A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Forty Eight

Tuesday September 28th, 2010: Evening:

DWL Sound Station

“Man, that’s brutal.” Marcos stated, gazing down at his feet. They were in the limo and on their way over to the Sound Station. “It really sucks.” Randy stated. “I know it does man, but we can fight through this.” He clapped a hand onto Randy’s knee. Kolleen rested her head on his shoulder and nodded. “Yes we can, and we will. We will not give up, and I know your mom isn’t either.” “Your mother seems like a nice woman, Randy! If she’s anything like you, she’ll fight this till her last breath.” Jack called in through the inside window.

“Thanks Jack!” “Don’t mention it sir. I am praying for your mother every day and night now. Whenever I get a chance, I do it.” He exited the limo and walked around to open up their door. “We are here sir. The DWL Sound Studio is directly to your right. Just walk through the revolving doors and over to the front desk. Mrs. Purner will set up the appointments.” Randy nodded at him and exited the limo, then turned to help Kolleen out. “You’re such a gentleman sir.” Jack said. He smiled at them and bowed them out.

Randy lightly shook Jack by his shoulder. The man looked up at him, with that same grin. “You’re a good man, Jack. I appreciate what you’re doing for us and if you don’t mind… Kol, Marcos? Can you two go inside for a minute?” He asked them. “Will do bro.” Marcos said. “I’ll see you in there Ran-Ran.” She kissed his cheek and walked behind Marcos into the building. “Can I help you sir?” Jack asked, as he stood straight up. “Well, yes you can. I was wondering…” Randy started.

“Wondering what sir?” Randy looked into the man’s eyes and grinned. “I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind being my permanent driver? I mean, to and from shows and perhaps from airports to hotels. I’ll pay you of course, whatever figure you want. I’ll configure it with my salary and maybe we can work out a deal?” Jack stood on the spot, contemplating the offer. “You know sir, I would like that a lot. I’ve always been used as a temporary driver until the superstars got a permanent one. Yes, I’ll do it!”

“That’s great to hear man.” He waved his fingers, telling Jack to lean in, which he did. “I’ve already cashed my check in my bank and have withdrawn about a few hundred dollars. Would you mind taking a hundred of it and buying my mom some chocolate covered pretzels? She loves them. Take this other hundred and you know, go treat yourself. You’re an amazing driver and an even better person. I hope we become good friends someday, which I know we will!”

He handed Jack two hundreds and patted his back. “Sir, that… that’s so generous. I’ve never had anyone treat me this way before. I shall get your mother as much chocolate covered pretzels as a hundred dollars can buy! As for me… Well, I wanna put it in my daughter’s college fund. She’s graduating high school this year, and I’ve been depositing in that fund for over seventeen years.” Randy’s heart lifted at the sound of this man’s idea. “You really are a great person Jack. Do with the money what you will. I will figure out a way to break my salary down so that we can rise in fortune together. I want to help you as much as you’ve helped me so far. Believe that!”

Jack had teary eyes at this gesture and hugged Randy tightly. “You’re a great person as well sir! I will cherish this moment always. Now go; go hang out with your friend and girlfriend. I shall return in about two hours. That will be more than enough time for you two to get your recording done.” “Sounds like a plan! See you then.” Jack shook Randy’s hand and then drove off. Randy sighed lightly and then decided to join Marcos and Kolleen.

He turned and was taken by awe as to how huge this building was. It already appeared to be three times the size of the Fitting/Design Studio. The entirety of the exterior walls were made up of old bricks, with dark browns and tans for colors. Windows lined up straight to the top, with one giant window surrounding the revolving doors on the bottom. He entered the building and was immediately greeted by a relatively young woman with long black hair. She had a really smooth and pretty face, with a button like nose and tan skin.

She smiled at Randy and extended a hand which he shook. “Hello, I am Angelina Galonzo. I will be your recording director/mixer!” She said. Her voice was very smooth and had a hint of Spanish in the background. “I will also be on the road with you guys throughout the coming years. I have assisted all new comers in the DWL for the last five years now, and help set up the shows with the audio tracks as well as record them. Please, follow me to the back and I will take you guys to the studio.” Randy nodded and released his grip from her hand.

Kolleen walked up to him and grabbed a hold of his hand now. “Are you nervous?” she asked him. He shook his head and kissed the top of hers. “Not one bit. I trust that she knows what she’s doing.” he replied. They walked through the big entrance room, towards a tall black door on the opposite side. Angelina opened it and held it open for all three of them to enter. The back was just a long hallway, with multiple doors on each side. The hallway was very dimly lit, which cast an eerie orange/yellow aura.

“You will find this place nice and comfortable to listen and relax. We will be attending recording room Five-C. That is the tenth door to the right; here we are!” She said. They stood outside a very wide door, with the words bolted to it in gold. Angelina clicked it open and allowed them to enter, one by one. “My god…” Randy stated, looking around at the room. It was enormous compared to what it appeared to be outside.

Immediately in front of them was a huge set of mixing equipment, and audio adjusters. To the left and right of this enormous windowed back room, stood two giant speakers. “We won’t be using the recording studio, rather we will be sitting and mixing audio that has been pre-recorded.” Angelina motioned for them all to sit down, which they all did. “Now, Randy and Marcos, I will be needing you two by my side. Whichever side you’d like to sit on, I don’t care which.”

Randy nodded and sat on Angelina’s left. Marcos did the same to her right. “Sit next to me Kol.” Randy motioned, waving at another chair to his left. Kolleen sat and rolled close by him, placing a hand on his leg. He leaned down and kissed her and then turned his attention back to their host. “So I heard that you, Randy, are into Rap. Is that correct?” She asked. “That is indeed correct miss.” “Please, call me Angelina.” She replied. “Okay, Angelina.” She smiled and then went and accessed a filing cabinet to the right of the room.

“In this cabinet there is multiple songs and audio clips recorded by various local artists. Based on your persona, Randy, I figured you’d like something dark and mysterious. Something that says, ’I’m here to kick some serious ass and I won’t back down from fear, because I am fear.’” she stated. She kept flipping through files until she stopped on Horror Core Rap. “Ah ha! Here we are!” She said, pulling out numerous amounts of CD’s in various colored cases. “Let’s listen to a couple, shall we?”

The first one she popped in, was from a yellow case. Scribbled on the CD was the name: Gang From The Crypt. “This group consists of three black males, who each rap in a different way. John, which is the team leader, does old school rap. Gale is the middle guy and does more up beat rap. Jermain, is the last guy and he does hardcore rap, like yelling and fast paced word spitting. Check it out!” Angelina stated. She slid the CD in and instantly Randy’s ears perked up to the sound of the drum beat. It hit every three seconds, which indicated this song was going to be fast.

Then a deep voiced man broke through the beat. “I stand here today, walking the gallows and say: ‘I ain’t backing’ down no; I ain’t walkin’ away. Come to me y’all, and drop to your knees. Pray that my deadly call will come fast and with ease. I cease to bring joy but prosper in despair. I’ll break your bones without noise and rip out all your hair. Cause I’m mother fuckin’ death, I bring nothin’ but pain. Upon your request I shall strike hard; no refrain. Come along with me and you soon shall all see. That I’ll knock your ass out homes; baby, one, two, three!”

“That’s it! I already like that one.” Randy stated, with a grin on his face. Angelina smiled back and ejected the CD. She waved it and nodded. “I told Gang From The Crypt that you’d really enjoy this. Especially after I figured out your persona. They were so ecstatic that they wanted to give you a free copy of their new album which has this song on it. It’s also signed by all three of them.” She started ruffling through her CD pile until she found one with a cover on it. “There you are.” She stated, handing it over.

Printed on the front in old regal lettering was the band’s name. It was placed above the three of them. They had their backs together, with John being in the front. Jermain and Gale were shorter than John. Gale had a small face, but wide nose. He was a bit overweight, which differed completely from Jermain. Jermain was scrawny with a very thin face, but a long nose and big ears. All of them were wearing gold chains with John wearing the biggest. John was the most built of the three. He easily towered over his groupies by a foot.

He had huge arms, long legs and a v-like chest; all of them had cornrows. “Wow, this is amazing!” Randy said. “I figured you would like it.” Angelina replied. “Now, onto Marcos. You’re a luchadore, correct?” “Yes ma’am.” Marcos said. “Cool. That means you would want something up beat, something that is high flying and high profiling. Something that screams: I ain’t afraid to go up, nor do I fear crashing back down.” Marcos smiled at this and nodded in return. “That’s great. We have a bunch of local artists who wanted to sing for you, so you can choose which one you like most.”

Angelina got up and put the other CD’s away, then began rummaging through the bottom drawer. “There we are.” She said, pulling out a huge pile of CD’s. “We may be here for a while…” she said, setting the music down. Marcos looked over at Randy and then saw Kolleen rubbing his hand. “Hey buddy?” he called over. “Yeah?” Randy replied. He looked up at Marcos, who was hunched over in his chair. “Why don’t you and Kolleen go get some air. I’m gonna be here for a god awful amount of time, from what I can tell.”

“That’s right, we may be busy for quite some time. When we’re ready, I’ll come get you two so we can see the videos we set up for you. I will also show you the video we made for your team as well as the song specified directly for you two. Go; Go and get some air, buy a coffee or something.” “Alright, I’ll do it.” Randy replied. He got up with Kolleen at his side and clapped a hand on Marcos’ shoulder. Marcos patted it with his own and nodded towards the door. “Good luck homes.” “Thanks bro.” Randy left the room with the sound of Mexican music playing in the background.

“So did the check go through?” Penny asked on the phone. Randy replied, “Yes sis. I already cashed it and withdrew some money. I have more than enough to cover Mom for the time being.” “Thank God! We can finally get to moving her back to her house. I’ll get some paperwork filed so I can be her personal nurse.” “I love you Randy, stay safe.” There was a bit of silence following this.

“Love you too sis. Take care.” Penny disconnected the call and put the phone back in her pocket. She was leaning against the wall, just outside Diana’s room. She kept biting her tongue and playing with her hair. Words could not describe how elated she felt now that she knew their mother would be able to be in peace. She sighed and straightened her shirt then entered Diana’s room. “Hey mom!” She stated, walking in with a smile. Diana smiled back and waved. “How’s it going sweetie?” “Everything seems a-okay now Mom. Randy’s check was cashed and we can officially start moving you back home.”

Penny walked over to the end of Diana’s bed and withdrew the charts. She started to read them and felt her heart sink. According to them, Diana’s health has been dropping drastically. There were notes scribbled to the bottom, in Dr. Farber’s handwriting. They read: Diana has been experiencing constant vomiting and diarrhea. Her face has been burning up and she frequently wakes up in cold sweats. I’m prescribing her with the best pain medicine possible to help her through the chemo as well as sedatives to help her relax at night.

“Wow. That’s n-not good.” Penny stated, setting the charts back down. She walked over to Diana’s left and pulled a chair up so she could sit. “Give me your hand.” Diana said. Penny reached over which Diana grabbed lightly. She looked straight into Penny’s eyes with sadness in her own. “Don’t you forget who you are Penny. Before I met Robert, Keith was a great man. He helped me raise you since you were born until he died. You were only five years old Penny; I’m so sorry…”

“It’s not your fault, and it’s sure as shoot not Randy’s or my Dad’s. No one’s to blame here Mom. Think of it this way. If it weren’t for you meeting Robert, Randy wouldn’t even be here. And if he weren’t here, well… You wouldn’t be going back home tonight!” She said excitedly. “Wh-What? I c-can go home?” Diana asked. “Yup!” Penny replied, nodding happily. The way that Diana replied unnerved her a bit, but Penny dismissed it due to the drugs her mother was on. She was holding Diana’s hand up in the air, and felt her tug. Diana pulled Penny into a deep hug and kissed her forehead. “I can’t believe how thoughtful that little guy is. I mean I know what we signed earlier, but I never thought it‘d be that fast. I guess it just hit me.” Diana said.

Penny leaned back up and wiped her eyes. “He is quite an amazing young man isn’t he?” she asked. “That he is Penny, that he is. When can I leave, exactly?” “All you gotta do is sign the release forms and I’ll do the rest. I’m gonna fill out a form so I can be your personal nurse at home. Dr. Farber will come by from time to time to assist with the chemo but other than that, it’ll be like one big family again.” Diana was in tears now, and she sobbed shakily. Penny knew the severity of her cancer but didn’t want to down her mother any more than she already was. She sat there, holding Diana’s hand for quite a while with her mind on family. Especially Randy.

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