A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Thirty Nine

Monday November 14th, 2080: Evening:

Park / Car Ride

“I think we should leave it at that. At least for now.” Randy stated. “Aww, come on! We were getting to more wrestling parts.” Charlie exclaimed. Randal and Roy both shook their heads in shame. Lori just face palmed and stared up deep into Randy’s face. “I like the love parts.” she stated. “You’re so precious.” Randy said as he ruffled her hair.. “And I’ll get back to that action tomorrow boys. I think we’ve all had enough of it for today. Let’s get back home and I’ll treat you all to some pizza.”

“Yay!” Randal and Roy yelled. Lori got excited, as did Charlie. Randy laughed, and allowed Kolleen to help him off the bench. Once he was to his feet, he followed the kids to the fence. He stopped half way across the lawn as an enormous building caught his attention. The hospital loomed over the park, just a few blocks away. He stared at the sunset reflecting off of the glass, grinning all the while. “Are you comin’ Randy?” Kolleen asked. He turned his attention back to her and nodded.

That familiar smile that warmed his blood, spread across her face. He started walking towards her, with his mind buzzing frantically about his past. That day when he found out Kolleen was pregnant, changed his life. He could still remember resting in his old bed back at his parent’s house. His mind wandered off as memories began to flood in.

“I’m still hung up on the news, Kol.” Randy stated. He was laying in his bed, with Kolleen’s head on his chest. He stroked her hair, while she slid her fingers across his skin. “I know; I can’t believe it either. To be honest, I’m kind of scared.” “I think I am too Kol. I don’t know what the kids will think when they see what I do for a living.” Randy replied. “It’s gonna be hard knowing that their dad gets slammed around once a week. They’ll wonder where I got all the bumps and bruises.”

Kolleen looked up at him, and kissed his chin. “What was that for?” he asked. Bashfulness spread through him as soon as her lips touched his face. She just smiled as she does so often, and rested her head back down. Randy kissed the top of her head, and started to rub her back. She rolled over on top of him, and kept playing with his chest hair. “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I can’t get over this, it feels like an alternate reality.” “Then it’s time I bring you back to earth.” Kolleen replied. She leaned in, kissing him from his neck down to his waist. Then a car horn broke through out of no where and Randy jerked back to the present.

“Are you coming?” Kolleen asked. She was laughing at him, when he turned his attention back to her. “Of course, I’m so sorry Kol. I got lost in thought.” He continued walking towards her, and then let her guide him into the car. Once he was fastened into the passenger’s side, Kolleen got in and started driving off. The kids were all nodding in and out of sleep, all except for Lori, who continued to look at Randy.

“What’s the problem sweetie?” Kolleen asked. She would pass a glance from time to time at her rearview mirror. “I was just wondering if Grandpa was okay.” Randy heard the tiny voice, that sounded so much like a younger version of Kolleen. He turned and patted the top of her head. “I’m doing just fine, thanks.” he assured her. “Are you sure? You seemed pretty confused out there.” “You’re very intuitive for a little girl, you know that right?” She nodded, and started twirling her hair. “She’s just too adorable.” Randy stated, turning back around.

They were at a four way intersection now. Kolleen’s grip tightened on her steering wheel. Her breathing was fast and shaky, which drew Randy’s attention. “Are you okay?” “Yeah, I’m fine!” Kolleen replied. “I’m just worried is all.” He kissed her cheek in return. “There’s nothing to be worried about. We’re all here, safe and healthy.” He gazed up the road to the left, noticing his former home dwindling into non-existence. The walls were cracked and windows were boarded up.

Graffiti plagued almost every inch of the exterior. They turned right instead, heading towards the outskirts of San Diego. “I can’t believe the houses never sold.” Randy muttered. “It’s a shame that they succumbed to the state they’re in.” Kolleen replied. “You used to live somewhere else Grandpa?” Lori asked. Randy gave Lori his undivided attention. “Yes I did darlin’. I lived at my parent’s house back then. Nowadays I’m living at my grandfather’s house.”

“Wow! He must be hundreds of years old!” Lori replied. “Well he would be over a hundred and ten by now, but he passed many, many years ago.” “What do you mean by passed?” Roy asked. Crap, they don’t know about death yet…. Randy thought. As if on cue, Kolleen spoke up. “They passed a test to give them a better life. Randy hasn’t seen his grandfather since that test, that’s why he misses him.” “Thank you.” He mouthed. Kolleen nodded at him, and held onto his arm. “How long until we get there?” Randal asked now.

Randy looked into the rearview and saw him twiddling with his hair. “It’ll be at least an hour or so, would you all like to hear more of the story? We’re just starting to get into the rising action.” He heard all of his great grand kids yell, “Yeah!” which made him laugh. “Alright; alright! Hold your horses.” He sat for a few moments in silence until he was able to remember where they left off. “As you all remember, Kolleen had just told me she was pregnant. I also had preparations to take care of before I could have my first match in the D.W.L…” Randy trailed off, with his great grandkids and Kolleen listening.

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