A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Forty Four

Tuesday September 28th, 2010: Early Afternoon

Limo Ride

“So, how was the fitting?” Kolleen asked. Randy stared at her, and started stroking her hand. “It was amazing. I can’t wait to show you my attire when it’s all finished!” “It does look sick, doesn’t it?” Marcos replied. Randy laughed, giving Marcos a knuckle bump once more. “Not as sick as yours, cheetah man!” “Pssh, we’re gonna tear that place UP!” “I guess we should get to eating then? I’m kind of hungry.” Kolleen stated. “Of course; of course. Let’s dig in.” Randy said. They all enjoyed their meal and had a fantastic time as they waited to arrive at the studio.

“How is she?” Penny asked. She had Diana’s charts folded in her arms. Dr. Farber shook his head at her, and felt pain in his chest. “The woman’s such a spiritual one; a fighter at that. But she’s not pulling through this. The chemo is destroying her body more than the cancer. If we keep proceeding like we are, we may end up shortening her life more than the sickness itself.” He looked into Penny’s eyes for reassurance and then continued.

“This is your mother, as well as Randy’s. It is up to you two to decide what to do with her. I know that Randy may not recognize you, but you have to get through to him. This is a huge decision and you two should be together when it’s made.” Dr. Farber pulled Penny into a hug. “You’ve been a hard worker ever since you started, and I am so proud of you. I’m sorry this has to happen to a loved one, but I know you two will make the best decision.” He then sighed and went to examine more patients.

Penny leaned against the wall, with full pain in her heart. She could feel the sadness creeping up into her eyes. Instead of crying, however, she sniffed hard and then pulled out her cell phone. Within moments, she was connecting to Randy’s phone. “Hello?” He asked. Penny sighed and then prepared for the reaction.

“Hold on, someone’s calling my phone. Who’s Penny?” Randy asked. Kolleen’s brain buzzed with shock at the sound of her name. “Umm, she and I were talking yesterday when you were in the hospital.” Randy looked at her and then picked up the call. “Hello?” He asked. He heard a sigh from the other end and it didn’t sound inviting. “Who is this?” “Hello Randy. It’s your older sister, Penny.” Confusion struck his face. I have a sister? He thought. “What do you mean?”

She must have heard the befuddled anger behind his voice as she replied with a worried tone. “I didn’t expect you to understand Randy, but you have to hear me out. Mom’s in the hospital, that much you know of.” she stated. “Correct.” He scratched his head, and tried to steady his breathing. “What’s going on with Mom?” He asked. Penny sighed again and spoke. This time he picked up on a difference to the tone of her voice. It was shaking with sadness and further drove him into panic. “Doctor Farber talked to me just a couple of minutes ago. He told me that Mom’s not going to recover from this. The cancer is spreading at an alarming rate, and it’s eating her alive. The chemo is only hurting her Randy, we need to make a decision as to what we do with her.”

An aching feeling gnawed at the inside of Randy’s heart. He could feel it beating painfully as this revelation settled. “What’s wrong?” Kolleen asked, looking over at him. He buried his eyes into his hand, trying to block the sadness from view. But the depression became overwhelming as crying followed suit. He dropped the phone with a shaky hand and buried his face even deeper. Kolleen, knew it was bad news. She looked over at Marcos, nodding towards Randy. He returned the nod and slid over towards his best friend, shaking him lightly by the shoulder.

“Come on man. We’ll get through this together, all three of us.” he said. Kolleen hugged Randy‘s middle, feeling the depression shaking inside of him. “I love you Randy, and I’ll never leave your side no matter what. Marcos is included in this; we’re family.” “Damn straight we are.” He shook his buddy once more. Randy gazed down into Kolleen’s face, and then up at Marcos’ and cleared his mind before picking the phone back up.

After a quick sniff, and a swipe of his hair, he replied. “I’m… I’m sorry about the hiatus.” “No; no, don’t be. I-I just d-don’t know what to do…” Penny trailed off this time. She was sobbing on the other line. “What do you suppose we do?” “I d-don’t have the s-slightest idea.” “Shit…” Randy said. He looked down at his legs, with bewilderment plaguing his thoughts. “I… I can’t do this right now.” He said to Marcos and Kolleen.

“Jack?!” He called out. “Yes sir?” “Could you please take us to the hospital? I need to talk to my sister about our mom. She needs us, urgently!” Randy replied. “Shall I call Mr. Lawrence and tell him the change of plans sir?” “Please?” “I’ll call him now on our way there. We’ll be there in about five minutes!” “Thank you.” With that, the limo took a sharp right turn, as they drove towards the hospital.

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