A Wrestler's Dream

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Chapter Forty Nine

Tuesday September 28th, 2010: Late Evening:

DWL Sound Studio/Pizza Shop/Mixing Room

Randy and Kolleen had been sitting behind the window in the front foyer. Randy had been sipping on a Pepsi whilst Kolleen had some water. “What do you think they’re doing in there? I mean I know they’re listening for music, but they’re taking quite a while.” Kolleen said. He shook his head and sighed and was gazing out across the street at a local pizza shop. “I could go for some pizza right about now.” He muttered. “I’ll be right back.” And immediately, he jogged out the door and sprinted across the street.

Once he entered the shop, the wrestling details blew him away. All over the walls were pictures of various wrestlers, title replicas and even uniforms. Directly across from the door stood the front counter. Randy stepped up to it and was greeted by a tall, gangly, pale skinned guy. He had a long beaked nose, big ears, a huge mouth and shaggy brown hair. “Welcome to Dominate Pizza, may I take your order good sir?” he asked. The politeness that this man possessed took Randy aback.

“Yes sir, I would like a large cheese pizza with a medium cheese bread.” Randy replied, looking up at the menu. “That sounds great sir. We’ll have your order ready in about thirty minutes.” Just then the door opened, catching Randy’s attention. Kolleen had entered, with their drinks in hand. “Hello miss, can I help you?” the kid asked. “I’m with him.” She said, pointing towards Randy. “Oh, your order will be ready in twenty nine minutes.” he smiled at her. Randy helped guide Kolleen to the corner.

They sat in the booth seats, when she spoke. “I already told Marcos and Angelina where we were. Marcos said he would call your cell when they’re ready.” She said. “Sounds good. Why’d you come all the way over here? I would have been back soon.” “It’s fine Ran-Ran. I was getting kind of lonely and wanted you.” She stroked the back of his hand as she gazed up with those striking blue eyes.

“Well I appreciate it.” He returned the hand stroking and then swiped the hair out of her eyes. She smiled at him and then leaned across the table. Randy returned the gesture and then kissed her. When they let go, a dark haired waitress showed up with their order. “Wow, that fast?!” Randy stated, checking his phone. “We blew through twenty nine minutes already?” “It‘s funny how time flies when you‘re having fun, eh?” Kolleen stated. “I know we just ate a little while ago, but I was still kind of hungry. I’ll only have a couple and save the rest for later.” Randy replied. Just then he got a phone call. “Oh crap… We gotta go Kol.” “What is the price?” he asked the girl.

“It’s twenty five dollars and seventy cents… Thank you.” She replied as she got the money. “Keep the change.” Randy stated. They got up and exited the shop. The girl ran after them, yelling as they crossed the street. “Sir, you gave me fifty dollars!” “I said keep the change!” Randy yelled back. They entered the Sound Studio and then walked towards the opposite side. Angelina was waiting for them with a smile on her face. “Marcos has chosen his intro song. It’s time for you to see your videos and then the team’s video.”

She walked them back to their original mixing room, and when they entered, Marcos had a bright smile on his face. “My music is perfect!” he stated. “The words go like this: High flying and nose diving, no need for fleeing or crying. He brings the lucha libre to the roof, screw the ceiling; he’ll come down hard, and ask ‘How ya feeling?’”. “That sounds freakin’ awesome!” Randy replied. “I know right?! We’re gonna be feared in this league my man.” “Alright you two, sit down over here so we can see the videos. Marcos has already seen his, so it’s your turn Randy. Please, sit, miss Sparks.” Angelina indicated towards Kolleen.

“Thanks.” Kolleen replied. She sat down next to Randy. They were resting in front of a thirty inch T.V. mounted on the wall. “I just have to tweak the buttons here a bit.. And voila!” Angelina exclaimed. Up on the screen, Randy’s music began to play and then he saw a magnificent video. It started with Randy walking down the ramp in the CSWS. It then flashed to a close up with him smiling and sweat pouring down his face. Soon thereafter it flashed to him doing a few moves in the ring, including a spear and clotheslines.

The screen transitioned via dissolve over to him locking in the Super Shooter on multiple opponents, including his last tag team match. After the montage of locking on, it showed multiple times that guys tapped out. As the music continued to play, Randy’s name flashed across the screen in glowing white letters. Then the video replayed as the music continued. “Wow… That is… AWESOME!” Randy yelled. “I figured you would like that. Now here’s the team video; I’ll show the song in a minute.”

Just then the T.V. went blank and then a U.S. flag appeared on the left as a Mexican flag appeared on the right. Randy’s face dissolved in on his flag as Marcos’ did onto his. Their names fizzled in with a lightning streak separating the screen as it blew up into a million pieces. Fire followed this as it flashed to Randy slapping on the Super Shooter. Following this it showed Marcos flipping off of the top rope and landing on his opponent. It flickered as Randy appeared doing a steam roller move and then showed Marcos jumping off of the ropes themselves, and clothes lining someone with his leg.

Then the screen shook as the lightning strike cracked through the video again. It showed the fight between them and the Salem twins. It showed Randy dodging one of the twins and then flipping him into the Super Shooter. It took only moments before he tapped. Then it showed Marcos doing his Marco Polo move and landing it to get the last pin. It then showed the ref holding their hands up with the belts in their hands. Then the video restarted. “There you are!” Angelina stated. Marcos just looked over at Randy and then a smug grin started to form on the left side of his face.

Randy returned it and then stuck his fist out, which Marcos bumped. “It’s just pure gold!” Marcos said. “I couldn’t agree more.” Randy replied. “I’m glad you boys enjoyed it. Let’s listen to the song made specific for you two. It’s called: Homeys in Fight by Thugs of Platinum.” Angelina said as she slid the CD into the drive. A loud base struck, making Randy’s chest bounce. “Oooh, I like the feel of that base though.” he said. “I know!” Marcos replied.

The lyrics went:

Death ain’t nothin’ but a momentary matter.

Cause when you defy gravity, I’m battin’ the batter.

I see you fly off those ropes as I slap on that pain; they can’t cope.

Marco, Polo; you can’t see em’ go.

Look at me though; no sustain; no.

I’m ready to stop em’ in their tracks,

man; let that third count hit the mat!

Cause we’re Homeys all night.

You clothesline hard as I fly tight.

No one can touch us man, not a single man tonight.

Cause together dawg, we’re homeys in flight…

“I’ve heard enough! I love every bit of that song!” Marcos exclaimed. Randy nodded and laughed. “I couldn’t agree more!” Angelina smiled again and ejected the CD. “I am so glad you guys enjoyed everything here. We are done as far as I know. Now all you gotta do is make sure you’re ready for the show next week.” she said. Randy nodded at her and then got up to help Kolleen out of her seat. “Could you grab the pizza?” he asked Marcos. “Can do, homey in fight.” Randy chuckled and knuckle bumped Marcos again.

They exited the room and began their walk towards the front door of the building. As they entered the main foyer, Jack was standing outside the limo. He was smiling and giving a thumbs up to him. He felt Kolleen’s hand slip into his, indicating she was with him still. He picked it up and kissed the back of it which caused her to blush and smile at her feet. Jack held the front door open, and then opened the limo door after they exited the building. “Where would you like to go?” he asked them.

“Do y’all mind if we go visit my Mom again?” Randy had a bit of worry in the back of his voice. Kolleen shook her head as she entered the limo first. Randy allowed Marcos to enter with the pizza and then got in himself. As they all settled Randy‘s cell phone began to vibrate. “It’s Penny, hold on.” He said to the two. “What’s up?” “Hey Randy. I just wanted to let you know that your first payment for the year has been made. You have six hundred and ninety five thousand dollars left. Mom’s being transferred over to her house now.”

“Thanks Penny, we’re on our way over. See you then.” “I love you.” Penny said. “Love ya too sis.” Then Randy hung up. “Hey Jack? Can you take me to my house?” he asked. “Sure can sir!” The engine started up and then they lurched a bit as the limo sped off. Kolleen looked over at her lover, which he returned the gaze. “We’ll be okay Kol.” “I know, Ran-Ran, I know.” Marcos had a hand on Randy’s right knee, clapping it whilst Kolleen had one resting on his thigh. The love in that limo was thick and it enlightened Randy to know it was all for him.

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