A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Forty One

Tuesday September 28th, 2010: Mid Morning-Early Afternoon:

Limo Ride / D.W.L. Venture

“So do you want to finish the story, Randy?” Marcos asked. He was looking around the limo to see if it had any beverages, and sure enough; it did. “They have like an entire mini fridge full of drinks here!” He stated, pulling out an orange juice. “Yeah, what happened, Kol, is Marcos was being relentlessly teased by his teacher and classmates. I, being the person that I am, couldn’t stand it any longer so I finally snapped one day. I looked the teacher square in the eye and said: ‘You better back the hell off lady! Marcos hasn’t done anything wrong and you’re just being an old worn down prick.’” “Did you really say that?!” Kolleen asked, gasping afterwards.

Marcos started busting out laughing, “Y-Yeah, he did; he really did!” He was almost rolling on the limo floor laughing. “I told the woman to go back to the old age home where she belongs, along with her bitter attitude. She was so floored that a kid could talk that way, that we never saw her the rest of the year. They say she had to take time off, from all the disrespect.” “Best year of my life, I swear.” Marcos stated. He was looking up at the ceiling, with joyous tears in his eyes. “That was the day that Randy and I became friends, and soon thereafter; best friends.”

He extended his hand which Randy accepted, and shook. “Best friends until the end homes.” Randy replied. “Yes sir!” Marcos said, raising his juice. Kolleen was holding onto Randy’s arm, nuzzling her head into it as well. He stroked the hair from her eyes. “You two are an amazing couple, you know that?” Marcos stated. “You really are.” “Thanks homes. Kol and I have been like this since the day I had the courage to ask her out the third time.”

“Damn, you’re awfully persistent!” Randy nodded, and started rubbing Kolleen’s hand. “I remember the day when Randy first asked me out. We were in high school and at the time I had a different boyfriend. He told me that he didn’t think he was worthy to be with me, and I said: ‘Everyone deserves a chance.’ I remember he took that quote and after the third time asking, I finally gave in. To my surprise, he’s an amazing boyfriend! Absolutely the best I’ve ever had.” The smile on Kolleen‘s face was so bright that it made Marco grin back. “Wow. I envy you two.” “Come on Marcos. You’ll find a girl soon enough.” Randy told him.

“Yeah, I hope so. I wonder how Gorgon and Samantha are doing…” Marcos trailed off in deep thought. Randy noticed his hands shaking a bit, and his breathing sounded shaky as well. “Oh my god! You like Samantha!” he yelled. “You sly dog.” “Come off it. I think she’s pretty, and her voice; my god, her voice is like an angel’s.” Marcos said, leaning his head back. He was smiling up a storm, like a little kid who was promised sweets. “Hey you know what?” Randy asked. “What’s up?” Randy leaned towards him, and tapped his leg, drawing his attention.

“Samantha, I think, has a crush on me. Clearly I’m taken and I’m happy but, I am willing to talk to her. I’ll tell her how much of a good person you are, and that you have a pure heart; you know, talk you up a bit. I’m sure if she gives you a shot, she won’t regret it.” Marco’s eyes shot open, and a half smile spread on his face. “You’d do that for me homes?” he replied. “Pssh, I’d do anything for you man.” Randy extended his hand this time, which Marcos accepted valiantly. “You’re a true friend Randy.”

“I always have and always will!” He replied. “We’ll be arriving at the outfitters E.T.A. twenty five minutes.” Jack said. “How are you feeling by the way homes?” Marcos asked. He tapped Randy’s leg to get his attention. “I’m a bit nervous, I’m not gonna lie to you.” “Hell I am too man. It’s not everyday that you get signed to a prestigious company like we have!” Marcos rested his head on the limo walls, and closed his eyes for a bit.

Kolleen, wanting to be private, pulled out her phone and started texting. Hey Ran-Ran. I just wanted to let you know that Mr. Lawrence also offered me a position on the D.W.L. Team. She pressed send and moments later, saw Randy checking his phone. He looked over at her, and she nodded. With confusion in his mind, he quickly replied. He said: What job was it? Kolleen saw the question and immediately started replying. He knew that I was going to college to be a sports/fitness trainer and that I was almost done with my bachelor’s degree. Even though I wanted to be a professor, this offer sounds amazing! She pressed send.

He nodded. Hell, if that’s what you want to do, I say go for it. I’d love to have more time to spend with you. ;) . Randy replied. Kolleen read it and looked over at him. Her cheeks were blushing a bit, she leaned and kissed him gingerly. “That’s why I love you so much.” Kolleen stated, after their kiss released. “I wouldn’t want any other girl in the world.” The limo stopped and Jack’s voice broke through the air. “We have arrived at the D.W.L. Outfitters. I have been informed that all three of you will be in here for at least a couple of hours. So while you’re getting fitted for outfits, I’ll go buy some lunch for us all.”

With that he got out and opened their door. Marcos climbed out, and then Randy. Once he got out, Randy extended a hand to help Kolleen out. She accepted it and once she was out, she straightened her clothes. “Whew, that was a fast ride!” She stated. Jack smiled at her, after closing the door. “I am a pretty darn fast driver! It’s a shame though, no one else likes to have me drive them, I don’t know why.” He leaned against the limo. Randy clapped a hand on his shoulder and replied, “I don’t know what’s up their butts, but I sure as shoot know this much. You’re a great driver and I’m sure we’ll all come to like each other soon!”

“Thank you Mr. Rodriguez!” Jack replied. “Call me Randy.” “That I will. I’ll be back here in forty five minutes to check up on you three. Enjoy your visit!” With that said, Jack drove away, leaving them three in front of a three floor building. There were giant letters bolted to the front, they read: D.W.L. Outfitters Inc. Underneath this, a smaller sign was attached reading: Est. 1930. “Wow, that building’s been open for eighty years!” Kolleen said. The entire front of the building was nothing but solid stone, except for the first floor, which had all glass windows.

They started to walk towards the front doors, when Mr. Lawrence exited the building. He had his arms wide open and a smile on his face. “Welcome to the Outfitters! I hope you all have enjoyed the drive over.” He said. “That we did.” Marcos replied. “Well, follow me. There’s plenty of things to get done today and so little time.” Mr. Lawrence lead the way into the building, holding the door open for them. Randy, Kolleen and Marcos couldn’t believe what befell their eyes.

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