A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Forty Three

Tuesday September 28th, 2010: Early Afternoon


“I’m super excited to see how the attires turn out!” Shawn stated. “I couldn’t agree more.” Wayne replied. Randy’s stomach was beginning to churn with more nerves than ever before. He loved what his outfit looked like, but it still unnerved him; all of this. Being hired by Mr. Lawrence, immediately getting all this extra stuff tossed into the mix. He just wasn’t used to being in the lime light all of a sudden. When the elevator doors clanged open, Randy as well as Marcos stepped out. When Wayne got out, he grabbed a hold of Randy’s arm and guided him towards the right room.

The second floor was divided into six rooms, that branched off of the entrance hallway. It was in the shape of an octagon. “We’ll be going to the room furthest to the right.” Wayne stated. “Alright.” Randy said, as he was yanked into the room. Wayne shut the door gingerly, and sighed. There was a table sitting in the middle of the room, that had ten chairs surrounding it. At the farthest end, sat a blonde haired woman, who appeared to be in her thirties. She had long hair, brown eyes, and a face that resembled a parrot, right up to the beak-like nose.

She was wearing fishnet stockings, a short skirt, and a slightly loose t-shirt and was the was the only person in the room, other than Wayne and himself. “Who is this?” She said in an astonishingly feminine voice. “Miss Wyvern, this is Randy Rodriguez. He’s the grandson of…” “Patrick Rodriguez; yes! I can see the resemblance. He also has the same jaw line as Robert… Astonishing.” She said. “And please, call me Gabriel.” Randy nodded at her, and allowed Wayne to guide him to the opposite side of the room.

Strewn across the table were various measuring tapes, and a foot scale. “So, first off, let’s see the design… Oh marvelous! It looks so magnificent.” Gabriel’s eyes lit up with such excitement. “We, the design team, are going to have so much fun creating this masterpiece. First off, of course, we need to take your measurements. Please stand straight, and look past my head.” Gabriel stated. The top of her head, was just short of Randy’s chin. “Will do.”

“Wayne, would you give me a hand here please?” “But of course Gabriel.” He started the measurements and gazed deep in thought until he finally spoke. “God dang boy! You’re eighty two inches tall! You EASILY bypassed your father and grandfather.” “My, my; that’s six feet and ten inches tall! What a man.” Gabriel replied. “Let’s measure the biceps… eighteen inches; JESUS!” Wayne stated. He sounded shocked. “One foot and six inches around… Got it!” Gabriel stated.

“You’ve got the potential to be as big as a brick shit house. Let’s measure the thighs. Twenty seven inches.” “Two feet and three inches; check!” Randy started to feel embarrassed as they continued to measure him. Minutes passed until they were finally finished, as they measured his cranium diameter. “One foot and five inches in diameter; check! Looks like we’re done measuring, the body at least. We just need your foot size and then we can get to creating.” Randy nodded, and kicked his shoe off, before placing it into the scale. “According to this…” Gabriel started, as she messed with the dials.

“You have a size nineteen, quadruple E. We’re going to have to specially order these boots. But I’m sure we can get this all made up by next week’s show!” Gabriel said. “Thank you.” Randy replied. “You don’t have to thank me. Thank yourself for getting this far! I’ll see you soon, Wayne.” “Thank you again Gabriel.” With that, he guided Randy towards the door, and out into the hallway. When they had reached the end of the hall Marcos and Shawn were exiting their side.

As they exited, Marcos greeted Randy with a huge grin. His eyes were lit up with excitement. “We’re going to ROCK the very foundation of the D.W.L.” He stated. “Hell yeah we are.” Their knuckles bumped together, as they followed Wayne and Shawn back to the elevators. Once inside, they began their descent towards the first floor. When the doors opened, Randy was greeted with an amazing sight. Kolleen was standing there, with a bright smile, and rosy cheeks. “What’s up Kol?” She leaned over and immediately kissed him.

“Aww!” Wayne and Shawn said. They walked around and headed towards the reception desk. Randy felt Kolleen pulling him out of the elevator, towards the other wall. “What’s going on?” Randy asked, after their lips disconnected. Kolleen had tears in her eyes but a face of joy. “Mr. Lawrence, after an hour of negotiating has officially signed me on as your physical trainer and R&R consultant in the D.W.L.!” “Oh my god, that’s amazing!” “I know! He’s already given me my bonus check and guess what?” She asked.

“What?” Kolleen hugged Randy tight, and stared deep into his eyes. “The check will be more than enough to pay off my college debt, with over a hundred thousand dollars left! I just have to finish my finals in December, and I’ll be set.” “That’s amazing news, Kol!” Randy replied. They couldn’t help but continue latching onto each other. Not until Mr. Lawrence came over, interrupting it. “I’m sorry to intervene here, but we best get a move on! You two still have to get your music created and mixed, as well as your intro videos. By the way…” Mr. Lawrence lowered his voice, so only Randy and Kolleen could hear.

“We’ve already been cooking up some amazing shots of your previous matches Randy.” He went to turn around when another thought struck him. “Oh yes! You’ll be needing a name and it is up to you two to decide, so you better get thinking!” “Thank you sir.” Randy replied. “Think nothing of it. I will meet you two next week for your first tag team match up. Your opponents will be given to you before the show. Good luck.” Then Mr. Lawrence exited with a kick in his step.

“We better not keep them waiting then.” Kolleen stated. “You’re probably right.” Randy replied. They walked past the reception desk, with Marcos right behind. His face was locked onto his cell phone, as he typed away. Randy held the door open for them, which he nodded in thanks. Jack had just pulled up and exited the limo. “I’m sure you all have eaten breakfast, but it’s already early afternoon, so I figured it was lunch time. We have about forty five minutes until we reach the sound studio, so you’ve got time.” Jack opened their door, and waited for all of them to enter, then immediately jogged over to his seat.

“You’ll find the food in the mini-fridge in the back there. I hope you all enjoy!” Jack stated. “Thank you!” All three of them replied. “Think nothing of it.” And then they were off, cruising down the road, without a care in the world. Randy felt so elated at this point, barely unable to contain his excitement. Marcos would have been the same way, had he not been glued to his phone screen. Within seconds, Randy felt a hand sliding up and down his abdomen. Kolleen was stroking his belly hair and breathing deeply. Their hearts were full of adventure; full of joy and both beating fully with compassion.

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