A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Forty Five

Monday Novemeber 14th,2080:

Rodriguez Residence : Night:

“Looks like we’ve arrived!” Randy stated. “Come on, we were getting to a serious part!” Charlie said. The twins, and Lori seemed disappointed as well. “I can’t help that kids. We’re already home, and the pizza should be here in less than thirty minutes.” The car pulled up the drive, and towards the enormous mansion that was once Randy’s Grandfather’s home. “I still can’t believe he gave you this huge house.” Kolleen stated. “Would you like some assistance in getting the kids inside?” Don’t sweat it, I can handle the little ones. You just take your time.”

With that being said, Randy kissed her. “I’ll see you in a bit then.” She blushed and got out, soon thereafter, all the great grandkids were following her inside. Randy’s attention averted to the huge window on the second floor. He remembered spending so many hours sitting near that window. He would listen to his grandfather’s tales, as intensely as his great grandkids did. It pained him to know he was still gone, as well as his grandmother and parents. He got out of the car, with shaking arms and leaned heavily on his cane.

The brisk night air filled each lung with energy. He loved the cold months, since the air felt so clean and smooth. Above him a half moon shined down, illuminating the lawn and city down below. He turned and gazed at his old house which lay off in the distance. It looked so desolate; so abused. He shuddered and figured it was best to head inside so he wouldn’t get sick. He began trekking towards the front door, at a relatively slow pace. His heart beat fast and hard, pushing him further on. Just as he got to the door, it opened, with Lori behind it.

“What’s up darlin’?” “I just wanted to help you grandpa!” She stated in a tiny voice. Randy patted the top of her hair, ruffling it a bit. “You’re such a good person.” Lori‘s patented smile brightened his night even more. “Go inside now Lori, so you don’t catch a cold.” he told her. She nodded and sprinted down the hallway towards the kitchen. When he was inside, he shut the door lightly and leaned against the wall. The walks, no matter how small, were getting to him in his old age.

He pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and dabbed the sweat away from his forehead. “Are you coming Ran-Ran?” Kolleen asked, half way down the hall. “I’ll be there momentarily Kol!” She returned to the kitchen giving him the time he needed to build his strength. She had that lifting power about her, that allowed him to do so many things. Just the sight of her smile gave him the energy to push through the aching chest pains. He was a quarter of the way down the hall now; his hands were shaking hard.

Once he was past the halfway point, Randal and Roy entered the hallway. “Are you okay grandpa?” “I’m alright boys; I just have really old bones. Give grandpa a minute; he’ll be there!” They, like Lori, returned to the kitchen with no worry in their minds. Randy finally got to the kitchen, and leaned against the doorframe. His heart was angrily palpitating, as if it were furious with his motivation. “You kids just stay settled. I’ll go tend to grandpa.” Kolleen said. “Okay!” They all replied, and started talking amongst themselves.

“How are you holding up?” she asked. “I’ve been better Kol; I’ve been better.” “I could use some water though, please?” “No worries! Just stay there and remain calm.” Kolleen pulled a bottled water out of the fridge and handed it over. He grabbed it and sipped the liquid slowly. “Thanks.” he said, raising the bottle towards her. She kissed his cheek, and then pressed the back of her hand to his forehead. “Dang Randy, you’re burning up.” she whispered. “It’s nothing Kol, really.”

“I don’t know…” she went to say something else, but the door rang. “Would you mind?” Randy asked her. “No problem; stay relaxed!” She walked past him, which drew his attention. No matter how old she was, the way she walked would send goose bumps up his arms. “What are you looking at Grandpa?” Lori asked, from the table. “Never you mind.” Randy replied. He couldn’t help but laugh at her curiosity. She giggled, and covered her face with those tiny hands of hers. Kolleen re-entered the kitchen, with two large pizzas and a six pack of Pepsi.

“Umm, make sure the twins don’t get that much. They’re awfully young.” Randy stated. “We’re not that much younger than Lori!” Randal and Roy replied. “That’s true, but she’s not getting that much either. As for Charlie, eh… I’ll give him half the same, just so it’s equal. So half a can each, Kol?” “That sounds good to me!” She replied. Randy nodded and walked over towards the counter, withdrawing four plastic cups. They both worked collectively to distribute the drinks to all of the kids.

“Thank you.” He told her. She smiled and walked around, handing out the cups of soda. “Okay, we have two kinds of pizza. All cheese, and the other is a half and half. Half of it is pepperoni and the other is sausage and pepperoni. Who wants what?” she asked. All of the great grandkids immediately started giving out their orders, which made Randy grin. He watched as they were served, and ate happily in their seats. “We can eat ours when the kids get to sleep.” He whispered to her. “Agreed. We can have some alone time then.”

It took only a half hour for the kids to be full, with them only eating three fourths of the first pizza. “There’s a ton of leftovers hun.” Randy stated. “We’ll split the other pizza down the middle; give each of us half. I’ll take the cheese and you can have the half and half, okay?” Randy nodded and then clapped his hands, getting the kids’ attention. “It’s time for bed you four! Your parents will be here in a few days and I want to have you all well rested. I will continue the story tomorrow, bright and early so we can get more of it done.”

The kids got rounded up by Kolleen, who ushered them down the hall and up the stairs. Randy walked around, and threw away the paper plates. The cups went into the dishwasher. Seconds later, Kolleen entered the kitchen once more. “They went out like a light!” She said. “They’re tiny Kol, their energy isn’t that great at night. I’m just surprised the caffeine didn’t keep them going.” He grabbed a couple more paper plates and divided the last pizza between them two. They ate in peace and quiet, with the only sounds being them slurping their drinks.

“Do you remember that day? The one when our kids had kids?” Randy asked. “My god that was ages ago!” Kolleen laughed. “Indeed it was. I remember when Lorie and Gorgon II got married.” “I was worried as well Ran-Ran. After a while I got used to it, especially after their twins were born. You remember Ellie and Anthony right? Our grandkids?” Kolleen inquired.

Randy wiped his face and nodded. “How could I forget. I keep looking at that awful looking family tree. It’s so confusing!” Kolleen laughed at him, and shook her head. “I honest to god am confused by that as well. I thought I was alone.” she replied. “No, you’re not. It’s easier to talk about it, rather than stare at the pictures. We know that Gorgon had a son; Gorgon II, who married Lorie and had Ellie and Anthony. Through Ellie, who married Dalton Loft, we received Lori and Charlie. And Anthony gave us the twins, by marrying his wife: Amelia.” “I think I lost myself whilst explaining that.” Randy finished.

Kolleen laughed, shooting soda everywhere. She started with that snort laugh and then turned into a light hearted one. “It’s a shame though, that Robert Junior didn‘t get to have children.” Randy said. “It is a shame. Cancer is a horrifying illness Ran-Ran. It just sucks that it runs in your family. His poor wife, and their unborn child…” Kolleen trailed off. “We were there that day. The day of the burial. Robert Junior’s wife, Savannah. Days later their baby dies, leaving Robert Junior’s heart broken and wide open.”

“This is getting depressing.” Kolleen interjected. She picked up their boxes and tossed them out. “Let’s get to bed Ran-Ran. You’ll need the rest to continue the story tomorrow.” Randy nodded and allowed her to guide him out of the kitchen, down the hall and up the stairs. When they entered their bedroom, Kolleen shut their door and then helped her soul mate into their bed. As soon as they settled down, Randy felt fatigue setting in. He closed his eyes, and then felt warming hands slide across his chest. It took only seconds for him to pass out, with the rhythm of Kolleen’s breaths caressing his neck.

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