A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Forty

Tuesday September 28th, 2010: Early - Mid Morning:

Rodriguez Residence / Limo

Randy awoke abruptly to the sound of his cell’s ring tone going off. He groaned, and picked it up. The number was an unknown one, but he answered it anyway. “Hello…?” He asked half heartedly. “Hello, is this Randy Rodriguez?” Mr. Lawrenc’es voice called out. Randy’s heart skipped, immediately waking him up. “Uh, y-yeah sir, it’s me. What’s up?” He started to rummage around his room, at a horrible attempt to find some clothes.

As he was slipping on some blue jeans, Mr. Lawrence replied. “I wanted to let you know that you and Marcos will be teaming up today to get the outfits you desire. We will also have you meet up with sound producers to set up intro songs and a video producer to show an intro video. The reason I’m teaming you and Marcos up today is because it was Samantha’s request and I also have a very generous offer. I’ll talk to you two more later, when you’re setting up the intros. See you then!” With that, Mr. Lawrence disconnected.

“That’s cool.” Randy muttered. “What’s cool?” Kolleen asked, as she sat up, and stretched. “Mr. Lawrence called me just now. He said Marcos and I would be together today as we get our stuff situated for the debut. He said he has something special planned for us as well.” He sat down at the end of his bed, hunching over a bit. His hands were a bit shaky and excitement blasted through his veins, making his head feel light. He felt Kolleen’s hands on his shoulders.

“You feel so tight Ran-Ran.” She stated. Soon thereafter her fingers were pressing lightly into his tensed muscles. It sent chills up and down his spine. “You never cease to amaze me Kol.” he stated. She bent down and nuzzled her face into his neck. “I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since we got together!” He reached back and stroked her hair, making her sigh happily. “Do you wanna come with me?” he asked. There was a pause of silence which unnerved Randy a bit. Then she replied, “Sure! Sounds like fun.”

“Alright then, we should probably get our showers done soon. I’ll let you go first.” He stroked her head one last time, then left the room. “Just take your time, okay?.” “Okay.” She replied. Randy rubbed his eyes then headed downstairs. He loved hanging out with Marcos, so that wasn’t the problem. The issue was what Mr. Lawrence mentioned before hanging up.

“What exactly is he plotting?” Randy asked himself. He heard Kolleen entering the bathroom. After the door shut, he entered the kitchen to prepare breakfast. What does Kolleen like to eat? I want to make today special for her. Then a light bulb clicked in his head, “She loves waffles, with a tiny bit of syrup.” He muttered. Soon after, Randy began mixing the ingredients, and already had the batter in the waffle iron, when Kolleen emerged. “Something smells amazing!” She stated.

Randy turned and was blown away by her outfit. She was wearing tight black jeans, with a dark red shirt. It accented her body perfectly, which made his blood pump harder. “Wow, you look so amazing.” Kolleen blushed and shook her head. “No, I’m serious Kol. You really look terrific.” As he said this, he returned his attention to the now cooked waffles. She just smiled and walked over to him; her arms slid around his waist. “I’m a bit nervous about today; I really am.” Randy stated. “You’ll be just fine Ran-Ran.” She nuzzled her face into his back some more, making him feel fuzzy all over.

“You know me so well.” she said. “And I will continue to do so.” Once all of their waffles were done, she and Randy immediately scoffed them down right at the counters. Kolleen was a bit more presentable with her scoffing but still happened to have a bit of syrup on her upper lip. Randy, seeing this, couldn’t help but laugh before wiping it off. She blushed and finished her last waffle. “Wow! We ate fast!” He was in shock but pressed onward anyway. “Would you like to do something later tonight? I mean after Marcos and I are finished with whatever we have to do?” He asked, turning the dishwasher on.

Kolleen was staring off into the abyss. Her nose was scrunched up as she was deep in thought. “Hmm… What time do you expect to be done?” She asked. Randy looked at his cell phone, the time read: 6:25 A.M. “Mr. Lawrence sounded pretty darn urgent. I think it’s safe to assume he’ll have the ride here in a little while. If we get off early enough, would you like to do some mini golf?” he replied. “Sure, sounds like fun!” Kolleen stated. “Let me go take my shower, I’ll be back in a few minutes.” “Right, I’ll be waiting.” Kolleen replied.

Randy kissed her, and walked from the room. She waited for the door to close and then started checking her phone. She had a few texts, mostly from her mother, but one drew her attention. It was from a Mr. Lawrence, “The guy Randy was talking about…” she muttered. It read: Hello Miss Sparks! It’s Mr. Lawrence here, CEO and Owner of the Dominant Wrestling League. I heard that you were going to college to become a sports trainer. But recently your mother has informed me that you’re now pursuing becoming a professor for the same field. I would like to give you an offer. I’ll talk to you later, and we can discuss my deal and see if we can hit an agreement. I’ll hear from you then! - Mr. Lawrence.

“What the hell?” Kolleen whispered. She set the phone back in her pocket and starting pacing back and forth. First off, why did my mom talk to him? Doesn’t she know I want to be a professor? What would Mr. Lawrence possibly have to offer me that would detour my mindset on this career? She sat at the end of the stairs, gazing at the front door. Seconds later, the doorbell rang, which jolted her slightly. They can’t be here this early, can they? She thought as she got up and peered through the peep hole. Sure enough, Marcos was standing there, with a limo behind him.

Kolleen opened the door, and was given the brightest smile she’d ever seen from him. “Hello! It’s nice to see you again.” He said. He had a pair of baggy blue jeans on, as well as an equally baggy white muscle shirt. “Are you excited about today?” Kolleen asked, as she shut the door. Marcos turned and looked at her, smiling again. “Of course I am! This is what I’ve always dreamed of. And even better yet, Mr. Lawrence said something about Randy and I partnering up and going after the D.W.L. Tag Team Championships. I hope it’s true!”

The excitement was emanating off of him. “Would you like something to drink?” Kolleen asked. Marcos shook his head, and instead went to lean against the exterior island. He crossed his legs and gazed up the stairs. “I remember back when Randy and I first met, Kolleen.” He averted his gaze towards her, as she leaned against the door. “How did it happen? If you don’t mind me asking that is.” “Well, it’s relatively easy to be honest. Randy and I were friends since grade school. I remember in the first grade, I just moved to San Diego and was placed in Randy’s class. That teacher, Mrs. Perdon, seemed to be always strict with me and I didn’t know why.”

“I mean I do now. Come to find out, she was a bit of a racist and really didn’t like us Mexicans, is the way she put it.” “I don’t know why people are like that Marcos. I think people are people, no matter what race, size, shape; whatever. We’re all human.” “Thank you!” Marcos replied. “Anyway, Mrs. Perdon absolutely HATED me. She would always discipline me for something another white kid would do. She never gave me a fair shake and always seemed to drop slurs every now and then. It was up until the sixth month being there, that I was fed up with it. I wanted to revolt back and prove Mexicans were just as equal as white people.”

“What did you do?” Kolleen asked. At this time, Randy was descending the stairs, with a pair of black jogging pants, and a dark gray muscle shirt. Kolleen saw his muscles almost glistening under the water droplets, which caused her heart to start pumping fast. She was pulling the front of her shirt away rapidly to try and cool herself off. “What’s the matter Kol?” Randy asked. He knew well what the problem was; she acted like this every time he got water on him. So he walked over to her, and started flexing his arm a bit, acting like it was cramping. “Oooh, it hurts a bit Kol. You wanna try to work it out?” he asked.

“Leave the poor girl alone.” Marcos interjected. He shoved Randy playfully, and started laughing. “You were always like that, weren’t you? You saw a girl drooling over ya, so you showed off to make them drool even more. Typical Randy.” “What were you two talking about anyway?” Randy replied, as he dried his hair off. He shook it around, spraying water all over the walls. Marcos wiped his face off and sniffed, then continued. “We were talking about how we became friends. Would you like to finish the story?” Marcos replied.

Randy went to answer, when another doorbell ring sounded off. He turned and peered through the side window. It was a very tall, and lanky white man with a black suit, and matching dress slacks on. He had sunglasses on his face, as well as a speaker resting in his left ear. “Who is that guy?” Randy asked, jerking his thumb towards the door. “OH, that’s the limo driver. We probably should get going.” Marcos stated. “Alright, Kolleen’s gonna tag along though. Just so we can talk some more.” Randy said. “But of course.” Marcos replied, opening the door for them. Randy looked at the tall man, and cleared his throat.

“I apologize for that sir. I was just finishing my shower.” “No need to apologize Randy. I just wanted to make sure you all were okay. Shall we get a move on?” The man replied in a super deep voice. “Of course!” Randy replied. He guided Kolleen out the door, with Marcos behind them. “Is it okay if my girlfriend comes along with us?” “Absolutely! Mr. Lawrence was telling me about you two and I think it’s just amazing. Bring her along if she’s willing.”

“Oh she’s willing alright.” Randy replied. He felt Kolleen’s head rest onto his arm, as he guided her towards the back of the limo. The tall man, opened it up and bowed as Marcos entered, then Kolleen and finally Randy. “Thank you sir.” Randy said to him. “It’s no problem at all. And please, call me Jack!” He replied. “Will do, Jack.” Randy said. Jack nodded and closed the door. “I can’t believe we’re in a limo!” Kolleen said happily. Randy rubbed her arms, and sighed. “I’m going to love this life.” “I know right?!” Marcos replied. The engine started up and Jack’s voice broke through the intercom. “First stop is the D.W.L. Outfitters, E.T.A. thirty minutes.” With that the limo jerked a bit and then started driving off.

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