pondering in deep thought as to what he could say. It was at this time, that his cell phone began to vibrate vigorously in his pocket. Kolleen was texting him. It read: Hey Ran-Ran. I just wanted to let you know that I got out of my Phys. Ed. Class early. I got sick out on the field so they let me go. Don’t worry, I just had a bit of an upset stomach. Anyway, I’ll be going to my Psychology class now. See you later! Randy read and re-read the message over and over again. Each time he read it, his heart would beat faster. He loved her so much, that he couldn’t imagine being without her for that long. This was when he heard a groan escape his mother’s lips. It drew his attention and he was blown away by the smile she gave.

“I-I knew you’d come Randy.” She stated. “I’m here Mom!“ He replied. She looked so tired and frail. “What’s the matter?” Diana shook her head, and then withdrew the breather. “I got the results back from the testing late last night.” Randy’s eyes were darting back and forth; his brain was confused. “W-What news?” he asked. Diana sensed the worry in his voice, and tried to wave it off as if it were nothing.

She saw how the concern deepened so the wave off stopped. “It’s pretty serious Randy. I have lung cancer and it’s spreading throughout my body. They’ve already done a test on my breast and I should be getting the results in a few days. The doctor said it doesn’t look good. He told me, judging by the size of the cancer, I’ve had it for a few months now. He tells me that it’s inoperable and that I don’t have long to live.” These last few words fell hard on Randy’s ears. They almost seemed to echo in his head. Not long to live kept bouncing around in his brain. He shook his head this time, holding on tight to his mother’s hand.

Though he wanted to look away from his mother’s pain, he forced himself to continue his gaze. “There’s no need to worry Randy. The doctors are doing as much as they can to try and give me as much time as possible. I started Chemo therapy this Monday, and the doctor’s already seeing some results.” “B-But you just said you’re going to die.” Randy stated. This time, Diana nodded and then she started to cough. It was so hard, that she was lurching. Randy put some tissues up to her mouth, whilst holding her head. “Cough into these!” he stated.

“Th-Thank you…” Diana wheezed back. She continued coughing into the tissues for another minute or so. When she finished, she tried to throw the tissue away, before Randy could see the blood. It was too late, he saw the full blast of it. “My God Mom…” he said. “I didn’t want you to see that.” Randy looked down at his legs; he didn’t want to hear anymore of this. His heart and mind were so confused right now. They bounced between the usual two spots. “Hey mom, can I ask you a question?”

“Of course.” Diana replied; her face looked so weak. Randy forced himself to keep staring into her eyes, out of respect and love. “Do you remember Kolleen?” he asked; she nodded in return. “I really like her, and I mean that. I like her a lot! She was my high school crush that I’ve pursued for so many years…” “But…” Diana replied. Randy sighed in return.

“There’s really no buts. I just don’t know why she won’t confide in me. Kolleen’s been acting so weird lately. She’s been throwing up randomly and just today, she refused to let me join her. She’s acting awfully shifty.” Randy replied. His mother caressed his head, drawing his attention. “Just know that she loves you Randy. Know that she wants to be with you and you want nothing more than to be with her.”

The San Diego city below felt like his only salvation at this point. He felt lost in thought and didn’t know where to go. Then from out of nowhere, Randy heard a knock at the door. He was greeted by his friend just as he turned his gaze. Standing in the doorway was the massive form of Gorgon Streinholme, who immediately smiled. “It’s nice to see you friend!” he said in his normal low voice. Randy shook hands with him. “Likewise Gorgon, likewise. What brings you here?” he asked. Then he heard a pair of voices talking behind Gorgon.

One was the familiar female voice that he just met a few minutes ago. The other was that of Marcos; his Tag Team Title partner. They both emerged from behind Gorgon and stood on either side of him. “What’s the commotion about?” Randy asked them. Gorgon folded his arms, and nodded towards Marcos, who in turn nodded back. “Randy, we all just met with the owner of the DWL.” Randy’s eyes shot open at these words. “The Owner and CEO of DWL, Shane Lawrence?” he replied. “The very same one!” Samantha chimed in.

Soon thereafter, she was twiddling her hair. She’s totally into me. Randy thought as he watched her. “What’s going on then?” he asked, breaking their silence. Gorgon cleared his throat and replied. “Mr. Lawrence spoke with each of us, stating he’d like to sign us onto his league. He asked where you were, and well, now we found you.”

“Really? That’s amazing!” Randy said. He felt elated, and shocked at the same time. Just then, he heard a throat clearing noise from behind Gorgon. He stepped aside, and apologized. “It’s quite alright Mr. Streinholme. Ah, there you are! Mr. Randy Rodriguez. It is a very nice pleasure to finally meet your acquaintance.” Mr. Lawrence was a relatively short man, at least shorter than Randy. His shoulders were very wide, and he had long arms, short legs and a wide torso. His jaw line was wide, and cheekbones stuck out.

He had thick gray eyebrows, steel gray irises and big ears. He extended his hand, which Randy immediately shook. “It’s a pleasure to meet you too sir!” Mr. Lawrence smiled, and nodded in return. “He’s very well mannered, which is to be expected, coming from Patrick and Robert’s family.” He looked over at Diana and frowned. “I’m so sorry we’re doing this here Mrs. Rodriguez.” “It’s no worries sir; it’s very nice to see you again.” she replied. Mr. Lawrence nodded in return then brought his gaze back to Randy.

“As you may know, I am the owner and CEO of the Dominant Wrestling League. A league that is so prominent in the sports section, that we have to make our own newsletter. Anyway, I saw all of your matches since day one and I was intrigued to see if you carried your grandfather’s and father’s talent and was happy to see that you did.” “I’ve practiced and worked out ever since I can remember sir. I always watched your show every week, praying that one day I could get on there.” Randy replied. “And your prayers have been answered good sir. Take a look here.”

Mr. Lawrence had a briefcase behind his back, which he opened. Inside the briefcase were a set of contracts. Three of them were already completed and there was a single blank one left on the opposite side. “Here is your contract to enter the DWL as our newest member. All you have to do is read the contract, sign and date it. Then we can get started on prepping you for a future show.” The papers held in his grasp made his hands shake.

With anticipation, Randy began to read it. The contract stated: I hereby accept all responsibilities and privileges given onto me by the Dominant Wrestling League. I am now a professional athlete and must act therein. I will not pursue legal actions against the Dominant Wrestling League unless I am harmed intentionally by a person working for the company. Benefits that come with this contract are as follows. 1.) I start out with a 1.5 million dollar contract for one year. If I am successful then the amount will raise by $100,000 per year, maxing out at 10 million. 2.) I am given full access to the locker rooms, within the arenas that the Dominant Wrestling League inhabits. 3.) I receive free coverage for Audio/Video pertaining to my intro as well as outfits for my persona.

“Keep reading my dear boy, there’s a lot more privileges if you continue.” Mr. Lawrence said. Randy must have trailed off, and then he realized that he was gazing down at his own feet. “Right, sorry; will do.”

4.) I am given a Heavyweight Championship shot once I earn enough air time and wins. 5.) Upon signing this contract, I am entitled to a singles championship match of my choosing, if I am instructed to do so. 6.) All flights to DWL shows will be provided by the DWL for all superstars within its ranks. 7.) The person signing this will be entitled to full health benefits, including but not limited to: free dental, free hospital stays, and free vision/hearing appointments.

“Wow, that’s quite a bit of benefits!” Randy stated. “That it is my dear boy. Just read that last little bit at the bottom, and if you’re up to it; sign and date the paper.” Randy averted his gaze to the bottom paragraph. It read: I hereby acknowledge that I have read the above sections of this contract. I know that I am entitled to a bonus check upon signing this contract. I know that upon signing this contract, I am legally bound to the Dominant Wrestling League, unless I become forfeit of said contract. “A bonus check?” Randy asked.

“Yes sir! Here it is.” Mr. Lawrence handed a check over to Randy, who in turn read it over and over again. “Seven hundred and fifty THOUSAND dollars?!” Randy read out loud. “Think of it is an entrance bonus. A gift from me to you.” “My god, that’s a lot of money!” Randy exclaimed. “Do you have a pen sir?” Mr. Lawrence chuckled and reached inside his front pocket. After he handed the pen over, he patted Randy on the shoulder, which got his attention. “I respected your father, and my father respected both him and your grandfather. I know your family is full of wrestling talent, and I’m sure you’ll do them and me proud.” Randy nodded, then signed his name and dated it.

“There you are my dear boy. Welcome to the DWL! I will have someone sent over to your house in a few days to get you ready for your first show. He will instruct you on your tasks for that day, and you will be paired with one of these three as well.” Mr. Lawrence grabbed a hold of Randy and guided him out of the room. Once they were in the halls, and the door was shut, he spoke in a low whisper. “I loved all of your matches Randy. I really did. I am also very passionate about that finisher of yours; the Super Shooter is it?” he asked. “Yes sir.” Randy replied.

“It’s an amazing submission hold; very painful to watch I might add. Anyway, part of the contract states that the signer can have a singles championship shot, if he/she is directed to do so.” “What are you saying sir?” “What I’m saying is, not right off the bat, but after a couple months or so, I’m going to give you a championship shot of your choice. Provided that it’s under the Heavyweight Belt of course. You’ll need a lot more wins to pick that shot up.” Mr. Lawrence said.

“That’s amazing sir; thanks!” “Think nothing of it my dear boy. Don’t tell young Marcos about this, but I also enjoyed that Tag Team Championship match you two had a day or so ago. I’m going to start you two off as a tag team, if you’re both willing of course. I’ll give you two a shot at the DWL Tag Team Championships!” Randy’s face lit up at this news. Mr. Lawrence laughed at his excitement. “I knew that would peak your interest. Again, don’t tell Marcos, I want to tell him when he’s getting outfitted.”

“Right, I’ll keep my mouth shut sir.” “That’s what I like to hear. Let’s get back into the room so we can say our goodbyes.” Randy nodded and followed his new boss into the room. “Alright, I guess that Mr. Streinholme, Gonzales, Sykes and I will get going. Enjoy your check Randy and I’ll look forward to seeing you again soon! I’ll have someone call you on the day where you’ll be getting outfitted.” With that, Mr. Lawrence ushered the other three out the door. Samantha lagged behind, so she could get a last glance at Randy. She waved goodbye to him, with a smile and then left.

It was here that Kolleen‘s face appeared in his mind. His heart fluttered a bit. She would be ecstatic right now! He thought. “I-I can’t believe this…” he stated, sitting down next to his mom again. Diana shook his hand playfully. “I‘m so proud of you honey!” “Seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars… Jesus!” Randy said. He held the check in his hands, and felt teary eyed. He never knew that this day would come. “I-I have to go mom… I need to pick Kolleen up from college.” “Go get her son. And make sure you talk to the girl, Randy. She’s very special and you won’t want to lose her.”

He leaned over so he could hug his mother and got kissed on the cheek. “I love you.” she stated. “Love you too Mom.” He got up and opened the door, almost jumping at the sight of Samantha. She had tears in her eyes, which made his heart sink. “What’s the matter?” he asked, as he closed the door. Samantha immediately rested her head into his chest. He held onto her, as she continued to cry harder and harder. He didn’t know what was wrong with her, but figured he would find out soon.

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