A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Thirty Eight

Monday September 27th, 2010: Early to Mid-Evening:


“What’s the matter Samantha?” He asked. “I overheard your conversation with your mother. I’m so; so sorry that she has cancer.” “Hey it’s fine Samantha. It ain’t your fault.” It was at this time that she embraced him now, hugging him around his middle. He began to feel guilty that he was even accepting a hug from another girl.

Then from out of nowhere he saw Kolleen. She was standing at the end of the hall, nearby the nurses’ desk. She saw him hugging Samantha, and immediately her jaw dropped. She began her walk over to him, as Randy tried to separate himself from Samantha. “Who the hell is this?!” Kolleen blurted out. “Hey Kol, this is Samantha. She’s a girl I literally just met, well not just, but we were just acquainted. She’s a wrestler as well.” Samantha let go, noticing Kolleen watching on. “Oh I’m sorry. Are you his…” “Girlfriend, yes I am. And a very upset girlfriend at that.” She replied, gazing at Randy.

Samantha turned and looked at Randy for confirmation. He just nodded in return and then she left. Randy watched her as she walked until she was gone. “Who the hell was that?” Kolleen asked. “I just told you…” “Don’t smart mouth me Randy. I mean what was this hugging thing all about?” Randy heard and saw the fury inside of his girlfriend so he figured it was best to tell her the truth. “Kol, I need to talk to you. It’s something that’s kind of messed up and we need to go somewhere private.” “O-Okay.” she replied.

Randy lead the way down the hall and into the elevator. Once they were inside and descending, he began to speak. “This Samantha girl; I think she has a crush on me. She seemed awfully giddy whenever she spoke to me, and even stuttered quite a bit.” “What does that have to do with us?” Kolleen asked. “I only brought us up once.” Kolleen looked at him furiously. “Look, Kol… I don’t know what to say.” Randy replied, gazing at his feet. Kolleen started to feel anxious, like a gnawing feeling of dread eating away at her insides.

She grabbed his hand, drawing his attention. “What’s the matter?” she asked. The elevator clanged open, exposing them to the waiting room area. He began walking, guiding Kolleen out through the main doors, and towards his truck outside. The sun was already setting, which alarmed him a bit. Once they got to the street where he parked, Randy noticed that Samantha’s car was gone. He let Kolleen in through her door, and walked around towards his. A small pink note was folded up inside the crease which he grabbed before entering the truck as well.

Once he was inside, he showed the note to Kolleen. “Looks like Samanthas left this.” He said. “It says: ’Randy. I am sorry again about what’s happening with your mom. I’m also sorry to have intervened with you and your girlfriend. I just wanted to let you know, that Mr. Lawrence talked to me shortly before I left. He told me that you and I would be teamed up but I just asked him if Gorgon and I could go together. That way there’s no tension between us. If you wish to talk to me, here is my cell number. 619-587-1633 . At least call me so I know you’re okay. Talk to you then.

- Samantha.’” Kolleen read.

“I don’t understand what her fascination is about me.” Randy asked. He tore the note into tiny pieces and tossed them out his window. This action made Kolleen’s anxiety deplete a bit. She looked at him, now with concern. Randy folded his arms, gazing at his steering wheel. “My mom has cancer.” He said. Kolleen clapped a hand to her mouth. “Oh my god… I’m so sorry…” She replied. Randy tried to hold a tough composure and was quickly sliding off track. He felt his heart breaking into millions of pieces, and then, he was crying.

Kolleen immediately slid over and embraced him. “Shh, shhh… It’s going to be okay.” She said. He wailed even more into her chest, as she stroked his hair. Kolleen’s heart was breaking at the sight of him, and felt tears streak her cheeks. She forced herself to stay strong, for Randy needed her now more than ever. “Let’s get back home Randy. I have something that I need to tell you.” Kolleen stated. “Okay…”

Randy sniffed and wiped his nose in a tissue, and then drove out into the main road. His mind was focused whole heartedly on his mother now. Not even the news of the DWL signing, could brighten his spirits. They were driving silently for most of the trip. From time to time Kolleen would pass a quick glance over towards him, then back towards the buildings. They stopped at the familiar three lane intersection, in which, Randy turned the left signal on. “I’m pregnant.” Kolleen stated. The car screeched to a dead stop after passing the intersection.

He looked at his hands, feeling his heart skip. “You’re w-what now?” he asked. “I’m; I’m p-pregnant!” She replied. He looked over at her; she had redness in her cheeks. “How do you know?” Kolleen pulled out the pregnancy test that she took earlier, and handed it over with shaky hands. “It’s positive. And believe me, after five previous tests, there‘s no denying this.” She told him. “I can see that…Jesus! Six tests?!” Randy replied. He was still very much shocked at this news, but then it turned to happiness.

A smile spread across his face, like no other. “We’re gonna be parents?!” He asked. Kolleen was taken aback by the sudden rise of joy and smiled in return. “Yes!” Randy lunged himself at her, and hugged her tight. Kolleen wept into his shoulder shoulder thereafter. “I’m so happy for us.” she said. Randy stroked her hair as he kissed her all over. “I am too.” They rocked each other back and forth for a few minutes, until he let go. “I have more great news.” He started. Kolleen sniffed again and took a few deep breaths. “What’s up?”

“I am officially signed on with the DWL and will debut in my first match in little while.” “Oh my god, that’s amazing!” Kolleen replied. “I know; I can barely contain my excitement. But now the fact that we’re having children…” Then it hit him. The shock that Kolleen had been waiting for. “I know it’s going to be weird at first, but I know we’ll grow to love being parents.” “There’s no doubt about that Kol, I’m just…I‘m just worried is all.” He rested a hand onto her belly, which she held onto. “I can’t believe in nine months I’ll be a mother.” She said.

“And I’ll be a father. I can’t wait!” Randy leaned over, and kissed Kolleen gingerly on the lips. They continued to kiss for a while, until she finally broke it off. “We should probably get home soon, it’s getting late.” “Sounds like a plan. Do you want me to stay at your house or do you want to stay at mine?” he asked. “What do you mean?” She was gazing at him now with the most passionate eyes he had ever seen. They were already driving up the hill, towards their houses. “I don’t want to leave you even for a second. I want to do this the right way.” “I love you so much Ran-Ran.” “I love you too, Kol.” They stopped just as he entered his driveway. Both were hand in hand, and then another thought struck Randy’s mind.

“We need to tell Mrs. Jones about this since we no longer need to work there.” “Oh crap, that’s right!” Kolleen stated. “We can visit her like right now if you want, you know, get it over with?” “Yes, I agree.” Randy replied. He turned the truck around and sped off towards their soon to be former work place, with his hand still clutched tightly onto his lover’s.

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