A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Forty Two

Tuesday September 28th, 2010: Late-Morning/Early Afternoon

D.W.L. Outfitters

The first room of the building was as big as the first floor in Randy’s house. All along the sides of the walls, were numerous pictures. They ranged from pictures of wrestling attire, to D.W.L. Belt designs as well as various wrestlers. The floors were made of solid marble. To the very far back right was a semi-circle desk, where an elderly woman sat. She had bushy white hair, a flabby face, and a long crooked nose. Her eyes were small, and ears were huge. She was wearing a flowered dress, along with red glasses that rested at the end of her nose.

When she looked up, a bright smile spread across her face. “Oh there they are! I’ve been expecting you.” The woman stated. Her voice wasn’t shrill or crackly, but soft and sweet. Randy’s heart immediately felt fuzzy and warm from her greeting. She got up from her desk and went around to introduce herself to all of them. “Hello! I am Mrs. Chelsea Ivan. I’ve been an avid wrestling fan and worker at this building for over forty years.” She walked around, shaking Kolleen’s hand, and then Marco’s. When she got to Randy, her eyes started to well up with tears.

“Oh I remember your grandfather and father when they both started here. Of course when your grandfather came here, I was only eight myself, but I remember them! I’m so sorry about your losses.” “It’s okay ma’am, I appreciate the sympathy.” Randy replied. “You have such a broad voice, yet such innocence behind it. I expect great things from you three!” Mrs. Ivan stated. She walked back around the desk and sat down with a sigh. “SO, you’re all here for outfitting, correct?” She asked, looking up at Mr. Lawrence.

“Well Marcos and Randy here are, but not Miss Sparks. She’s here for a different reason, which I’ll discuss with you momentarily.” Mr. Lawrence replied. “Okay! I’ll guide Randy and Marcos to the elevators, and when I’m back we can discuss this further.” she stated. Mr. Lawrence nodded, and allowed the old woman to walk the two guys towards the back. The front room was circular, except for when it branched off to the elevators. Then it became a hallway, which seemed to go on and on.

“Wow, I didn’t expect this hall to be so long!” Randy stated. “I agree.” Marcos said. Mrs. Ivan chuckled and turned around. “Perception is quite a stickler you know. Speaking of perception, I assumed you two didn’t take a good look at the outfits here.” she stated. Randy looked towards the back wall, and noticed a familiar set of outfits. The left was a single piece leotard with vines printed all over. Directly next to it sat a similar leotard, but with one arm strap and it was red, white and blue. Underneath both outfits were replica D.W.L. Heavyweight Championship belts.

The design stayed the same even up to now. The belt was pure white, with a crown shaped plate in the middle. Inside this crown sat a ring, with one wrestler holding his arm up. He had his foot on the chest of the other one, and a vague smile was tacked into his face. There were two smaller plates; one on each side of the center one, in the shape of squares. In these Squares, the letters: D.W.L. That was when Randy noticed the D.W.L. logo tacked above the two men. All three letters were black with gold trim going around them.

“I’m sorry; I am so absorbed in awe right now.” Randy stated. Mrs. Ivan laughed and waved him off. “Don’t be sorry child, I would be too if I saw both my father’s and grandfather’s outfits.” She pushed the button to one of the two elevators on the right. “You’ll be going to the third floor first, to talk to a design team. When you’re done with that, they will direct you to the second floor, where others will take your measurements. When you’re done with this, you can come back here, where I will give you your receipts, and your outfits will be ready by next Monday!” “Thank you Mrs. Ivan!” Marcos stated.

Randy nodded in return, giving his thanks as well. “You’re very welcome! I hope you all enjoy your visit!” Mrs. Ivan replied. With that, she left, allowing Randy and Marcos to enter the elevator. Once they did, Randy punched the third floor button and the doors slid shut. While they were on their way up, Marcos decided to break the silence. “Can you believe we’re actually doing this?!” “I’m still in shock myself, Marcos.” “I know right?!”

The doors opened up, and they were welcomed by Gorgon and Samantha. “Good lord big guy, you scared the hell out of me!” Randy said. “Sorry about that buddy. Samantha and I just got our outfits picked out. We have to get our measurements now.” Marcos noticed Samantha, who was giving him a look of nervousness. “OH, hey Samantha?” Randy asked. She looked at him, “Hmm?” She replied. “This is my good friend, Marcos. Marcos, this is Samantha.” Randy said, introducing them. “Hey! It’s nice to finally meet you.” Marcos stated, sticking out his hand.

Samantha smiled, shaking it in return. “Likewise!” Randy could see the fluttering going on in Marcos’ chest and held a laugh back. Gorgon took this time to pull Randy aside so they could talk in private. “What’s up big guy?” he asked. “I just wanted to say that I’m proud of you and Marcos for that win you two picked up. My god, that finisher you did Randy was… It was terrifying! Congratulations on winning the Tag Team Titles.” “Thanks Gorgon! I really do appreciate that.” “I have one last thing to ask you. What did your contract say, regarding future title shots?”

Randy folded his arms, pondering on whether he should tell him or not. “I can trust you Gorgon, so I’ll tell you. It spoke of me getting a single’s championship shot of my choice, if my wins allow me to do so. Meaning…” “You have to win a certain amount of matches before you get a title shot, correct?” Gorgon interrupted him. “Yes, that’s right.” “It said the same thing on mine, except it specified the Heavyweight Title. Can you believe that?!” Gorgon stated.

“That’s amazing dude, congrats!” Randy said, shaking Gorgon’s hand. “Hey, thanks buddy. I’m super excited about this, and hey; maybe you’ll get a shot at the Submissions Championship. I bet you’d kick so much ass at that.” “That does seem right up my alley. Although, right now, I think Mr. Lawrence wants Marcos and I to do some tag team action first.” As Randy stated this, Marcos started to walk over. “Hey that’s even cooler. Holding the Tag Team Titles in the major leagues is a big deal. We’re playing with the big fish now. I’ll catch you later buddy!” Gorgon finished.

Randy nodded and watched as he and Samantha disappeared into the elevators. “Samantha gave me her number. She told me about the note she left you and I said it was okay to have a crush on someone. But I also said that she shouldn’t try to wreck something that’s so amazing. She agreed, and actually gave me a shot. We’re gonna go out tomorrow night!” Marcos gave Randy the biggest grin he’d ever seen. Randy clapped a hand on his back and shook him a bit. “Way to go man! I knew you could do it.” Just then a pair of men walked up to them.

The guy on the left had a suave, blonde hair cut, with blue eyes, small nose and thin lips. His left ear was pierced in three different spots. He had a blue striped vest on, with skinny jeans and shiny shoes. The guy to the right was wearing a tight floral shirt, with baggier jeans. He had a wide nose, thick lower lip, and big ears. His hair was buzz cut, which exposed the piercing set up on his right ear. “We will be your design team for today! I am Shawn Jolt and this is my partner in crime, Wayne Arlum.” Wayne smiled, bearing a gold tooth on the right side.

“It’s very nice to meet you!” Randy replied. He and Wayne shook hands as they extended their greetings. “Likewise.” he replied. “I think I want this one Shawn. He seems like my type.” Shawn nodded in return, and grabbed a hold of Marcos’ arm. “Come with me sir, you will be in the first room over to the left. “And you will be coming with me to the right.” Wayne said to Randy. Randy nodded towards Marcos, who nodded back and they went their separate ways.

The only light that existed was from the ceiling lights. Every other one was shut off, cascading them in darkness from time to time. Wayne guided Randy down a narrow hallway, until they reached a wooden door at the end. A sign was placed onto it reading: Design Room A. When Wayne opened it, Randy was blown away by all the fabrics, strewn around the room. “It’s not a cleanly job.” he stated. “I’m not complaining.” “That’s why I like you! Come here, and let me start jotting down some notes.”

Randy did as he was told and sat down next to the man at the far end of this long wooden table. “Now, before we get started, I’m going to have to hear a few of your interests. Something that I can mash into a persona eventually.” “Of course! I just don’t know where to begin.” Randy replied. “Start with your favorite type of music.” Wayne held the notepad in his lap, and waited with pen in hand. “Umm, my favorite genre by far, is Rap. I’ve loved Rap/Hip-Hop since the early 2,000’s when I heard Eminem’s song: Mockingbird.”

“Brilliant! I can start something with that.” Wayne immediately jotted the note down. “What else?” he asked. Randy tapped his foot on the floor, and then a light bulb ignited in his brain. “I love to rap myself, and have been songwriting ever since I was in high school.” “That’s cool, but something that doesn’t have to do with Rap. You’ve stated already, that it is your favorite genre, so let’s steer towards, maybe… Your favorite movie genre?” Wayne asked. “Oh, that’s easy! Horror, hands down is my favorite genre.” “Perfecto!” Wayne replied, writing this note down as well.

“You seem like a really nice guy, Wayne.” Randy stated. “Aww, thanks. Most of the time I am, just as long as you don’t rub me the wrong way. Which is to say, you haven’t yet. Now, what is your favorite horror movie?” “My favorite horror movie would have to be, Scream. I’ve loved that movie ever since I saw it the first time, back a year ago or so.”

“Very nice choice. I’m thinking of something here. What if we did some face paint, you know? Like some of the greats back in the day, but more primal; more… deadly! Like we can paint black over your mouth, and eyes, and then white around that to make you look like Ghost Face. We then can put you in baggy black shorts, black sneakers and maybe a white spandex like outfit, to go underneath. It’ll make you look like a gangster Ghost Face. We could even have you come to the ring with that song Moby made for the end of the movie. You know, First Cool Hive?” Randy nodded in return.

“That, actually sounds freaking awesome!” he replied. Wayne smiled at him and placed a hand on Randy’s shoulder. “When we’re through with your kid, you’re going to be the creepiest thing, since the wrestler, Zombie of 1985!” Wayne withdrew a bunch of scrap papers and started to draw the outfit out. Randy watched on as the costume came more and more into focus. His face looked just like ghost face with a mixture of the rappers in the Insane Clown Posse. “We could even have the spandex go up onto your head, with only your hair poking out, and a spot for your face. That way everything but your face is covered.” “That sounds even better.”

“Alright, then it will be so. It’s gonna work since you have black hair as it is. It’ll match the dark face paint very well. Actually… Ghost Face’s cloak was black, wouldn’t it make more sense for the entire outfit to be black as well?” Wayne asked. “That does make a load of sense. Can we kind of drop the shorts and shoes then? Maybe give me the spandex, with a cloak around it? That way I look EXACTLY like Ghost Face.” Randy asked. “That sounds amazing! I even have the perfect materials to make the cloak, so that you can wear it to the ring and then take it off before each match.”

“That would be great! One last thing bothers me though. The paint… wouldn’t it wear off over time?” Randy asked. Wayne sat for a few moments, with his lower lip pursed. “You know; you’re right. I could construct a mask just for your face, that’ll be made of breathable material, maybe like spandex… OH WAIT!” Wayne stated. He immediately started to jot more doodles into the paper.

“We could make the entire outfit out of spandex, right?” Wayne started. “Okay?” Randy replied. “Hear me out. We can do this, and then have the mask attached to the front, like a legitimate Ghost Face mask. It I’ll have the cloak effect attached to the bottom, so it looks legitimate. That way, you’ll be able to see, and breath without sweating too much. Meaning, the mask will be a prop you put on before each match and take off after you exit the arena.” Randy just smiled at him, and put a hand on Wayne’s shoulder this time.

“You, my friend, are an amazing designer!” “I live to serve!” He began to design the outfit, inch by inch until it was complete. “My god… I’m gonna look JUST like him from the movies!” Randy said. “Correction, friend. You’re gonna pull it off even better! Now for the music department; I have a suggestion. So we don’t get copyrighted, we should have music that’s produced which is eerie, but holds a Rap/Hip-Hop vibe in the background. You may even be able to record your own lyrics if you want.”

“And we’re done! Let’s get you downstairs to the measurement department. I’ll hand them the pages with my design and we’ll see that it gets done!” Randy nodded and allowed Wayne towards the center of the third floor. He noticed Marcos exiting the left hallway, with a smug smile on his face. Wayne grinned over at Shawn, who smiled back. Shawn’s arms were crossed with the design behind them.

“Did you get something good?” Wayne asked. “That I did! Take a look at this!” Shawn flipped the notepad around. Marcos’ outfit looked amazing. He had a Cheetah design on it, which was a full body suit. His face would be behind a mask with cheetah print on it. The eyes and mouth are covered with black print, which almost resembled the shape of bird wings. There was a design in the chest which read: M.G. “That looks so bad ass!” Randy stated. “Hey, thanks homes. What about yours?” “Feast your eyes on this.” Wayne said, flipping his page around.

“Jesus, Wayne! He’s going to look horrifying and I LOVE it!” Shawn replied. “I knew you would. Randy and I came up with this in mere minutes. I can’t wait to see what it looks like on him.” “Right, let’s get them downstairs for measurements.” Shawn replied. They lead the two toward the elevators, allowing Randy to think deeply about his future. He was still nervous but excited at the same time. He knew Marcos felt the same way. The doors opened, and Shawn as well as Wayne entered. Randy and Marcos quickly fist bumped and joined them inside.

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